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Wahl KM-2 Two Speed Rotary Motor

Wahl KM-2 Two Speed Rotary Motor

3.2 from 16 reviews

Good for a Groomer and home use.

I have been grooming for 16years, I started with Km2 and I’m still using km2. I have tried others over the years & they either get too hot are too noisy or are too heavy. I find servicing and maintenance minimal and if they need repair it’s reasonably cheap to fix.

Good for for the novice not for professionals

As a professional groomer and a Poodle show enthusiast i have used quite a few brands and models of clippers. The wahl km2's are a great cheap starting point for pet owner or novice . What alot of pet owners don't understand is there is no such thing as magic clippers and you need to know how to use them, clean them and maintain them. blades need to be sharpened and clippers themselves need to be serviced, they dont last forever without doing so. taking that all into account these clippers are actually a bit of bang for your buck, they generally clip well, even though they are a little noisey, they dont heat up as fast as some of the others, blades are interchangeable and universal and you can use snap on's if you wish. The clipper itself is pretty light weight in comparison to its competition and spare parts are reasonably cheap and readily available.
All in all a great quality starting point clipper.

Lasted for one season now don't cut at all

Uh-Oh! wish I'd read reviews before purchasing my clippers last year. Clipped my mini pony like a dream. I cleaned them, oiled them up and packed them away. Got them out yesterday to give her this years "spring clean", they cut for about a minute and then just stopped. I ran through the whole maintenance process again to no avail. I was just about to send them off to get the blades sharpened, when I came across this page :( Now I have a very expensive piece of stable art that is totally useless for purpose and from all accounts there's no point in contacting wahl. Very disappointing and I feel so stupid for not checking review site before purchasing as I usually do!

Mechanically prehistoric

Ive had km2s for years and read reviews and i scense they all have the same issue. They jump out of alignment more and more the older they get. Have replaced the red toggle and to no joy. Ive replaced blades 3 times...followed alignment instructions to a t but now i dont even bother aligning them as it made no difference. You can hear them jump out of alignment on the slightest push thro the dogs coat. I just push the grey catch till the blades come loose then with the thing running i push the blades back into place and theyll cut for another 2 or 3 strokes or not at all..takes me nearly 4 hrs to cut the dogs coat...theres got to be a better engineered cutter out there somewhere..wahl seem to just ride on there name and dont give a flyin f@#$ about support.

Something is not right.

Paid over $250 for these clippers 12 months ago, after I found my Oster A 5 was getting a bit hot. Like others on here they worked fine for about the first 4 or 5 times then they just drag on the fur. I bath my dog before grooming so dirt is not the issue, even using a new blade made no difference. I have now bought an A6 Oster, but trying to sell the Whal is a up hill battle so there must be lots more people out there who have found the same problem with these clippers.

Over priced with NO accessories for appropriate task.

Cost $240-00 including a Whal special blade lubricating oil, opened box when getting home only to find out there were no different thickness clipper guides supplied.
The salesperson asked what type of dog I wanted to groom, however there was no advice that further accessories would be required to undertake task.
I previously purchased a Whal professional clipper a few years back and have had a satisfying run out of it, hence I stayed with this brand, however I am not very impressed by the lack of accessories supplied in the box and will change brands in future purchasing.

every day use..

As a dog groomer i use these all the time i have NO issue with them. They donot cut out or stop during use. They only time i find they dont work is when the clipper blades are blunt or the dogs are filthy and the dirt clogs them up.. i can use 1 blade upto 6 dogs a day.. with no problem at all.. and i would recommend these clippers..

They were good, not anymore!

For the first 5 clips they worked fine, now they just pull the fur and don't cut...I thought they might have been out of alignment but I have checked and re-checked (and re-checked again) and the alignment is perfect.I use lots of oil so I don't expect that they have become too blunt to use after 5 clips (of a small shitsu). I am not sure what to do as I have lost the receipt and payed nearly $300 for them! Very unhappy.

So gentle on my cat

I have had these clippers for 2.5 years now that we use on our himalayan cat. As we live in Queensland. Nov - March we cut her hair every 6 weeks. As long as there is no mats in her coat it's like sheering a sheep :) Very easy to use.

I only use the slow speed and i haven't seen the need to use the higher speed. The blades warm up if using the high speed for long periods.

These clippers are so gentle that I even use them on my face to clip my beard.

Don't buy Wahl!

I paid a fortune for what was supposed to be trusted brand! Ha! They worked fine the first time, the second use I turned them off and put them down to grab a better hold of the dog, and they never came back on! As for the company, I have emailed them repeatedly to ask about authorised repairers, and they can't even give their customers the time of day. Stay away from Wahl if you value your money!

I agree with ChookyGurl

My km2 clippers worked great for the first 4 cuts now they seem to stop cutting and only pulls my dogs fur out and doesn't glide through the fur. Tried to get it fixed but still happening. Not happy as they cost me nearly $300.
About to buy some new clippers, preferably not wahl.

I wrote a good review, however..

These WERE great clippers, I actually wrote a raving review... However, the KM2 sporadically stops cutting. This is not a blunt blade issue, but seems to be a major problem with these clippers (searching "KM2 blade stops cutting" brings up dozens of threads). I have written to Wahl to see what can be done, and I haven't received any reply (also a common issue apparently). So no, I wouldn't recommend these clippers, they are not reliable and their customer service seems to be nonexistent.

Very pleased with these clippers.

We bought these clippers a few months ago for our Lhasa Apso. They are quick to use, and give an even trim. They are quiet and cool enough to keep our pooch relaxed from start to end. We wish we had bought these years ago - her fur grows so quickly that in hot weather she needs frequent trims . That used to be such a time-consuming tasks with scissors. Not any more. We bought a kit that included a set of combs. Would recommend this.
Quiet, cool, fast with great finish.

Amazing pet clippers, worth every penny

I have bought many clippers over the years, but the Wahl KM-2 is awesome. It cuts through anything. I also bought a set of comb guides for it, which is a must for pets. My previous clippers was also a Wahl, but it was a salon hair clipper unit that could not cut my Spaniels coat. I am very happy with the KM-2. Cuts through any coat even on the lowest speed.
quality, reliability, rotary gearing is less noisy and does not buzz. 45W of power. Cooling fan.
cooling exhaust is located at the bottom of unit, where your fingers can easily block it

Very Happy

Only used it the once, but worked a charm. Oiled it regularly during use as per the instructions and it completed the job with ease. The extra cost for the better model is worth every cent. Easy to change blades is a bonus and good to know I can source a replacement blade easily and without costing a fortune.
Cuts brilliantly.

Used for business daily, excellent quality

I purchased the KM-2 for my mobile grooming business many years ago, and they clipped away without missing a beat every day. I no longer have the business but the clippers are still going strong. Many groomers need two clipper handsets because others heat up so much they burn your hand and the dog, but not these. They get warm at most, and just keep clipping away faithfully. I used an alternate brand of blades on them, and love the fact these clippers allow for that, as Wahl blades are pretty pricey.
The cord is of reasonable length, and mine came with a little storage tool box which has kept them safe.
Everything! Run cooler than competitors, haven't missed a beat.

Questions & Answers

Why won't my clippers cut properly?
2 answers
Because they're rubbish. Wahl won't help you ... I doubt they will even answer your emails! Throw them out and buy and buy Andis.Are your blades sharp?

hi i have the km2 clippers, they sometimes start cutting and then they grab the hair and wont cut, i had them sharpened and the still did the same so i brought another pair new, and they do the same any suggestions as to why the do this?
1 answer
I have no idea and Wahl won't help you. Cut your losses, throw it out and put it down to experience ... albeit and very expensive and unpleasant one!

Hi, I've had my Wahl KM-2 clippers for about 7 years, used approximately 5 to 6 times a year. They are at the stage where they will no longer cut. I've taken the blades apart cleaned, and sharpened them on a sharpening stone, I've also replaced the drive lever. The hinge holding the blade still appears to be quite tight. Just wondering if anyone has any other suggestions as to where the problem may lay. I've considered replacing the hinge to rule this out as a possibility. Thanks in advance.
4 answers
They may just have reached the end of there life my suggestion is buy an Oster clippers.Mine died after 1 cut. Bin them, they're rubbish.Gidday mate...i did all you have done as well and ended up sending them away to a specialist. Cost about $110 and came back better than ever. They replaced hinge and sharpen 2 sets of no.10 blades. Ive been warned not to try n sharpen their blades as it stuffs them...not even knife n scissor sharpeners should do it..theyre not equipt. I forget the name of the place but they handle heaps of different brands and told me the whal was up there as the best.


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