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Wahl Show Pro WA9265

Wahl Show Pro WA9265

3.1 from 14 reviews

Brilliant clippers

Wahl is a great manufacturer. (And no, I don't have pecuniary interest or association!)
These work very well. Do long hair, short hair, tough hair, fine hair.
Have had these particular clippers for thirteen years and still going strong.
To the point of a lot of people complaining about Wahl clippers not being any good. I say, you are not using and maintaining them correctly.
They must be lubricated before and after use. Afterwards ensures less oxidization of the metal on the blades.
They must be dismantled regularly to clean out residual hair.

Give me any pair of clippers, and I'll show you why they aren't working correctly.
Show me how you cut the animals coat, and I'll tell you why the clippers are not functioning correctly.
Just like plane crashes; somewhere along the line, it is always "operator error".
Why would mine work for thirteen years, brilliantly, yet a lot of people here are squealing like stuck pigs because "they don't work properly".
Get on to YouTube learn how to break-down, and maintain the clippers, and learn why the clippers are working for you. They work just fine for everyone else, so get on the program guys!

Buzz cut Molly

First time I ever groomed my dog and this clipper did a great job. Molly is a 35 pound medium haired mix with a very thick undercoat. It took me half an hour to buzz her down and she looks great and feels much cooler in the summer. I had no need to use any of the accessories because I cut her down to half inch.

Bought the clipper from PetSmart in Sudbury two weeks ago.

I comes with it's own box and several accessories, including oil and brush to clean and maintain the clipper.

There is no danger of hurting the dog because the clipper is safe. Just make sure you don't go too short. Be sure to err on the side of safety when getting started.

Ritchy Dubé

Great low budget option

I am not a professional groomer but my dog was very anxious going to groomers so I wanted to get my own pair. These clippers tackled my moodle with very coarse, curly hair without an issue. Although it's a chunky piece, vibrates/is quiet loud and does get warm quickly, as a low budget option, they are perfect.

Glad I bought Them

I'm glad I didn't read any of the reviews before purchasing as I probably wouldn't have bought them. I did turn them on at the shop to make sure they were quiet and smooth. We have just trimmed our Cavoodle using the 3mm guide straight up, as they were quiet and cut cleanly without pulling he was really relaxed which made the job easy.

Not for Schnauzers

Was told it would clip my Schnauzer, The dog was freshly bathed and dry. It would not shave, but took a bit off the top in chunks. It took almost three hours just to tidy up the mess it made and make the dog look presentable. If you want your dog to be happy with grooming do not buy Show pet pro. A total waste of money.

Don't work too well for our dogs

We have bichon x cavalier and find these to be pretty useless.
We've tried many methods and watched the DVD many times with no luck.

Worst clippers I've ever used

As a groomer I don't recommend them to anyone due to there proformance and price in my opinion. I found they over heat really quickly and turn off being that they are not very powerful for hevey use, thr baldes not being detachable is also a pain and not fun to take off plus with them only being a few lengths too.

They are the first set I used and will not use them again.

whal clippers no good

The clippers I bought only lasted 1 clip, won't charge and totally useless, and waste of money, don't buy them.


These clippers did not work well on my dog (poodle x cavelier). Her hair was just over an inch long and I wanted to give her a short summer cut. My dog was freshly bathed and free of matts. Combs 3 & 4 did nothing at all on hair this length. Combs 1 & 2 were about the length I wanted but could barely get through the hair and clogged up continually. I had to move the clippers very slowly and repeatedly over the same spot to get all the hair a consistent length. It was nothing like the demonstrations on the DVD that came with the clippers where the groomer moved the clippers through smoothly and quickly. The motor was very hot due to how long it took me to clip my dog because they simply didn't work efficiently. Unfortunately I am going to have to continue paying a professional groomer. These clippers are really only good for small touch ups, such as trimming hair under the paws, not a full groom. If I had known that I wouldn't have bought them.

Great Clipper set

These clippers do a wonderful job on our dog. The best clippers we have bought , had another brand and had to return them after using them once for a full refund.Bought the set with all the attachments that included all size combs, while made the job even easier. Very pleased
Easy to use.. didnt clog up with hair as much as other brands did.

Wahl Show Pro Pet Grooming Clipper

The unit arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Lots of accessories, including instructional DVD. The first time we used it we found it somewhat different to what we saw on the DVD. Certainly cut well but I was expecting it to cut shorter. We adjusted the cutting lever and changed combs with some effect. This was our first time so I dare say the next time we use it we will achieve a better result.
Solid, sturdy machine, accessories and DVD
Nothing yet - hopefully will be a better result as we develop confidence and skill.

Waste of money

I have 2 maltese x tzi shu dogs and it doesnt cut their hair. It only takes off a little and takes forever to do even that. Very noisy. Was told by the salesman that it would cut their hair but have tried several times but with no success. Had a Oster for 5 years which cut far better. Wouldnt recommend it. What a waste of money.



I purchased this product from a pet store for $99.50, quite worth the value with what this product can do. It has enough power to take off medium thickness coat. However, I find this clipper heavy, vibrates too much, noise is too loud and get hot pretty quick.

A good product for starters/novice to start home grooming.

My experience with Wahl Battery Operated and ShearMagic Operated shows that ShearMagic is a better product. I intend to try out ShearMagic Clipper Pro 30 next, so that I can compare the 2 brands.
Value for money, widely carried by stores, hence easy to get replacement blades
Heavy, vibrates too much, noise is too loud, get hot pretty quick


Definately worth the $100 dollars I paid. Wahl has a good reputation and I understand by their product why, should of gone there first. If you want to save on the outrageous money groomers want for clipping your best friend then I advise you to grab a set of clippers. You can do this when your ready and not when its to late or when you can get into the parlour or they can come round.
cuts brilliantly and powerfull had another brand before and changed to these and will not go back, not too heavy, easy to mantain, comes with dvd.Doesn't stress my pey out.
none or not getting them sooner

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Wahl is a good brand of clippers. I wonder if daily deals offers this kind of product.

Questions & Answers

I have a Maltese with soft fur not curly. Also tenderfield terrier. I have been told to use a size 10 Blade. Can someone recommend a brand? Don’t want any that are noise, over heat or vibrate as I want my babies to feel comfortable.
1 answer
I've got an Andis Easy Clip Whisper and it works fine. I just turn it off a few times during grooming and also pour cool water on the blade when I feel the blades are heating up a bit too much. It is quiet and effective. Molly did not mind the buzz cut at all. She is much better for it. And all for under 60 bucks. It sure beats paying the groomer 80 bucks a year. I even groomed her the way I like it. She has that fierce lion mane thing goin' on!!!! lol

IS there something special to do-- these clipppers just wont cut anything?
1 answer
I had the same problem before they just stopped working altogether... take them back to the shop you bought them from if you can


Show Pro WA9265
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