This bar fridge I’ve got is in my room to keep drinks cold I live in a town house it’s easier than walking down strairs three the night it’s easy to clean and it’s not loud and it’s not quiet if that makes sense to u it’s a perfect temperate

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great Bar Fridge

This fridge has been wonderful, we have very limited space, this fridge fit in perfectly and is yet to make a sound! The temperature has seemed to be stable, and the small freezer section has been great, it hasn't even iced over. It came with plenty of shelving and a small ice container. There is a bottle holder as well. Really recommend if you are in the market for a new bar fridge.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Top little bar fridge

Wow, what a great bar fridge. Fits a lot of stuff. Has a nice wine rack and reasonable size freezer box.
Is fairly quiet and looks just a bit swish. Retains temperature well.
A great addition to any bar area, caravan or small unit.
Beats out all other bar fridges of this type by far.
And this is my second purchase. Love it!

Date PurchasedJun 2016


This is a very quiet, reliable little fridge that surprisingly fits a lot more stuff in it than you think. Temperature is always good - not too warm and not too cold. Very happy and would recommend this little fridge to people wanting extra fridge space, or a fridge for an outdoor entertaining area (which is what we use it for)

Date PurchasedJan 2017

short life

Our fridge bought in 2012 died, not sure what the live time should be, but I expected longer.
Suddenly it did not stop cooling the fridge, I regulated it down, and it stopped working.
But before we were very happy with the fridge. Wondering if you can still buy quality and long living fridges.

Date PurchasedApr 2012

Has 2 settings: Too warm or too cold

I've had this fridge for about 3 years and can't say I'm impressed at its performance. Temperature control is poor. It is either too cold, freezing things in the fridge compartment, or it's too warm, not even freezing in the freezer compartment. I've never managed to find a setting anywhere in between. It's also quite noisy.

I wish I'd returned this when I first got it as it has never performed well.

Date PurchasedSep 2013
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Hi Molesworth, Kathy from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Freezer WIM1200SC. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact me at customercare@electrolux.com.au attention Kathy Thanks Kathy

Things to consider

The freezer section in mine thaws food stuffs out over night in the winter months and is at its worst in the coldest times of the year and at its best in the other seasons .
Its a gradual progression from the summer & autumn months and then winter its really spoiling the foods stuff and cant be used. Cant turn it up else it freezes stuff in the fridge section...the fridge section works well all year round. Have tested it with it pulled out of its confined space and there is no difference.... Its a subtle thing and was reluctant to take it back during the first winter of 3 while it was still under warranty because it might not do it then a regrettable mistake now as the warranty is over... So it sounds like a thermostat problem....i think the freezer is not too bad in the other months...and is worth looking at getting fixed...and based on reviews of other brands the freezers are disappointing too ( but none refer to a 2 & 1/2 year span .... Nor about the cold affecting the freezer ) if i cant get it fixed judging by other reviews of other brands.. It still might be the best one if working properly.. The fridge section seems to be not a problem in bar fridges but there is problems with the freezers
The fridge section is good.. Easy to open can reverse main door and freezer door.. Shelves are good....cools things quickly
Faulty freezer ...inside light didnt last long

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i Geoff5555, Sally from Electrolux here. We are sorry to hear you are experiencing problems with your Electrolux appliance. If you wish to discuss this further please feel free to contact Sally at customercare@electrolux.com.au Thanks Sally

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Price (RRP)379479429379
Energy Rating112.52.5
Door OpeningRightRightRightRight
Release dateOct 2009Oct 2009Oct 2009Oct 2009

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