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Zodiac iAqualink

Zodiac iAqualink

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Several Features Unavailable with Zodiac Z4 Controller.

Don't buy this or the iAqualink 2.0 if you are hoping to integrate with a Zodiac Z4. The advertised Schedule features, One Touch and even something as simple as labeling devices, none of these features are available on the Web App or the Mobile App when attached to a Z4. All you can do with this is turn pumps or pre-configured devices on and off remotely and adjust temperature. Even though this is labelled as a ZODIAC iAqualink, it only really works properly with the Jandy iAqualink controllers. The so-called 'Web App' you may see on various You-tube videos is quite different from the dumbed down version that loads if you have a Z4. Keep in mind the Z4 is perfectly capable of accepting commands on a schedule, Jandy/Zodiac appear to have CHOSEN to disable this capability to induce you to spend more money on the Jandy RS controllers.

Purchased in April 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
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Cleaning & Maintenance
Pool Size Average

No support during outages

Really disappointing, there is no support after buying the product. Have had 3 outages in 1 year where we couldn't use via our mobile. The website is inaccurate, makes it sound so easy (only when its working properly). In this current outage since Wednesday, when speaking to support staff all they say is we are waiting on information from the US that's all I can tell you. They have no idea when it will be fixed.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hi Mimi, Sorry to hear that you have had these issues. I have spoken with our Tech Team and we are once again following this up for you. Can you please send a PM either through Facebook or your Review. We can do an upgrade on our end which may resolve your issues, Thanks.Hi Mini, These issues have now been resolved. We would like to speak to you to ensure that everything is running smoothly, Could you please call us on 1300 763 021, as we would not ask for your number on a public forum, Thanks.iAquaLink Service Update iAquaLink service has been restored. For anyone who still cannot use their mobile app to control their pool, please try the following: Open your iAquaLink app and click the upper left menu icon to Log Out. This will take you to a Sign-in screen where you can re-enter your username and password. Once you are logged back in, see if you have a green dot next to your system. If so, your iAquaLink app should be working normally. If this does not work, try Solution 2. For smartphone users, go to your phones settings and disable Wi-Fi on your phone. Once disabled, repeat the steps from Solution 1, then re-enable Wi-Fi on your phone. If this does not work, try Solution 3. Uninstall and reinstall your iAquaLink app and log in.

Really bad product, worse performance, worst customer service

I have had installed this system since November 2016 and it has been a constant nightmare. The installation process was difficult, the setting process was a pain and after everything was finally working I had to wait only a couple of months to deal with the worst part; the customer service. Just this week I had called twice and two different people have given me two different opinions (no solutions), because they can only tell you to call a pool guy. I don't know why should I call the 1-800 number just to get that response when according to them everything is friendly and intuitive....which is not the case. My recommendation to any person trying to have am automation system in his/her pool, please stay away from these guys. Not to tell you that you don't have the choice to talk to a supervisor because according to the guy I was talking to ([name removed]), his supervisor ([name removed]) had the same opinion as him and considered that he didn't have to waste his time talking to a customer....really nice experience and perfect customer service...Bottom line is that they were not able to figure out what going on and I keep the problem in my court. However, there is another detail on this, I told the guy that I was going on vacation and he couldn't care less. I will be out for a week and if the system doesn't work I am sure the pool (a new pool) will be green once I return. But don't worry, I will post all the pictures online so everybody knows about you guys and your company.

Date PurchasedNov 2016
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Hi Bill, Sorry to hear of your experience. We definitely would like to look into this for you. Could you confirm the number you called and if you are calling Australia?, our number is a 1300 number (1300 763 021). I can have some who specialises in this product call you. I will send you a PM as to protect your privacy, Thanks.

Numerous times out of service and woeful service from Zodiac

This Aqualink has been nothing but trouble to own. In our installation, many items such as pool lights, heater, pool blanket etc are controlled by the Aqualink, so if it is faulty, which it frequently has been, you can't operate the equipmentl at alll. Despite it being on a wired internet connection, it somehow lost all its configuration and technician had to be called to sort it out This is compounded by the absolutely pathetic service from Zodiac, with interminable waits on the phone, technicians who don't show up at prearranged times, In the latest instance, we have been waiting on a replacement relay for the Aqualink for 1 1/2 months and it has required numerous phone calls, technician no shows etc. We also have other Zodiac equipment which has had trouble. Pool pump was DOA and technician had to be called even before installed. Heat pump has broken down twice within first year. overall, I would never touch Zodiac equipment again.

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Hi Gellw. Sorry to hear you have had continued issues with your Aqualink. If we can assist, I can have a specialist in this area call you and discuss. We would love the opportunity (again) to try and get this up and running. Sorry again.Well the first thing you could do is get the technician to ring us (as was promised weeks ago) to explain why on his first visit he diagnosed a faulty aqualink relay but then on the second visit suddenly claimed it was not a Zodiac issue. Yet another example of pathetic service where we were promoised Jason would ring to explain but we are still waiting.Hi, Our service tech called and left a message for you with this details. This was after the last time you contacted our call centre. He is awaiting your call. If you would like to discuss this further, please call us directly. Thanks.

Don't ever change your wireless router!!!!

If you ever have to change your wireless router you will experience the same nightmare that I did. You must remove two screws to remove the housing from the wifi communicator box located outside close to your pool equipment. Then, connect a USB to mini USB connector, which is pretty uncommon unless you have a PS3, with a laptop so that you can download a program to enter your new password for your new router. Oh, don't bother calling tech support on the weekend when you are having a party to fix this mess because they are closed. Very convenient for those of us out there that have jobs during the week, and primarily use the pool on the weekends. Very dismayed by this entire process and lack of vision by Zodiac. How many times will we need to change our wireless router throughout the life of our pool system?

Date PurchasedMay 2013

Pool automation - the next step - with a warning about product expectations and customer service.

Years ago I bought a pool automation system for my new pool. I spoke to the local agents that said they could not adapt the system to my pool/spa configuration, so I bought the system from the US. It worked really well for years but recently I stumbled on an upgrade that enables pool operation from a tablet or smartphone. I contacted my local store, giving them the exact part number and waited for a price. After contacting three other Zodiac dealers I got a great price from a Sydney based online store.
The upgrade kit had a complete new board that had to be installed into the main control board. I had checked online forums and they said this step wasn't so difficult so I tried it myself even though Zodiac say it is a technician job. There were lots of plugs to swap over but even though there was about ten years between the versions the new board and hardware went in perfectly. Zodiac had really made the job logical and simple. The pool automation worked perfectly after the update.
The problem was the 'consumer side' of the set up of the wifi module. I followed the instructions to the letter, with about a dozen full software downloads, two routers etc. I could not get the system to connect to the internet. I contacted my local (Australian) Zodiac head office and the frontline guy tried to help by passing my enquiry on to his product manager, I didn't hear anything after a week so the frontline guy got me to send through an email with my problem and contact details. It's a couple of weeks later and I haven't heard a word from Zodiac.
In the meantime I contacted the US customer service and after asking me the usual questions about distance of my router they said that unless I downgrade my wifi to 'b' I wouldn't be able to use wifi. They were telling me to downgrade to fifteen year ago speeds on my wifi network!
Eventually I bought a fantastic little wifi repeater the I used to hard wire to the iAqualink unit via an Ethernet cable and now I can run my pool from anywhere. You may ask why? Well my pool is at our weekender, we have solar power there, I like automation etc. Now I can run the solar roof tube heating during the day if I want to jump into the spa when I drive up, I can run extra filtration when it is sunny at no hit to my bills, etc etc.
Overall the automation system is a godsend. The Zodiac customer service is disappointing, no contact from the Australian head office and a 'suck it' response from the US office. Surely any Chinese manufacturer can give these guys cheap, modern wifi without asking us to go back many steps in technology. Let's face it the people that buy this gear have a tech head outlook. US customer service should offer the new version when available and reduce the partly false wifi connection claims.
My guess is that Zodiac bought Jandy, so they inherited a brilliant product but haven't continued the investing in product improvement.

July 25th 2018 Update: When it’s working it’s a dream, when it’s not it’s a nightmare.

Setting up the IAquaLink in theory is pretty easy and once running it is a delight. BUT if you change your internet supplier and therefore modem it can be a nightmare. There is at least one knowledgeable person in customer service nowadays but after we went through every step I was told that my router wasn’t friendly with the iAquaLink wifi unit. The suggestion was to turn off all security settings which still didn’t get my system connected. The next best suggestion was to spend another circa $400 to get the latest iAqualink interface - should I trust this solution? But before considering that I wish there was a little flexibility to support a customer that has thousands of dollars worth of Zodiac products - that reminds me to write a review of the wifi version of the Zodiac robotic cleaner that is stuck on its back a couple of times a week.
Great control of my spa and pool from anywhere. A mug like me can install it completely.
Not as wireless as advertised, very disappointing customer service.

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Dear retireland, I'm sorry to hear that you were not satisfied with your experience with our customer support, and my apologies for the long delay in getting back to you. If you'd like to contact me directly on 1300 763 021 or at apac.aftersales@zodiac.com, I would like to look into your feedback about the iAqualink. Looking forward to hearing from you Kind regards, Nicole C Zodiac After Sales

Questions & Answers

Once my pump Zodiac FloProVS is connected to the Aqualink I can not operate the pump any longer via the buttons on the pump. I can not change the speed. My heating pump (Zodiac ZS500) can not any longer activate / deactivate the FloPro VS (once connected to the Aqualink). Is this normal or is everything wrong connected by my dealer?
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Hi Guido, once the FloPro and heat pump are connected to the AquaLink system they become slaves to it and all changes and programming need to be done via the AquaLink system. The heat pump we do not sell in Australia though, so we would advise you try contacting our EU team directly about this.

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