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3.6 from 1,034 reviews

This is a great app for finding your other half

It is a well known dating app.
My expectation was pretty low to begin with but the truth is I found what i was looking for.
I was looking for a long term relationship with a woman

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Plenty of fish out there .. this was easy to use

This was very easy to use. A lot of genuine men out there ..I have met someone with the same interest as myself .. thank you zoosk my love life is thankful to you

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupNo

An expereance

Fist dating site I have ever been on. Pleased to say after quite some time I was able to meet someone after the same things in life as myself.

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

Greatest of all

Affordable, lots of choices, great app, great service. Tried a few sites but this was best and most value for money. Met my dream girl. Very happy thanks Zoost.
Happy matching

Ease of Use
Real Life MeetupYes

A great network to meet people ... just be patient .

I have been on this site for a few years , on and off , was looking for female friends for friendship and possibly a relationship . Have now reached relationship status with a new friend from here , be patient my friends , there is someone out there.

Real Life MeetupYes

Meet someone nice and happy with the results

Happy when on zoosk and meet someone special and I’m happy with the service and I meet someone one that are very happy with everything and I’m more that welcome and thank you

Real Life MeetupYes

Awesome dating site 4 star retaing

Met an amazing woman on this site and I happily recommend it to anyone thst I know and definitely spread the words around thanks zoosk

Taken by surprise :)

I was very sceptical about dating sites/app in general but heard that this app was mainly for people who were looking for a long term relationship and not just for fun. It has been so hard to find a man with the same ideals as me but there where many matches that had similar goals, which was great. I'd definitely recommend it to others as I met the most amazing man ever on zoosk!

Frustrated with no IT support

I have paid for the premium package, but my messages are not being received by interested parties, not a very happy customer. Zoosk get your act together and provide the service you promote

Well worth a try, user friendly.

The amount of singles and good reviews drew me to Zoosk. It was better than I expected. I was looking for a man.

Good dating app

I thanks zoosk app for made me to meet my love one. Now am happy with him and i hope everything will be well.

Not worth it.

First time dating on line, so had low expectations. Firstly you are tricked into subscribing @$14/per month, what they don’t tell you is that a 3 month payment is taken. None of the suggestions were within the distance, age demographic, or other preferences. As lovely as the bio is, I am not driving 120kms for a relationship. Sorry I signed up.

It is the best dating site ever. So far so good and the best.

I was looking for my soul mate and I have found more than what expecting to have. Thanks so much for your great job.

ZOOSK and HITLER+STALIN have something in common, totalitarian IT regimes

First and worst is the default RENEWAL forced when you subscribe, the word FREE is used and never respected, the one dollar FREE then they hook you with arbitrary fees. They steal you money like they want and the banks help them to do it freely. Banks are reluctant to blame them for anything. It is our fault because we are not in the business to con people in the internet. Our governments are sitting in their butts and having political infighting in between parties at our cost and their perks paid but they do nothing about the ongoing internet billions frauds all year long, why?

Zoosk- More mystery than reality.

To give some context to my review I am a single guy seeking to meet a female for friendship and potentially a long term relationship and thought Zoosk might be helpful. Fairly conventional I would think. It is hard to judge the quality of this business because this dating site offers little feedback even for members about the legitimacy of member profiles. I have taken out three subscriptions for a month at a time over a period of a couple of years. I am not that much of a fan of dating sites but meeting people when you get older is a challenge at times.

My experiences and perceptions may help you decide whether to use this service:

1. Subscriptions automatically review. If you don't formally cancel your membership they will continue to take your money from your credit card. This also applies to most of these dating sites often based in overseas countries. Find out the cancellation policy before signing up to any of them. I was caught out once with Academic Singles. With Zoosk it is not to hard to cancel the membership if you wish to do this. I cancelled my membership the day after I paid for my last 1 month membership with Zoosk so this would not happen again. If you do this your membership stays live until your initial contracted period expires. You can always renew if you like the service.

2. Many of the profiles are not filled in fully by females. I assume the same or worse occurs for males but you need to check this prior to taking out a membership. I do not believe that many of the profiles presented in searches are active members or therefore are false. You have no way of telling even though you can pay to find out if they 'read' your response. Of course if you get a chat going that would provide some proof the profile is real.

3. You have no idea when people are really online or if many of the profiles are remnants of previous users of this or indeed other sites. This is perhaps my biggest gripe with this website. I have had no response to this comment in a review of the site made to Zoosk when I complained about this issue. When you do a search you may see lots of profile pictures. Of these only a comparative few appear to be 'Online' and hence active (you think). Does Online mean people are actually communicating or just didn't bother to sign out and therefore may not even read your message within a reasonable time frame if at all. Worse still is some profiles say 'Recent' to indicate they have been active. However that tag may stay on their photo or profile for days and weeks without you knowing when they last were online. There is no date to show when users were last on. You can do a search to find 'Online' members but only those in age group determined by Zoosk.

4. You cannot automatically select the age group from which you seek to find a contact/ partner. The site selects this for you based on the age you say you are. You can do specific searches for ages and specific qualities you seek and save these. Sometimes this feature did not work.

5. Prior to signing up for my recent membership I had the experience of finding some suitable 'Online' members which I attempted to contact. There was an immediate response in my Messages folder seeming that they were perhaps interested in chatting. I thought it was worth taking our a short term membership. Another trick it seems that some members (if indeed real members at all) have an auto reply which says something like " please send me more information about you". In my case I never heard from them again and their profiles disappeared after I took out membership. What do you make of that ?

In conclusion I erased my profile (I hope) but who is to say it is still not being used by Zoosk? For my money I decided it is better to get out and do the things you enjoy and make an effort to build friendship based on real people in real situations.

Keep taking money out of my account when l have inscribed...taking the details to my bank...Australi

ZOOSK has managed to still take money out of my account when l unsubscribed....off to the bank on Monday to cancel my debit card!!!!!


Have met a wonderful man and don’t want to stay on here anymore, as I think that’s not the honest thing to do...

No customer service at all.

I had subscribed before and had forgotten how bad it was. This time (like last time) I paid by BANK Transfer at a bank at Christmas time hoping to be 'on' within a few days.
It has been over two weeks and despite advising the Customer Support centre regularly, they have not renewed my subscription. They have given me Zoosk coins which I cannot use without a subscription. They acknowledge the payment and the email via an automated system, but Zendesk must be fully asleep. They want your credit card details so they have them on file ad infinitum and can bill you for months, but that is why I pay by bank transfer. One controlled payment to minimise my ongoing financial exposure.
I am sure the ladies are lovely and I have 8 messages which I cannot respond to and which I feel very badly, but Zoosks need for money exceeds that of providing the service for which they are paid. I would advise any reader to avoid at all costs.


They allowed someone else to take my profile name and even used my words, can't contact them, they are in USA and have no idea of Australia areas or distances,scamming abounds. Not secure at all, the worst thing is they take days to reply and won't refund your money

zoosk cant fix a simple technical problem they created

for 3 days since I verified my facebook my photos don't show up. I've sent 2 requests for the problem to be fixed but no change, you wouldn't think it would be that difficult, the first and only reply to my support request said "we think the problem is resolved" I have to say Very bad support and technical fixes don't seem to exist, guess Ill just have to change to a better service provider.

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If u had a member in ur past on contacts and they pause there account will it show up recently active
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Zoosk profile says they're online does it mean they're on Zoosk or does it mean they're just on the internet searching other websites
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if i blocked a person would they get notified the moment i view their profile?
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