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Zyliss Classic Chopper

Zyliss Classic Chopper

2.3 from 4 reviews


Replaced an old, outstanding Zyliss chopper; hugely disappointed with the newer model which has a very poor chopping function. The old models were excellent; new models are rubbish.

Dead Loss

Bought one of these because Mum had one when I was a kid and it worked great.
50 years later and the latest model is useless. Made in China of course, it will not cut anything!
It can pulp an onion while leaving the outside skin intact, as per a previous review it is useless on tomato, mine has exactly the same effect as a 20 ounce hammer, will not cut the skin but totally pulps the insides.
Looking at the blades they are not even sharp, probably some P.C. clowns doing so people wont cut themselves.
Do yourself a favour and avoid Zyliss products, put the money towards a good quality knife, it may be a bit old fashioned but it will actually cut things.
As for my chopper it is not even good enough quality to take to the OP shop.

Big disappointment

Purchased this model just recently after a friend recommended it to me. She must have an older and better model, because mine hardly chops half an onion, more tears it apart. Tried tomatoes too just to confirm how bad it is. I only use very occasionally and with mediocre results, doesn't justify $27 paid for it
Doesn't perform as described


I bought this about 4 years ago and use it occasionally, usually when I need to chop a large quantity of garlic. I don't use it on herbs because so much gets stuck to the inside and then gets wasted. Also good for onions although you can't usually fit a whole one inside.
Makes chopping small things such as garlic easy to do all at once. Works really quickly and pieces are all even-sized. You can choose just how "chopped" you want whatever your making. Good quality and lasts.
A lot of the food gets stuck on the inside, so a bit gets wasted. Cleaning takes awhile so unless your chopping a large quantity of things it might be faster overall to use a knife and chopping board.

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Classic Chopper
Price (RRP)49.99
Release dateJan 2011

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