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Kmart 2000W Hair Dryer

Latest review: poor power, literally didn’t dry my hair? better off spending your money on a better professional hair dryer, reviewers obviously have never used a decent hair dryer. complete waste of $

Kmart Travel Hair Dryer

Latest review: Lovely little hair dryer. For the price, it does a swell job. Use it for travels as its smaller then my other. Good heat and nice and compact. Would

Kmart Mini Hair Straightener

Latest review: Average performance, good to use when we are travelling. It takes time to heat up. Will recommended for already straighten hair for finishing touch only or for fine

Kmart Slimline LCD Hair Straightener

Latest review: Such a great value for money! Does the trick. Curls or straight. Heat is good and so far no issues. Does not take long to heat up and I would definitely buy again and

Kmart Straightening Brush BY-621

Latest review: Only $19. I feel great value for money. Like all straighter brushes it does what it supposed to do and straightens like a brush and hair dryer would. If you want a slick straight look don’t buy any

Kmart Hair Straightener HS-929

Latest review: The straightener only takes a minute or two to heat up which is great for when your on the go. The time it takes me to straighten my hair varies but this one is pretty good and keeps my hair

Kmart Peel Off Face Mask

Latest review: This product felt like it was ripping my skin off! Have used many peel off masks before and never felt this bad. I’m sure it’s just glue, even smells like it.