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Abu Garcia Soron SX

Latest review: I actually own the STX10 and STX40 but there was no STX series in the menu. I have flogged them hard without an issue. The first one was the little STX10 which I loaded with heavier line and worked

Abu Garcia C4 Series

Latest review: I've owned a 5500C4 for the last 10+ years and its had a fair amount of use, with trolling lures and casting from the banks for flathead and other larger estuarine fish. The reel is built around a

Abu Garcia Vengeance Series

Latest review: Without a doubt the best value rod on the market in my opinion and durable too. Own the spin model at the moment will be going back to get another baitcast rod for my abu revo do yourself a favour

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6000

Latest review: good brand and good reel, its a little small for me, dont buy it if you cant cast properly with these types of reels as they can be sensitive and you can loose alot of line. If you know how to

Abu Garcia C3 Series

Latest review: I have 3 of these reels, (the oldest is well over 20 years old) and have found the Abu Garcia 6500c3 reel to be one of the toughest baitcasters around. The early reels were made in Sweden, my latest

Abu Garcia Black Max Series

Latest review: The bait casters may be ok but i got a Blackmax rod and reel in the spin versions. The reels line roller wouldn't budge so I returned it unused. Kept the rod. Today I was spooling up another reel on

Abu Garcia TA1500 Spinning Reel

Latest review: I bought one of there fishing reels thinking Abu Garcia was a absolutely good brand. For the first few months it worked pretty well, but after that it began to have problems locking the handle and

Abu Garcia Black Max Spinning

Latest review: Purchased this reel from Anaconda on sale. Down from $70 ($69.99) to $50 ($49.99). Looks nice and even though years ago I had an Abu spinning reel that had a horrible lumpy drag I thought that having

Abu Garcia Muscle Tip MT561SWM Fishing Rod