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Leitner Electric Folding Bicycle

Latest review: Thank you Jennifer your customer service was great, delivery was so quick and everything was packed so good there was no damage when unpacked. Really impressed. Instructions on web site made it easy

Mini Micro

Latest review: I have had my daughters Micro scooter for 5 years. It’s done hundreds if not a thousand kilometres. And it’s still working 100%, except the break that my daughter broke after 4 years in a trick she wa

Leitner Step Through

Latest review: I purchased my Milan Cruiser approximately 5 weeks ago and have ridden it to work most days. On arrival we found the front disc rotor was bent so contacted Tim at Leitner and he sent a replacement

Aseako Electric Bike

Latest review: The bike is a workhorse, is comfortable and has a good range. I do a round trip 55km commute and the bike is great. It's got good speed and gives a good kick along at take-off. I do a round trip 55km

Leitner Straight Bar

Latest review: I purchased my bike about a month ago (step through) and my husband was so impressed he ordered a Berlin Cruiser. Mine took 4 days to arrive whilst hubby’s took 5 days. Easy to assemble and fabulous t

Maxi Micro

Latest review: My daughter loves this. This is good for a learner. She would ride this to school when I drop her off. It is very easy to assemble. We keep it indoors when it is not in use. We go on rides in the

Michael Blast Greaser

Latest review: Purchased 2 yrs ago, great fun to ride . Saving heaps on fuel licence etc , everyone you meet wants to know details. i ride it every chance i get , couldnt be more happy . Thanks

Micro White

Latest review: The white is so trendy and bright which is great for visibility. It folds up really easily. I love that I can fit several folded scooters in the boot of my car and then still do a load of grocery

Leitner Cross X

Latest review: I loved my electric Cross X mountain bike from even before it was delivered as the service and prompt responses to queries was appreciated as I’m not really a ‘bike’ person. It was easy to assemble an

Reid Falco

Latest review: I have bought this bike more than 3 years ago and I am extremely satisfied. I had no issues at all. Extremely recommended to all those who do not care about the brand but want a very nice road bike

Micro Black

Latest review: Purchased ready-to-go from a cycling store. Full price. No packaging, instructions or hex key. Initially, steering column was a bit loose. I thought it odd as the cycling store is of the serious

Micro Rocket

Latest review: I can scoot beside my 2 year old with one hand and pull them along beside myself if they get tired, it has fantastic stability and I'm not the most coordinated of people! it's not a speed racer like

Trike Bike Three Wheel Adult Tricycle

Latest review: Started putting mine together but rear drum brakes is bent does anyone know where I can get parts for this as need new brake assembly Would be great if someone could hook me

Micro Sprite

Latest review: The micro scooters are so terrible, my son's micro spite broke in 5 weeks and he did not smash it on the ground it was in perfect condition till it broke. Do not buy a micro. So yeah don't buy one

Reid Vintage Ladies

Latest review: Oh the irony, if you see an actual vintage bicycle around you know it lasted because of a quality build, most of these vintage styled Reid bikes will probably be in the landfill within a decade of

Micro Speed+

Latest review: My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves her new scooter. My partner and I have 3 kids and my 2nd eldest I must say is over weight for her age or should I say to loved :) . So as the new year has

Little Nation Balance Bike

Latest review: I couldnt be happier with the delivery time and the quality of the balance bike i ordered from little nations for my nearly 2 year olds birthday! My son is going to love it! I placed my order and it

Nixeycles Classic

Latest review: Their bikes are cheap, and are good for the price. Have bought more expensive bikes (~4x price) that were similar and better, but they weren't that much better. The 3 speed bike I got from

Reid Osprey

Latest review: I bought this bike back in 2012 and still riding it today. I've stored this bike in covered areas, so it still looks in great condition 7 years later. If you're a cyclist that wants to upgrade to a

Azzurri Monocoque Primo

Latest review: I posted this on the Forza frame by mistake, it should have been here. Yes they appear good value for money, but... I have a warranty claim that they agree is legit, however, they want to give me

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