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Leitner Electric Folding Bicycle

Latest review: I did a lot of research and decided the the Leitner Super T was the best choice. I received it promptly last week and it is more than I had hoped for. It assembled easily. I had a problem figuring

Mini Micro

Latest review: Really great scooter for the kids to learn on and ride to school everyday. We have loved using the scooter for my first born. I was, however, hoping to pass it down from my eldest to my younger sons

Leitner Step Through

Latest review: This being our first e-bike, the choice was simple. You can't be the price for the high build quality and performance. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a new E-bike John B. - Brooklyn, New

Aseako Electric Bike

Latest review: I inherited my father's ZOCO last year. He owned it and other ZOCOs over many years. Allowing him to enjoy riding into his nineties. Not there hasn't been the odd problem. A recent issue had me

Leitner Straight Bar

Latest review: I own 2 mountain electric bikes and this is my first cruiser style electric bike and I could not be happier, it allows you to adjust the bike to rider which gives you the a felling of comfort when

Maxi Micro

Latest review: My daughter loves this. This is good for a learner. She would ride this to school when I drop her off. It is very easy to assemble. We keep it indoors when it is not in use. We go on rides in the

Michael Blast Greaser

Latest review: Bike has an exciting riding position. The balance and steering set up are quite different from most bikes I have ridden, it makes travelling at higher speeds a real

Leitner Cross X

Latest review: From payment to delivery of my bike only took three days, IMPRESSIVE. Thanks to a local Ambassador, Geoff, the assembly only took close to an hour, again, IMPRESSIVE. But there are no words to

Micro White

Latest review: The white is so trendy and bright which is great for visibility. It folds up really easily. I love that I can fit several folded scooters in the boot of my car and then still do a load of grocery

Reid Falco

Latest review: I have bought this bike more than 3 years ago and I am extremely satisfied. I had no issues at all. Extremely recommended to all those who do not care about the brand but want a very nice road bike

Micro Black

Latest review: Purchased ready-to-go from a cycling store. Full price. No packaging, instructions or hex key. Initially, steering column was a bit loose. I thought it odd as the cycling store is of the serious

Micro Rocket

Latest review: I can scoot beside my 2 year old with one hand and pull them along beside myself if they get tired, it has fantastic stability and I'm not the most coordinated of people! it's not a speed racer like

Trike Bike Three Wheel Adult Tricycle

Latest review: Started putting mine together but rear drum brakes is bent does anyone know where I can get parts for this as need new brake assembly Would be great if someone could hook me

Micro Sprite

Latest review: The micro scooters are so terrible, my son's micro spite broke in 5 weeks and he did not smash it on the ground it was in perfect condition till it broke. Do not buy a micro. So yeah don't buy one

Leitner Frankie

Latest review: Hi, I bought a Leitner electric wheelchair and it has been brilliant! It zips around with plenty of power. I have found it to be comfortable, with a nice design, and it is structurally well made.

Reid Vintage Ladies

Latest review: Product: Reide Esprit SuperLite. Packaging: It seemed OK. no visible dents, so good courier. Weight: with Basket= 13.65 KG (Advertised as 11.9 KG without basket <no way basket ways 1.75 KG>

Micro Speed+

Latest review: My 9 year old daughter absolutely loves her new scooter. My partner and I have 3 kids and my 2nd eldest I must say is over weight for her age or should I say to loved :) . So as the new year has

Little Nation Balance Bike

Latest review: I couldnt be happier with the delivery time and the quality of the balance bike i ordered from little nations for my nearly 2 year olds birthday! My son is going to love it! I placed my order and it

Little Nation Scooter

Latest review: Got this for my three year old when anaconda had them for $20 down from $79 and have been really happy the quality of it . Extremely easy to use. As a first scooter i would really recommend this as

Nixeycles Classic

Latest review: Their bikes are cheap, and are good for the price. Have bought more expensive bikes (~4x price) that were similar and better, but they weren't that much better. The 3 speed bike I got from

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