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Alvey Rod 555

Latest review: I've been having a lot of trouble with finding a suitable rod for my Alvey 500C5 that I purchased a few months ago... I've purchased a Wilson Live Fibre 2pc that was horrid in casting and feel and

Alvey ROD625 / ROD625L

Latest review: The Alvey Light Surf Champion is a fantastic rod, what needs to be said more? I've lived with this rod since 2005, however its had a facelift and some other changes. I've modified the rod with a

Alvey 425

Latest review: I want saltwater durable first. Next, function! I have both with the original glass and now the graphite versions of the fly reels. I'm using the single pin reels when I need more capacity. Fishing

Alvey ROD550

Latest review: Alvey, what can I say ? Simple, reliable and never let me down. I have several Alvey rods and reels from my baby 45b estuary reel to my stump pulling 650c. Love Alvey. Have used Alvey for over 40

Alvey 650E5

Latest review: Best Surf reel on the market. I fish in Florida. Reds, Sheephead , Blues, etc. Love the direct drive of this reel. It's like working a giant fly reel and you have control of the fight. Use Alveys

Alvey 500C5

Latest review: The Alvey is notably similar to its larger brother the 650C5 in every respect which I own, I have the 500C5 in black, however wished I got it in green that's my only wish from the reel

Alvey 650C5

Latest review: Big, heavy, reliable - indestructible. Obviously not too popular, as a lack of reviews would state. Holds 600 meters of 9kg mono. Designed for medium/heavy duty beach/surf fishing. Have caught

Alvey 600A5

Latest review: The ultimate reel for the beach fisherman , no worries about placement in the sand just walk into the water and rinse off have had one of these reels for 26 yrs with no hassles ,have now got my son

Alvey 475B

Latest review: I'm someone who looks after my stuff so I love the ease of maintenance of these reels. My eggbeaters require heaps of TLC when splashed or they get sand on them, but not these beauties. I have the

Alvey 650BC

Latest review: Bought a 500bc reel due to wanting to buy Australian instead of Swedish, Japanese reels for a change. Takes a little getting used to like my overheads and baitcasters but a beautiful piece of