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Ab Circle Pro

Ab Circle Pro

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Life long permanent back damage


This product was great at helping me loose the weight until it threw out my back. Early 30yr olds should not have chronic back pain. My Dr told me after injuring myself on this device that our bodies are not ment to move like this in repetition. Here i am 7yrs later after so many different therapies I now have bone spurs from the past damaged discs. Do not recommend at all!

Purchased in February 2013 for $225.00.

great idea


Ab-circle is a great workout which can be used at any time of the day. I was using mine twice a day and could feel and see the difference the workout was making. Unfortunately for me I have worn out 4 and have had bearing and rolls replaced many times on all. It would be wonderful if it would last longer - saving on the replacements all the time.
Annie :)

Super machinery


I got the ab circle pro for Christmas and was terermined to become "fit". I worked on it for 5 solid days, cut out the crap in my diet and lost 6 pounds in 5 days! I thought the scales were broken! I used 2 more scales and it was true. I caught myself in the mirror and noticed a huge difference, friends and family all saw a difference. Had I carried on I would have achieved my goal. Don't over use it! Use it in 3 min bursts with 5 min intervals at the most, the wheels will wear down and break because of friction.
It's a great machine I will purchase again. Get one and cut out the crap in your diet, use it 3-2 times a day and in a week you will see results.

Only works on skinny people!


I was slightly overweight at 65kg, 5.5ft tall. Started my 6 min workout, 7 days a week AND ate healthy. A week later and I am extremely impressed with the results! I'm seeing all these bad reviews and think its clear that those people are fat, eat like crap and expect to lose 20kg after a few weeks. You can't lose weight when you spend more time eating than you do working out!

product recall


Should be recalled back for safety issue! I watched the video and followed the instructions, 5 minutes into work out I flew off, bruised my knee and sprang my rest! Luckily I landed on carpet and I weight 63kg 154cm....



I love it, it is so fun and you don't even know that you are losing weight and it is fun you are a little sore the next day but great!





It works. Just in 1 week I noticed the difference. Hey girls who want to lose weight, go for this. It is also fun as you see your [word removed] swing. Lost a lot of weight in a month and muscle developed. I had to get off it. I am back to it again.


DaphneSan Antonio, TX

Love It!



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Works but takes time


It took me almost 3 weeks to see some better results but it happend.
The muscles do tone up and even lost some fat too, I felt toned in most places on my body, this was when I was 75 kg at 6 foot, my arms toned from doing push ups on the ab circle and butt did too.
This in my own opinion is not the best machine I've ever used before but it does ok and works well enough.
I could not say this is a gimmick product, but price wise was a bit high but lucky they can be purchased second hand and cheap now.



absolute rubbish, do not belive the hype


please do not follow the hype and buy one of these things ... I have never reviewed or commented online about anything. Such was my disgust with this product that i felt it necessary. At first i thought i was doing it wrong or something so i gave it a good try. There is no friction or anything, it will not target or work your abs no matter how hard you try. however it will probably hurt you knees a bit and certainly damage your back. you would think people would be on to them now but no the adds still run and its still in stores unbelievable ... Please do not buy.



Just got one.


I have just got an a circle pro secondhand from a friend who bought it secondhand so no idea how old it is. She used it for about 2 years and her 6' teenage son without any issues. She said it worked well if you were consistent. Everything on the machine seems to be working well. I have bad knees so I will try using face washers there. First couple of times my neck was sore but getting the correct position has helped machine. So far so good!



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Works well


I try to get on my Ab Circle Pro once every day although admittedly I forget often, but when I do regularly I notice suttle results.
I feel more energetic and I look toned (not skinnier though) but that may be more because I cannot stick to it for longer that a fortnight.



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Returned it the next day


My knees only lasted a few minutes very uncomfortable and no good if you have boney knees. The the middle connection piece was missing. The red plastic is so soft that when I lent on it is concaved. So happy I got my money back! There is also a finger amputation risk so if you have small children then you will have to hide it away.

Doesnt work


I have had an ab circle pro for a couple of months now. I use it every afternoon and it hasnt worked a single bit. It is the most money wasting thing i have ever had. Seriously. If i was you and you want to buy one. Dont do it..... You will just be wasting your money.



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good for fitness & abs


Had one for a couple of years now. I'm a retired fitness instructor so from a fitness standpoint I think it's good for light cardio & core providing you use it correctly & maintain good form so as not to compromise your back. Do think the the quality of the machine is a bit ordinary & as for the knee cups - way too shallow & thinly padded, very uncomfortable. I put face cloths on my to soften them.
convenient, light, portable, does the job providing you observe good form.
knee cups very uncomfortable, average quality.


TashyrorryWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

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Knee pads broken in only 2 months


The knee pads split in only 2 months and began making horrible noises in the middle bearings. then stopped using it for like 5 months used it again then the knee pads broke of the runners.

to expensive for something that brakes in less than 1 year
inferrer quality in the knee pads and maybe need to look at the runners
Motion of the workout
Knee pads split in only 2 months, began making horible noises

Pamela Green
Pamela Green

Where can I buy rollers? They seem to wear out very quickly

Great machine


Have been using this machine now for a few months and find it gives me a great workout, I have 2 herniated disks in my lower back so it is hard for me to target ab area but have found this machine very comfy and stress free as long as I keep good posture through out the workout, yes the 3 minute workout is bollocks and you really need to do the diet they supply to get the benefits the company promotes and the knee pads wear out fast but I don't do the diet and have increased the workout to 500 swings a day witch takes 20 minutes and my tummy in firm and have had many benefits having my core strong again to support my back. Thanks ab circle pro

Not happy


I was using the original ab circle pro from Jennifer Nicole Lee for months it does hurt your back, knee pads terrible and it's noisy, thought I'd trial it out then
!!! omg my arms now look big and with muscles alot more I hate that look, was suppose to do core stomach muscles, didnt feel it there but yes my arms are now muscle not good for woman, how can I reduce size is what I want to know

Noisy ,knee pads uncomfortable and it built my tinny arms to muscly now :(



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okay, it is not a nightmare, it is far worse than it...


Used it on the first day, after 20 mins, the knee cap started to show the leak.
complained to BigW and got another new machine. Then did it again for 15 mins, the paint on the rim started to fall off... after 5 days of use, the rollers were not as smooth already.
I was patient enough to go back to bigw and exchanged it for another one. This time the sticker on the machine fell off straight away when it came out of box and the knee cap is broken.

Morale of the story? really? you still need a conclusion from me????
the hot body on the box


my knee pad busted within 2 weeks, i'm 50 kgs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Linda Tan
Linda Tan

Are we entitled to the refund as per the court win against deceptive advertising? Refer to Saturday Age 25 Aug 2012.


Purchased mine through BigW asked about refund as soon as I heardof court ruling. Staff knew nothing of ruling but funny enough all stock of Abcircle Pro removed from shop floor.



I love this idea and the machine, however the rollers are short life.


I love this machine, it saves my time (go to gym every day in the early morning), and it works for me, however I have used the machine for 3 months, the 4 rollers start to grind, luck enough I've got 1 year warranty, so I got replacement. there is a warning for whose who bought from online or used, be aware the machine rollers of the is the big problem. you don't want send back and forward to get replacement if you purchared from online, or used with no warranty. The ACP company should design with reliable rollers for this machine.
it works for me, I recommend to my friends, however I pointed the roller problem as well.
rollers start to grind, which I read that this is the common problem for this machine, so it is short life.


I got one from my neighbour and Im not motivated enough to use it enough but Ill try to use it more to see if it works! exiting


The rollers grind if they haven't been cleaned. They need to be cleaned with hot soapy water and this will stop them grinding.


I have brought replacement warranty yes this product
Work but poor workman ship the paint peels of we're the rollers roll
They need to fix this problem b4 I even think about another purchase.

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Judy W.

Judy W.asked

I have just taken my Ab Trainer Pro out of storage and cannot find the manual. Can I download a manual?

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TVSN (TV Shopping Network)
Paul C.TVSN (TV Shopping Network)

Hi Judy

TVSN did not stock the AB Circle Pro however I performed a quick Google search and it is possible to download a user manual.


Judy W.
Judy W.

Thank you, I have found the instructions online



My Fitness Computer Digital Counter on my AB Circle Pro does not work.
What could be the problem ?

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Titania E

Titania Easked

Where does the wire with connecting piece on back suppose to go?

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