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Infiniti Pilates Total Trainer TT3500P

Infiniti Pilates Total Trainer TT3500P

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I love This Machine!

This is the perfect machine! It works the whole body. This is the best home gym I have ever owned. It takes up less space. This is the machine I recommend to all of my clients as a Personal Trainer. It's worth the money!

Recommended for one and all!

My First Total Trainer was the original Exagym; I bought it in Canberra in about 1986. Was a great piece of equipment. Even in Queensland's wet, sub-tropical climate it lasted 25 years. I bought another Total Trainer in 2010; again fantastic! It's used most days and my programme is still based on the original one supplied with the Exagym.
Great gear, good people to deal with and excellent service. My wife uses and loves it too. We would recommend it over and over.

Awesome piece of Kit

Thank you Tim at Infinity for all the helpful info and on time delivery! I purchased this trainer for my wife and have a more traditional but top quality gym machine of my own. I am so surprised at the range of exercise and range of resistance levels as well as fast and easy change from one exercise to another. I was going to buy the Chuck Norris version but the quality is inferior to the Infiniti. I can see why people are still enjoying it after 20 years! Solid build quiet and easy to fold away if you need the room. I have taken to using the Total Trainer instead of my old machine. Wether for building muscle or general fitness I confidently recommend this machine as the only piece of fitness equipment you will ever need. Great machine and great customer service. If you are shopping for this type of machine you will not go wrong with the Infiniti. I am very happy, Awesome!

The surprise package that keeps surprising.

The Total Trainer is a real surprise package. I have had mine for well over 20 years and I am still finding new ways to work out. BTY I have just ticked over 65 years old. I vary my workouts from heavy to light to aerobic and my Total Trainer accomodates it all. It is genuine quality equipment. I love it.

This is an excellent piece of equipment... and surprisingly addictive!

I bought the Total Trainer a couple of weeks ago and I'm loving it. The range of exercises, muscle workouts and resistance levels is extremely impressive! It is great for my bad back both in strength building and in the way that I can protect it during movements. After seeing now what the machine can do, my wife and daughter are looking forward to using the Total Trainer for cardio and pilates workouts as well.

And I'm yet to be convinced by anyone who says they will outgrow the Total Trainer in terms of strength. I have had a body builder friend use it to test a few exercises out and even he was struggling with many of them even without weights on the weight bar. I've since realised too that the one exercise that he found easy - squats - would have been much harder for him if he had only used one leg at a time ;) !

The best bit is how little space the Total Trainer occupies. I had to sell my weight machine last year because I needed the space (It took over an hour just to dismantle it for sale). The Total Trainer folds up in seconds and stands against a wall. Unlike my old weight machine (which took four strong men to drag it anywhere, was too wide for any door way and too dirty and greasy for anywhere but the garage anyway), this machine can be carried from room to room easily. Currently it is set up in front of the TV. Admittedly, It looks like I might have stopped folding up the Total Trainer, but this is only because I can more easily push it sideways against a wall where it takes up less floor space and I'm finding it too tempting not to hop on and off for a few exercises every now and then or when there is something good on TV.

The one minor drawback was that a very small part broke early on but I received a replacement part in the mail three days later.

And the sub $1k price (for local pickup) was fantastic! I spent a lot of time beforehand comparing the Total Trainer to other equipment and especially the Total Gym. All of the attachments, straps, belts and bars etc were included in the price and there is a DVD and approx 50 page book detailing all of the exercises (I'm not even sure that a weight bar can be fitted to the total Gym). Where I live, people are asking about the same price as a new Total Trainer for second hand Total Gyms without attachments and they are asking much more with attachments.

A perfect all round fitness machine,

The first surprise was the price, $800. The Infiniti is under half the price of similar fitness machines found online. The second was the range of exercises and Pilates the machine offered. The Infiniti Pilates Total Trainer is a great machine that is suitable for the entire family. Highly recommended.
The machine is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. There are easy adjustable settings that provide a full range of workout challenges. Both cardio workouts and musle building workouts can be achieved with this machine. Unlike some machines, the Infiniti also includes a pilates exercise system. My wife loves this. I like the fact that the machine is well built, solid in construction and is suitable for a taller man. Even our teen age daughter likes this machine, this speaks volumes. I feel this is a great long term investment that I know I will benefit from. No gym fees, train when it's convienient for me.
As good as the Infiniti Pilates Total Trainer is, it still doesn't do the workout for me. In time, I'm sure I will get over it. Nothing else bad can be said.

Hi BK, can you tell me where you picked it up for $800? Great price!!Jason, I purchased it at Fitness Market in Warana on the Sunshine Coast. There are several outlets in Brisbane as well.

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