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Bayer Advantage for Cats

Bayer Advantage for Cats

Orange (Small Cats) and Purple (Large Cats)
2.8 from 41 reviews

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Just doesn't get rid of flees

Bought large cat dose, purple type. She's had 2 doses in 5 weeks & still has flees. It simply doesn't work on her.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat

Packets were empty when opened

If $$$$ packet only 2 were full others were empty. I returned it to the vet. They said it’s such a small dosage you probably see it when administered - but I know they were empty.

Purchased in January 2019 for $72.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeCat

My heart is broken, I believe this product killed my kitty

Every since I place this product on my cat, my kitty wasn’t the same vomiting , foaming from the mouth seem depress dihrea hiding etc . my vet. Gave him antibiotics and meds for nausea he seem to be fine but then started to get sicker now has passed . Please!!!! EVERYONE be sure of doing your research on these flea products before placing on your baby , bc Im sick to my stomach knowing I’m his care taker / his mum and I thought I was doing the right thing turns out I wasn’t . Now my pooka is gone .

Beware of this product

After using this spot on treatment from the vets for my cat, putting it in the place suggested by the pack, he became ill within hours, stopped eating and drinking and became extremely lethargic, not moving for a day from the sofa and not even wanting to go out or even going to the litter tray. Took the measure of squirting water into his mouth using a plastic syringe to try and keep him hydrated. A visit to the vets the following day just confirmed that he had a high temperature and was getting dehydrated and they suggested a blood test which we declined, so they suggested giving him some antibiotics which we agreed to.
Checked all the reviews online for this product and was horrified to read the same thing happening to lots of other cats, the reviews which came from worldwide spoke of cats becoming severely ill following the product being added by spot on treatment. One of the things I noticed was someone suggesting to wash the product off the cat using a mild detergent such as washing up liquid in the bath water, and we did this straightaway. Within hours the cat perked up and came off the sofa for some food.You can tell the vet until your blue in the face that this product is real bad but they wont listen, in my opinion the product is dangerous and should be investigated as just too many cats becoming ill using this. And why are vets still offering it without giving these warnings.....Certainly wont be using this again!!!!!

Don't Waste Your Money!

Although my cats had no negative reaction to this product, it doesn't work AT ALL. I bought a few of the 6 pack Advantage for cats over 9 lbs. I've been putting it on them every week and they still have fleas.I am a clean person. I've been vacuuming daily, washing blankets, bedding,and towels constantly, and brushing the cats about every 2-3 days.This product does not work.I'm extremely unhappy because I spent 160$ on it, thinking I'd have about a years supply but I'm almost out. I will not be buying more of this specific product and would suggest you don't waste your money.

Gets rid of fleas but has unwanted side effects.

I have used this product on a couple of occasions as the old Frontline stopped working years ago. I hate using spot on flea treatments, I'll be honest. The idea that my cats have poison throughout their skin for a month is horrible. So I use Advantage twice a year just to kill any eggs, larvae etc. The rest of the time I use natural methods like D.E. I have noticed that this product does not protect for a month as advertised. In fact, the last time I used it, it lasted less than 2 weeks. Anyway, my boy cat suffers every time I use Advantage. I have had to take him to the vet EVERY TIME I have used Advantage. The vet originally denied that the Advantage played a part. However after keeping a diary, he was forced to admit that it must be the spot on. Our boy cat gets bladder inflammation every time I use Advantage on him. So much so, that our vet has warned us not to use it anymore on our boy cat. He suggested Comfortis - yeah right - with the horrific reviews including seizures and death, I'll just have to be more vigilant with vacuuming, washing and combing my cats from now on. No more chemical products.

Use with Caution

I purchased the Advantage II for my two indoor cats after using Frontline for many years because I thought it might be a better choice. A day after applying it on both my cats my female vomited a few times during the night and by the next day her eyes were swollen and red and her ears were bright crimson red. I immediately took her to the vet. He gave her a cortisone shot and cortisone medication to take for a week. He felt she might have ingested it somehow. The next morning she was notably better. I can not recommend this product after this experience nor will I be purchasing it again.

Beware!!! Cat killer!!!

Bought 6mo. supply of advII large cat (13yo healthy 13lb cat). 1st dose, 2 days later cat acting strange not eating/drinking lethargic. Vet tests inconvlusive $500 hole in pocket. Didn't think anything about flea med causing her behavior. She gets better. 2nd dose a month and 1/2 later. Same symptoms appear, but worse. Added confusion/uncoordination/vomiting. Vet visit again. Conclusion, organ failure due to poisioning. this product, these heartless, and any company selling their product. A call to them will result in their denial and getting hung up on. There's a special place in Hell for these and anyone like em.

Cat amazing

This is great for my cat enjoy giving it to my cat my cat loves this product would not say a bad thing about this cat product

Works alright but fleas work up an immunity after awhile

This actually worked really well for my cat up until a couple of months ago. I live in a unit and two of my neighbors use this also. Seems the fleas have built up an immunity to it though which I expected would happen after awhile. Will definitely go back to using it soon, hopefully by then it will work against our fleas again. Didn't affect my fur baby at all, he doesn't like the smell though as it is quite strong. As for all the negative reviews IT IS POISONOUS! DON'T LET YOUR CAT LICK IT!

Works Great

After Frontline stopped working on my allergic to flea bites cat, I tried a couple of the other spot-ons before Advantage. Unlike the others, this one worked a treat. Within a day he'd stopped trying to scratch and lick his skin off, and in a week or so I noticed the areas of skin he'd chewed raw had healed and the fur start to grow back.

I've kept him on Advantage purple for 4 or 5 years now. It still works fine and I'm happy to pay a bit more for the peace of mind that the fleas are kept off him and he no longer suffers with irritation.

I put the stuff on the back of his head, just above where it meets the neck, as I found he managed to lick too much off if I put it between the shoulder blades. That ensures the maximum benefits. I'm very happy that not only does this stuff work, but it works very well.

Dangerous product - my cat became very sick - needed to be hospitalised

My cat became very sick, sapped of life, no appetite, depressed, unable to walk for 3 weeks. Reaction to Moxidetrin.

Left burn mark, bald patch and then infection

Was working fine until one month there was a bald patch and burn like mark. It ended up becoming infected so we took him to the vet. He was given antibiotics. Will try flea collar as comfortis tablets are too big and the whole process is too difficult and protracted getting him to swallow the tablet.

Big cost and not entirely effective

Tried this product to rid us of flea infestation to no avail. Still found large adult fleas after 2-3 days of using drops. These fless showed no signs of slowing or dying and it was only 2-3 days after applying. Obviously doesn't stop reinfestation from pet's environment (and yes we threw out everything before application). Flea collar by seresto was only product to work.

Stopped working

I had high hopes. My house was not infected, just noticed some flea dirt. After putting the application on, i started to see fleas on surfaces, but not quite dead. I thought it was working..but 3 weeks later we still have fleas and they are no longer dying. Just like frontline, this product no longer works. Will be switching to pills instead.

Very effective

Used frontline for weeks to clear up a bad flea infestation which got worse dad by day. Changed to advantage and fleas are gone. Couldn't recommend this product enough.

Worked well, quickly

This product worked quickly on my cat Molly, there were no side effects to it and easy to use. She has not shown signs of any fleas after using it a month ago.

It worked for two weeks but then I had to buy Comfortis.

Reduced number of fleas but had to buy another product in two weeks. I was disappointed that I had to spend another $50.

Very bad reaction

Please note: this review should be under advocate purple for large cats not advantage purple for large cats.
I'd been faithfully using this product each month since adopting our healthy 3yr old cat. Each time he was subdued after application but was behaving normally by morning. The last application was the scheduled 8th in 8 months. He was subdued again but the next day he was not normal. He is an outdoor cat, but didn't move from his overnight position. It was raining and cold so I only became concerned when I returned and suspected he hadn't moved all day. He ate lightly that night and took a notably longer time to urinate. I was hoping he would perk up, but instead he stopped washing himself and showed an actual aversion to drinking water. The next morning, he gingerly moved from the chair and jumped down, landing with a thud and was unsteady. I took him to the vet who noted a fever of 40 degrees, abdominal tenderness that suggested pancreatitis and dehydration. He was admitted immediately, put on a drip, given antibiotics and had blood tests. He was well enough to come home after 30 hours. The blood test showed non specific systemic inflammation. There was no definitive diagnosis.
My research suggests that it is possible that the moxidectin may be responsible, based solely on the fact that it is well distributed to all tissues and has a long half life (days to weeks) see:
Toxicology of Avermectins and Milbemycins (Macrocylic Lactones ...
https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › NCBI › Literature › PubMed Central (PMC)
which means it can accumulate. To be safe I won't use this again. I write this as a warning and because I feel that more information is needed on the safely of this product.

After a week of the flea treatment, my cat started scratching again. As I'm on a pension, I won't b

FLEA TREATMENT stopped working about a week after ..As I'm on a pension ..I won't be using this product again.

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Why am I seeing two different packages for advantage ii for large cats, what is the difference?
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What are the risks of giving to dosages in two days?
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