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Elanco Comfortis

Latest review: My cat was given this at the vet after Frontline had become ineffective. Later that evening she was unable to walk or stand, falling over on one side, with tremors of her whole body. After taking her

Novartis Capstar Tablets

Latest review: My 4 year old healthy cat had a severe reaction to Capstar (which was administered by the vet) before we left the vet's parking lot. He first starting yowling very very loud and frantically

Sentinel Spectrum

Latest review: Maybe it works on worms but didn't seem to have any effect on fleas. It says on the packet it will not kill fleas but prevents re infection. Both my dogs had fleas during treatments. "did the dogs

Bayer Advocate

Latest review: I have used this product on both my cat and dog and it works fine for flea and worm control. Both my pets have not had any adverse reactions other people describe. I just hate applying it because

Bayer Advantage for Cats

Latest review: Every since I place this product on my cat, my kitty wasn’t the same vomiting , foaming from the mouth seem depress dihrea hiding etc . my vet. Gave him antibiotics and meds for nausea he seem to b

Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs

Latest review: I gave my 5-year-old cat a tablet and decided after 10 min just to check on internet the signs to look for that it was working. After reading a few very negative reviews my cat started to display the

Zoetis Revolution for Cats

Latest review: I purchased a 6 pack, it has not met our expectations, not only did it not kill all the fleas as stated In the description, but less than 2 weeks after treatment I have had to treat all 3 cats

Zoetis Revolution for Dogs

Latest review: Our Irish terrier was given a dose of the brown Revolution treatment, a smaller dose than recommended for his weight, to the back of his neck on Sunday afternoon and was fine until Tuesday morning

Bayer Advantage for Dogs

Latest review: Applied to two of my dogs. One got some relief for two weeks, the other scratched continually, red skin, allergic reaction. Cats were just as bad. Do not buy it at

Nexgard Spectra

Latest review: Have been giving this to our 2 dogs (Kelpie x Staffie; Kelpie x Greyhound) for a year or so, has worked very well, no side effects. No nasty pests. Highly


Latest review: The tablet requires modification, or at least come in a range of flavours so this fox terrier will want to chew it. He prefers chicken. Today he spat out half the tab and wouldn't touch it again. Had

NexGard Chewables

Latest review: Works great, never had a problem with fleas or ticks and it's easy to get dogs to eat, because I guess it must taste good. Only product I use

Bayer Advantix for Dogs

Latest review: I applied as directed and did not bathe my crossbreed dog (to avoid reducing its effectiveness) but after 13 days she had a lot of fleas. Will not be buying

Frontline Plus for Dogs

Latest review: I've been applying this every 2 weeks. It says apply once a month for flea control. I got the 40-60kg stuff for my Labrador, and the 0-10kg stuff for my Jack Russell. It is totally useless. Both

Bravecto for Cats

Latest review: I had the same reaction with my cat Sam using Advantage. $170.00 later in vet fees, still has 2 sores on his neck and his hair has fallen out. She suggested to me to use bravecto plus as it was a

Frontline Plus for Cats

Latest review: I have 3 indoor cats, and noticed that they were scratching and licking excessively. I checked their skin, and found that they were loaded with fleas, which within just 3 days, started affecting the

Seresto Flea for Kittens and Cats

Latest review: My cat was riddled with fleas (if I parted her fur on her head, I was guaranteed to see at least one flea, usually more). I tried the Advocate Flea treatment and flea shampoo (all recommended by the

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Dogs

Latest review: Absolute rubbish did not control fleas she was still covered in fleas 7 days after application waste of $19 Purchased treatment to suit large dog Treated as instructed to back of the neck I think tap

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Cats

Latest review: I have used this on my 2 adult cats, it works well to keep fleas away. Will not work if you cats are outside or in a filthy inside environment. Never seen a single flea on my babies. Use in

Exelpet SPOT-ON Flea Control for Cats and Kittens

Latest review: I wish I had of read the reviews on this product before using it. I feel so bad I went the cheaper option and bought this from the supermarket. My poor cat has burns completely around her neck and

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