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Novartis Capstar Tablets
Latest review: (snowflake 7weeks) I just recently brought her and gave her a bath I noticed she was flea infested looked up treatments and came across this one I I read on the information that is was just a

Elanco Comfortis
Latest review: Ive been using this for 7yrs. Was previously know as panoramis. My dog never has fleas or worms. Never had side affects. Digests it well. It last longer than a month. I use it every 6-7

Sentinel Spectrum
Latest review: I gave this to my dog on December 31st because I was off of work and like to monitor a reaction, of any. From this day on, and it is now Jan 8, my dog has rarely had anything to eat. One side affect

Bayer Advocate
Latest review: This product has led to extreme lethargy and avoidance of his pack (his human family) each time. We just made the connection. The dog was not himself for 24 hours. Won't be using it again. Not

Bayer Advantage for Cats
Latest review: Every since I place this product on my cat, my kitty wasn’t the same vomiting , foaming from the mouth seem depress dihrea hiding etc . my vet. Gave him antibiotics and meds for nausea he seem to b

Exelpet Capstar For Cats and Dogs
Latest review: I gave my 5-year-old cat a tablet and decided after 10 min just to check on internet the signs to look for that it was working. After reading a few very negative reviews my cat started to display the

Zoetis Revolution for Cats
Latest review: Ive been using this for 12yrs. It works extremely well. No fleas or worms except for 1 month when i stopped treatment in the middle of winter but my cat quickly got fleas so much i wont do that

Zoetis Revolution for Dogs
Latest review: Hi i bought this product and followed the instructions compleately spent nearly $200 and my cats and dogs still have fleas after the 3rd treatment I would like a

Bayer Advantage for Dogs
Latest review: Do not buy this! My poor 6month old pup was irritated by this all afternoon, was acting so strange and he was so uncomfortable, we had to wash him and we will again on the morning. My vet friend

Nexgard Spectra
Latest review: I applied NexGard Spectra on 22nd Jan night, then the next day my poor 12 weeks old golden retriever puppy got vomited and diarrhoea. I sent her to Vet immedateily she even need to stay at hospital

Latest review: The tablet requires modification, or at least come in a range of flavours so this fox terrier will want to chew it. He prefers chicken. Today he spat out half the tab and wouldn't touch it again. Had

NexGard Chewables
Latest review: My dog was given NexGard by his vet yesterday (February 9th, 2019) to help with fleas, and not even 24 hours later, he is incredibly lethargic and cannot use his hind legs. His appetite has

Bayer Advantix for Dogs
Latest review: We purchased the product on a recommendation from the people at our Local Petco Store. The product is very expensive and made our dog sick. After a $90 Vet visit he told us this product should not be

Frontline Plus for Dogs
Latest review: 2 days after using the product and the dog still had fleas, tried using every 2 weeks for 3 months and still no improvement and lots of adult fleas. Don't waste your money on

Bravecto for Cats
Latest review: I took my 2 cats in to see their feline vet about 2 months ago. Both of my cats became sick. Extreme lethargy, wouldn't eat for 3 days, throwing up. I almost took one of my cats to the emergency vet

Frontline Plus for Cats
Latest review: Just do not waste your money. It says dose your cat every 6 weeks. After 2 weeks with no change to the number of fleas, I dosed her again, thinking this will surely do it. Nope. One evening casually

Seresto Flea for Kittens and Cats
Latest review: Works at getting rid of the fleas, easy to put on, but after a few days my cat was left with a horrible sore on his neck and hair loss. Can't tell you if it works after as i cut the collar off and

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Dogs
Latest review: The worst product I've purchased. Both dog and kitten got very sick and both still have fleas. For the cost, you think you're paying top dollar for something that does not work and makes your pets

Total Care Spot-On Flea Control for Cats
Latest review: I have used this on my 2 adult cats, it works well to keep fleas away. Will not work if you cats are outside or in a filthy inside environment. Never seen a single flea on my babies. Use in

Exelpet SPOT-ON Flea Control for Cats and Kittens
Latest review: I wish I had of read the reviews on this product before using it. I feel so bad I went the cheaper option and bought this from the supermarket. My poor cat has burns completely around her neck and

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