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Terrible..do not recommend.

We put on as directed about 2 hours later, our dog shiztu bichon became agitated, running, rolling, panting, scratching, crying and no appetite drinks when water is put in front of him, this is now 3 full days he hasn’t stopped . We took him back to the vet and he was give allergy medication and he’s had 4 pills and no relief.
I highly do not recommend this product.

Purchased in August 2019 at City vet.

Pet TypeDog

Do not buy!

Went to vet paid alot of $$ for the flea product. 5 months into treatment this is what my dog's stomach looks like. The last 3 weeks I sit beside her and I constantly coma with a sleek home I'm still taking off life fleas off her body at the bath after colors after advantage 2 I called bear they told me to go back to the vet and get more product the same product and get some for my cats and no offer of replacing it for free or anything like that this is a terrible product my dog is so infested she has blisters all over his stomach I'm so disappointed it's heartbreaking.

Purchased in February 2019 at The CPAP Clinic Physical store for $85.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

This is horrible hi

Applied to two of my dogs. One got some relief for two weeks, the other scratched continually, red skin, allergic reaction. Cats were just as bad. Do not buy it at all

Purchased in November 2018.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Personality change
Pet TypeDog

Irritated my dogs skin

Do not buy this!

My poor 6month old pup was irritated by this all afternoon, was acting so strange and he was so uncomfortable, we had to wash him and we will again on the morning.

My vet friend said she never recommends this and it can be very irritable for your pets skin. I feel terrible our poor pup was in pain and irritated by this all afternoon!

They shouldn’t be selling it if it does this to lots of pets.

Purchased in February 2019.

Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Recent Purchase at My Pet Warehouse

I recently purchased this product for my two dogs. This product does not work and was very disappointing with no effect to either dog. I highly recommend that you do not waste your money.

Bayer products

I have tried the flea collar and the spot on ointment on my small dog. They didn't work, Bayer products are a waste of money!

Waste of money!

Would never buy this product again. Never had an issue with advocate or activyl. Less than 3 weeks of using this, my dog scratched his skin red raw and I had to remove 3 fleas. I was advised I didn't need to wait 4 weeks to use another pipette (in fact apparently I could use weekly!!!!). After using another pipette last Sunday, we are now on Friday I have today removed another 2 fleas and he has been scratching all week. Terrible product!

My dog suffered a chemical burn

I have a 12 year old husky and have always used either frontline or advantage. This time I used advantage. After five days we noticed a nasty spot right where I applied the medicine. Her thick fur covered it. We put her in the tub to rinse it and her hair began to fall out. It was a mass of stinky green gunk. I will never ever use a topical on any of my animals.

Pretty good

We have been using this for yrs. it has always worked even the one time he did have fleas. I used it on my border collie dog it’s easy to use but my dog hates it. And always tried to get away. There has been no side effects. I was told by the vet tho that the fleas are immune to it now tho.

This failed

The vet applied Advantage to my new puppy within days of her coming home and the fleas not only persisted, but multiplied in number. This product failed completely, despite a very experienced vet applying it according to directions.

Doesn't work

This product does not work I have used it several times & my dogs still have fleas I had followed instructions & bathed them in flea shampoo 2 days before & sprayed their kennels & put brand new bedding in & they still got fleas

Manufacturer merged with Monsanto

The manufacturer of this product Bayer has recently merged with Monsanto. I will avoid all products by Bayer from now on. Some other products by Bayer are Advantix, Advocate, Drontal, Kiltix, Seresto and Vetadine but there are more.

dosnt last

Thought I would try Avantage flea treatment worked fast but only lasted 2weeks .Better to pay the extra price and buy Bravecto it really works and lasts 3 months .Great product

Ineffective and a complete waste of money and time.

I wish I read the reviews before buying the product. We have a 9.5 kg West Highland White Terrier (Westie) and bought the Advantage Flea treatment for dogs 4 - 10 kg. We applied the treatment as per the directions on the pack. It is supposed to be reapplied on a monthly basis but less than three weeks later, whilst having our westie groomed, the groomer noticed active fleas on our Westie. Our Groomer also mentioned that Advantage burnt her Westie's skin and she now uses an oral treatment (our vet also recommended that oral treatment). I suggest that Bayer Advantage is a complete waste of time and money. I would not recommend this product and strongly recommend you look at alternatives.

Doesn't do anything. Made a phone call and all they told me don't take your dogs to the woods joke!

It's a joke advantage used to be good but not now made a phone call and they told me no woods for the dogs what a joke. I made another call and they said they would send me some more but they sent it to my vet 1 packet I spent 200 pounds on this product in the last 2 months. What a joke as I am 66 years young. Don't buy advantage they are rubbish, the staff are too.

Does Not Work

One week later fleas still present. When first administered the fleas leaped off but a few days later they were back. Waste of money...

Not bad

I have bought this a few times but I'm not sure if it really lasts a month, and I have a dog who is allergic to flea bites so it is pretty bad when we get them. I think he still gets the odd one and it hasn't been a month of using it so I'm not really certain of its effectiveness!

Do not buy this product!

Don't buy Advantage ii. This product doesn't work. I've bought Advantage products for as long as I can remember and never had an issue until now. This product not only will not kill the fleas it seems to make them multiply. I called and spoke with customer service from Bayer and they made up every excuse to not make it there issue. I will never use or recommend there product to anyone. If you like having a flea infestation this would be your product!! THIS PRODUCT IS JUNK AND DOES NOT WORK!!

Ok product

I gave my cavalier this topical when I found a few fleas on her. She has the flea bite allergy so she's miserable from one bite. I found a couple of live fleas two days later. I haven't found anymore but she's still pretty itchy. I don't know what to use..

Totally toxic and potentially lethal!

This stuff is just plain dangerous! Our dog is seriously affected when this junk is applied! We did not initially make the connection between application and behaviour, but when we applied a second dose the penny dropped! she became agitated, hyperactive, neither states are normal for her, and she was extremely restless for around 12 hours. Getting up and pacing and sitting and panting, extreme restlessness was distressing for her. We washed this junk off but the effects lasted for 12 hours. We mentioned this to her Vet and this type of reaction had been noted in other dogs. We have changed brand and chemicals. Not recommended.

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Questions & Answers

Does this product protect dogs from ticks?
2 answers
Hi Chele, not as far as I know, it's just a flea treatment I believe.Its advertised as a flea treatment which i didnt even find it was succesful at doing.

I used Advantage flea control last night & the fleas are still running around on my dog this morning, can you tell me how long it should take to kill the fleas.?Thanks
3 answers
In my review, I said ADVANTAGE never did work. The only one to actually work was COMFORTIS. Hope this helps.Thanks for your reply, she is still scratching a bit but I think it is working, can't see any on her tummy. I don't really think I would like to use Comfortis, if I don't have too, I once gave my last dog tablets for fleas & he developed stomach cancer, not saying it was the tablets but it has made me a bit weary. Thanks for your reply.I was using advantage and my dog was riddled with fleas I took her to the vet and he said they can become immune to advantage! I am so annoyed because it is so expensive and it's no good to me now as I always brought it 6 monthly!! My vet gave her another flea killer and said they should drop off at the end of the night which they did but she had to get a shot of cortisone for the pain she was in!! Hope this helps

I was told a couple of drops in a dogs ear will kill ear mites is this correct. If so how msny times etc do I have to do it?
1 answer
Ear mites can be very annoying for dogs. Advantage is not the best product for this condition. Use Advocate which is specially formulated to kill ear mites. Put the product on the skin on the back of the neck, don't put it in the ear. Clean any dried blood or debris off the outside of the ear very carefully with cotton buds and clean water. Do not put anything in the dog's ear. If the dog continues to show irritation from ear mites after a few days, take it to the vet.


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