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Great product and works perfect for my Bulldog

Great product and works perfect for my Bulldog.
I don't understand why this product has bad reviews.
My Bulldog got attacked by flies on his ears and nothing worked but this product!
I used sprays and creams on his ears and this is the only product that keeps the flies away!

Purchased in August 2019 at PetBarn Physical store for $80.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

Kills fleas, ticks, and dogs

I never leave reviews, but I hope to save someone the heartache of missing their best friend. My dog is well within the weight limit (6 month cane corso) and has never had health issues. Very healthy puppy. After applying this she could not eat, drink, barely breathe, or move. I had to carry her just to pee. Defecated herself because she's unable to move. I called the 1800 and was told to bathe her and take her to a vet. Thanks no thanks! Please find something else to give to your dog

Purchased in June 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects Death
Pet TypeDog

Shih T'zu having a horrible reaction.

I bought Advantix on Friday and administered it on my 11 year old Shih T'zu. Throughout the evening and night he was digging at his backside and very itchy, rolling over trying to scratch uncontrollably. He is also twitching and jumps up from his sleep and can't seem to settle. This has been day 3 and the same thing this morning, very itchy, biting at his backside and very jerky. I called the vet and was told to watch him. I would never use this product again and I hope this settles down very soon. We have used other products with no problems.

Purchased in May 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet TypeDog

Shih T'zus BEWARE.

Put this crap on my poor wee Shih T'zu. Took him for a walk less than an hour later. After 5 minutes he sat down which he Never does on a walk. Coaxed him back up for 100 ft + he did the same thing. 3rd time he lay right down + wouldn't get up. I had to carry him home. He was very lethargic. I bathed + scrubbed him well + rinsed with lots of water. Now he is suffering tremors. Most reports I have read that state these symptoms all mention Shih T'zus. Willy's symptoms are: lethargy, weakness in back legs, full body tremors. Hopefully he will eat + drink tomoro.

Purchased in May 2019 at Veterinarian for $25.00.

Value for Money
Side Effects Short-term illness
Pet TypeDog

Disappointing: worked for less than 2 weeks.

I applied as directed and did not bathe my crossbreed dog (to avoid reducing its effectiveness) but after 13 days she had a lot of fleas. Will not be buying again.

Purchased in February 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

Great product been using it for 9 years

I been using it for 9 years on my border collie it worked really well. Never have I problem with it. No reaction to treatment flea die in second I think it kill one tick I saw on him that good to know that work.

Purchased in January 2010 for $60.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Side Effects None
Pet TypeDog

My Dog Had a Toxic Reaction

We purchased the product on a recommendation from the people at our Local Petco Store. The product is very expensive and made our dog sick. After a $90 Vet visit he told us this product should not be sold. In essence it created a Toxic reaction in our dog. We now have to wait and see if the condition worsens or may get better. The Vet said we will not know for another 48 hours. Heartbreaking to see how our dog is reacting to this poison. I would not recommend this to anyone.... I cant even find a way to reach someone at the company. All you get is an outside Vet line. I do't want a Vet line. I want to speak to the manufacturer. So I am out of pocket $140.00 for Product and visit to the Vet and have nothing but a sick dog.

Only repeled insects to face and into ear!

I bought the 2-pack and I put this on my dog who was scratching and itching and had hair missing from pea-sized spots along his rib cage. Within about 12 hours, he stopped scratching around his rib cage, where he had been infected. But after about 15 hours, he suddenly started scratching his face. He was scratching his face for about 2 days. Then he developed an infected bubble, about pea-sized, on his face! And every day over the next week, his scratching of his face increased, and he developed another pea-sized spot where his hair was missing, in addition to the infected pea-sized spot about an inch or so away, which was now healing. Over the following 2 weeks, the itching increased to what it was before the application.

I returned the batch to the Petco where I had bought it. I asked if it was expired. They tried to research the Lot No. on the box, but could find no decoder for the Lot Np., and they found a claim that K9 Advantix II does not expire.

I was skeptical, since so many people gave positive reviews. I could not help but wonder if I got a bad batch or if the effectiveness had expired...maybe the Lot No. could show the date that medicine was manufactured. But I could find no help.

So Petco let me exchange the remaining medicine for one that seemed to have a Lot No. with letters further down the alphabet (which I hoped was an indicator that it was more recently manufacture).

The new box Lot No. was KP0D26F KP0C5DU.

I applied the new box medicine. And this time, since I applied the medicine as the instructions indicated, along the dog's back, resulting in the dog being attacked in the face... I decided to begin the application closer to new problem area, and applied it at the back of his head and down his neck as well as between his shoulder blades and down his back.

After about 12 hours, the dog began shaking his head, and scratching at his ears. He reminded me of a kid who got water in his ears after swimming.

It looked like the bugs were now fleeing (no pun intended) into his ears!

It has now been 4 days since the application. The dog was scratching at his ear vigorously and shaking his head with fervor for 3 days. And now he his scratching at his whole body all the time.

What in the world?!!!

I spent a week researching fleas, ticks, the lifecycles, the medicines for pets; and I feel like an expert. The dog has been isolated to a linoleum section of the house for about 6 weeks now, with his bedding being changed and washed in hot water every week. He was being washed weekly until the first application of K9 Advantix II, a month ago, when we put off bathing him to every 2 weeks (he has not been bathed since the 2nd application of K9 Advantix II, 4 days ago).

I called the phone number on the K9 Advantix II box this morning, and the woman who answered, kept trying to avoid my questions about the product and about any additional information that the Lot No. might give me, and instead kept trying to educate me on flea and tick life cycles. When I interrupted the lesson to ask her to answer my question instead, she put on her supervisor. After being on hold for 8 minutes, and asking the supervisor about the meaning of the Lot No., she also began a lesson about the flea life cycle. And when I pointed out that she was changing the subject, and asked her (a supervisor) if she could just answer my question about the meaning of the Lot No. I gave her, she said, "Maam, if you continue to be this way, I'm going to have to terminate this call." I was struck dumb at the lack of diplomacy and disinterest in actually answering my question about the product's effectiveness if it might be expired and about decoding Lot No. for me. I was not interested in her changing the subject and forcing me to sit through yet another flea life cycle lesson, which I did not need. All I could say was, "Oh, wow." And I hung up in defeat.

My poor dog is not being helped by the K9 Advantix II medicines we got from Petco. THE MEDICINE JUST SEEMS TO REPEL THE INSECT(S) TO THE NON-TREATED AREA: first to his face, and then, when I applied the product about a month later to the back of the head, into his ear. And now he's itching the rib cage again.

He hasn't had a problem like this before.

I'm trying Frontline Plus next.

Dangerous product

My dog had a severe reaction
skin red itchy and hot only used one 4-10 kg pipet on mastiff x Rottweiler so not even full dosage

Beloved princess

I have been using Advantix for over the past 4 years with much success. It worked well for the past 4 year's. It wasn't until this year where my beloved pet princess contracted Lyme disease it was uncurable I had to put her down. My heart is broken I applied this medication Faithfully every month. Did not work for fleas or ticks buyer beware


My 2 year old shihtzu male rubbed himself all over everything and suffered a seizure within half an hour of applying this product.

Very happy with the results, most effective flea killer I've seen!

I have a healthy bull arab dog of 3 years whom was flea riddled, nothing I did was helping. Decided to try this and it worked wonders, I'm certain it was 100% effective in about 6 hours and I've monitored her for the two days following use, there appears to be no side effects and her fur is still just as soft as ever.
Very easy to use, and I have recommended to both friends and family.

2 years no fleas

I chose Advantix because it also repels flys and insects, I have been using Advantix on my Labrador the past 2 years he has had no fleas or ticks will continue to use very happy customer.

Useless Flea Med! Useless Customer Service!

Changed to this 4 months ago because of the "Repel" feature. Gave last treatment on 7-31, had VERY ACTIVE fleas on him on the week of 8-10!! My dog was chewing himself up. Thought it was an allergic reaction to the grass at first, didn't think it was fleas the first few days since it had only been 1 1/2 weeks since his 4th application.
Called customer service. Blamed it on everything but the product. (of course)
Very disappointed ~~ $125.00 down the drain!
Back to using Frontline Plus.

Useless for fleas

This product is easy to apply on my sprocker. The vet prescribed this instead of the previous product as she kept getting ticks on her. Fair enough, she hasn't had any more ticks, but she is still crawling with fleas even after a second month of application. I have bought a flea spray for the home, including her bedding and thoroughly vacuum the area. We also bought a flea comb. We have never had such a problem with our previous dogs and once worst of the tick season is over I shall not be buying this product again. I would have rated this product as terrible but for the fact that it does seem to have dealt with the ticks.

Still have fleas

I bought a 6 pack box for my Maltese because I did my research and was pleased to know we wouldn't have to worry, boy was I wrong my poor little guy has had fleas the last 2 months very disappointed, won't be buying this again ... The season isn't even over and I have to buy another brand and spend more money i don't have..

used this returning from France.My young dog vomited for 6 hours. 2 weeks kater hair loss where the

for dog as legal requirement
no fleas or ticks prior or after
easy to admimister side effects icluded severe vomiting and hair loss

This product does not work don't waste your money.

I have been using this product on all 5 of my dogs it does not work waste of money. Your company should not be allowed to claim it kills and prevents fleas it does not! My little dog has as many fleas as she did before I used this junk. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.

Almost killed my dog!!

My dog almost died the other day from Advantix I don't know why I have used Advantix through the years but this time it was horrible.

Be Aware of Bayer keep your money find another way this product does not work

Bayer should be ashamed of themselves for selling a product that doesn't work and they know it. still have ticks . The 1800 number was a joke. How it claims to work for 1 month yet was told and read fine print on the inside not outside of box that you can retreat dog after one week!!!! Had I read that I wouldn't have bothered. I did treat again and still has ticks Bayer I'm disappointed and threw money in the toilet. Awful company awful product!!!!!

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How can i apply advantix 10 to 25 kg if my dog is 12 kg?
No answers

My poodle cross has been on Advantix for over 8 years. In the last year or so she has regularly developed blister like spots on her stomach and through her skin, She also gets ear infections and gets lethargic. My vet believes it is a food allergy and we are about to start a food trial but I feel it could be an allergy to Advantix. She does not have fleas or ticks, so it works, but I would just like some advice on whether she may now have developed an allergy to Advantix.
No answers

What would people.recomend for flea and tick control then? I'm reading horrible reviews on everything from advantix, nexguard and bravecto. Im stressed as nothing positive is coming up about any treatment
No answers


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