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Amazon Prime Video

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A wrought

Should have read the fine print and checked my bank statements. Bought a $30 item, 2 years later @ $84 per, noticed the sneaky $7.00 withdrawal from Amazon. Stupid me, hopefully I've cancelled it. I didn't even know i signed up.

Content disappears

Sighed up with this and was enjoying but they just remove content without notice halfway through watching a series. Other movies that were they when I signed up have disappeared. Back to other steganography services for me.

It’s OK.

I initially signed up for a free trial and cancelled part way in with no problem. Signed up again many months later and decided to keep it. It doesn’t have heaps of variety, but is good enough when I get bored of Netflix. I tend to switch between them and Tubi depending on my mood.
I’m ok with the pricing. It’s enough for the cost of one movie rental elsewhere. I’m ok with the ads too. They are short and not overly intrusive and allows me to do things in between briefly.
My main issue is with the navigation. I find it infuriating at times. Firstly they need to have a multi user option. Secondly, the first time I watched a foreign movie on here, finding and working out the subtitles was difficult and cumbersome.
I stream from my Xbox and find it difficult to navigate between episodes. Could be watching Season 1 of something and after stopping it defaults back to Season 2 and you have to cycle back through to find where you were up to again.
It seems to have problems remembering where you were up to and going from there. Except when it comes to shows already viewed. My little girl often watches reruns of Dora. When the episodes are finished it’s hard to get them to play from the beginning again. Just keeps playing the ending then stopping. This is so frustrating.
Also if you accidentally hit the Xbox remote while viewing you can easily knock it to fast forward and spend 10 minutes trying to work out where you were up to again. I have done this so many times at pivotal points in my viewing, but never with Netflix.
I’m confused by most of the one star reviews here, as I don’t think it’s that bad. The viewing is high quality and streams well. The content is fine for $6 a month. Needs some navigation work but.

Aweful, do not even do a free trial

The free trial is hard to exit from, it took me 7+ clicks to confirm i wanted to exit out, which is a terrible business practice and just shows they are trying to cheat subscribers from being able to exit from their membership fairly. I chose to leave because the show i wanted to watch was advertised as being available in my country, but i was unable to locate it on many occasions. Overall - too hard to deal with and will never use again.

Amazon Prime Video RIP OFF

I pay for amazon prime but what a waste of space , shows I wish to see which are UK and USA amazon prime not available here. Ok I get it if it was free or something , its like we are third rate cousins but still expected to pay same as UK and USA.
Stop rip off now

Amazon prime? No way...

We had Amazon Prime for a month and didn't use it once. All of the good movies you have to pay extra for and We were paying $18 a month!!! Definitely the worst TV subscription. I would rather watch free to air TV... Seriously... I'm staying with Netflix thanks.

Stop taking payments

Still taking payment two months after canceling, got nowhere phoning them after being on phone endlessly, they say no record of it but my bank statement says different and is taking payment no information how to get through to Sydney

Rubbish, downloading a movie is almost impossible

Constantly saying insufficient bandwidth and movies stop .. 20 times or more per movie. Internet running at 25meg plus, did. Speed checks. iTunes downloads full Hd movies without problems, at the same time we were having problems with Prime. Rubbish service.

Dropping the ball in a competitive climate

The line up is good and at first and cost seems competitive at $6.99 per month.
When you stream videos you'll find that most will only run at 720p at best with a stable internet connection being required to even achieve that. Another indication of troubled waters is the occasional mismatch of audio to video but this is rare.
When you consider the cost, the ads that run in between episodes are honestly a minor annoyance.
The real stinger comes when you start getting into a series, let's say SyFy's "Magicians". Seasons 1,2 & 3 are all available, but it's not until you reach season 4 that you get that nasty feeling. You have to pay per episode/season after this point. This is misleading to say the least, with the understanding that you're paying a monthly subscription fee to access all content. This assumption is wrong and by this time, you've nearly digested the bait. A lot of people also seem to experience a lot of content not even being available in our region, which I have not yet encountered. Amazon Prime Video doesn't know what it wants to be and needs to resolve this before they can hope to compete with the likes of Stan & Netflix.
By all means take the free trial as there is some great content available, however when it comes time to consider cost to worth ratio, you may find better options.

This title is not available in your current location

The title of this review is what you get on many of the shows worth watching. First you watch the trailer then eagerly go to play episode 1 only to be told you can't watch it in your location. This is beyond ridiculous. Firstly the whole rights thing is nonsense, this is Amazon, the world's most valuable company on any given day. Get the damn rights for Christ's sake before you advertise the show on your platform. Many are produced by Amazon studios and still I can't watch them. No wonder people continue illegally downloading the shows.

Secondly Amazon, this is just plain dumb to even list these shows that aren't available in my location, it's the fast track to making potential customers hate this service and by extension the whole ecosystem. And this from a company that's driving mission is to satisfy the customer first and foremost.

Thanks Amazon Prime... we're REALLY impressed!!

Our broadband service has just been migrated onto the nbn and b/c of this, Telstra had to unbundle all our other services including FoxTel. At this time, it became very clear to us how overpriced our FoxTel subscription was, so we ditched it! We looked for alternate video streaming services and initially we were reluctant to take up an Amazon Prime video service (partly b/c of the other reviews on this site), however after some consideration and the option of a trial with our first month free, we decided to give it a go… so far, we’re surprisingly really impressed! Not only is the video catalogue very comprehensive (much more so than tired old and overpriced FoxTel), but it’s also great value for money and the HD/4K video streaming (at no extra cost) is also excellent quality. And, not only do we get on-demand video with the latest movies/programs, including a great set of kids programs, but we can also download all these programs onto our phones/tables to view offline (so we don’t get stung for any additional mobile data costs when we’re not at home). Included in our subscription is also an excellent music streaming service and access to Amazon’s huge online product set, all with free delivery which is included in our Prime subscription! We signed up for a 12 month subscription (with the first month free) and unbelievably its only costing us $59, which is an absolute bargain, given that’s what we were paying for our tired old Foxtel service alone each month!! So far, we’re really happy with our Amazon prime video and music streaming services and it’s costing us less than $5 per month… what an absolute bargain!! Word of advise, if you’re going to get any video streaming services for your home, I would recommend you go for the premium speed boost option on nbn, which Telstra offered us and I expect other broadband retailers would also offer, otherwise I expect your video steaming would run slow and sluggish… When we singed up with Amazon we had no issues whatsoever, in fact it was super fast and easy… overall, we’re really impressed with our Amazon services, which says alot, as we’re quite fussy... A well earned 5 stars from us!

Very poor streaming service.

Signed up and cancelled on the same day. The amount of blocked content is staggering, almost every single movie is blocked. Very little to watch and the quality is poor


A friend recommended Prime video to me and I had a look at it and noticed there were a few movies I like so I signed up and got a free trial month. I enjoyed the content but I noticed also that stuff I purchased on Amazon had the name ‘Prime’ beside it and also ‘free shipping’. At first I didn’t put the two together but eventually the penny dropped that not only was I getting an excellent video service but many things I wished to purchase had free shipping and Prime is about 1/3 the cost of other services. This is awesome! So now I’m also trying to buy anything I need from Amazon first because free shipping really can make a big difference on a deal. I’ve also used their support services and they are awesome! Friendly people helped me to be able to purchase books I wanted from another country and I’m very, very impressed with Amazon Prime. I try to buy stuff that Amazon sells directly other sellers because not all sellers have the same high standards of Amazon - you have to check but for peace of mind I only buy what Amazon themselves stock. Delivery times are terrific too. I placed a few orders from other companies last week but my Amazon order placed this week will arrive before them all today. Good experience and I have a lot of confidence in both Prime Video and Amazon and recommend them both highly.

Absolutely ridiculous

This was ridiculous Signed up for Prime they took my partners card details went to access this on my TV and said enter code at Primevideo.vcom/Mytv They then asked for me to Login which failed to do so they then Blocked my account every attempt to Contact them made me Login which i was unable to do so i then found there number through google and managed to get a customer service contact and then was hang up on after i was on hold had to call again got someone who then decided that my matter had to be handled by another team they could only contact by email and that it would take 24 Hours for them to get back to me absolutely Ridiculous customer service and from my end theyve just taken my card details blocked me from my accountant and cant answer any off my quires and now i have to talk to someone via email where is the customer service smells like a rip

Either charge for your service or have ads, not both! Ffs

Amazon now is adding ads in between episodes on their platform it used to be the case that you pay for it and you don't get ads now we are getting sporadic ads make up your mind Amazon you shouldn't get to do both

Reasonable selection but the app is just awful

I like the selection of titles and the layout is ok to negotiate but the app is just awful! Continuously won't load saying Internet connection issues, then if it does load its a white screen with sound and occasionally you get to watch a show without any issues. I doubt I'll continue after the free trial

Not much for Australia

Most of the shows and movies are either not available or have Geo restrictions. Not worth the effort of even getting a trail. Also, really hard and convoluted to unsubscribe. No reminders or no intuitive way of finding unsubscribe. Really hard to delete payment details and no proper customer care. Avoid for just videos.

chromecast is not supported because Amazon has a childish spat with google so we suffer

Some good films on Prime, so no problem with paying for it BUT... Amazon is just being a childish moron by not supporting Google Chromecast. I don't want to watch on my phone, I want to watch on the TV by streaming it. Amazon don't support chromecast because of some childish spat with google making us the customer have to deal with the inconvenience. I will not buy another streaming device to watch Prime when I already have a chromecast and Netflix and Stan which are happy to stream to any device. So bye bye Prime.


Prime have started putting advertisements on before I watch a show. I pay a subscription to avoid ads. Poor management decision. I hope they lose customers because of this. I stopped paying for Sky because they did this.

Library is restricted in Aus won't let watch anything else !!

Signed up for game of thrones and grandtour. Both good shows so didn't mind paying fee for those alone but couldn't access game of thrones. so couldn't access a library, when advertised. Please make a clear site for Australia based customers so they arent confused on what they are signing up for.

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Questions & Answers

I canceled my prime video 2 months ago and my account says l am no longer a member but the monthly charge is still been taken from my account for those months last one being on 6th August l phoned up about this and was told you have no record of the deductions but my bank account says different, explanation please.
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Hi Sunny, did you end up getting to the bottom of this issue? I ask, because I've cancelled my membership, and a few days later I login to my amazon prime account and it's been auto reactivated, even though I specifically cancelled it the other day and received an email to tell me that I wouldn't be charged at the end of my free trial period. Thanks Sunny.Yes was settled.

I have cancelled my account 3 months ago, but I am still being charged monthly. There is no account to sign in and change the payment or cancel. Help me out please? there is no number to call for god sake
1 answer
I haven’t tried this but I do hope it helps you, due to your problem I won’t be signing up to Amazon Prime and I thank you for letting us know how difficult it is to opt out. You can end your Amazon Prime membership, or cancel your free trial to ensure it doesn't convert to a full Amazon Prime membership, in the Settings section of Your Account. To end your Amazon Prime membership or cancel your free trial: Go to Manage Prime Membership. Depending on whether you have a paid Amazon Prime membership or are on a free trial, do one of the following: To end a paid membership, click End membership and benefits, on the left-hand side of the page. Note: Paid members who haven't used their Amazon Prime benefits, including Free Delivery, Prime Video, Prime Music and Prime Reading will be eligible for a full refund. To cancel a free trial, click End Trial and Benefits, on the left-hand side of the page. Note: If you select End Trial and Benefits for your free trial, you'll receive benefits until your free trial period ends. Then your membership will cancel, and your payment card won't be charged.

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