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Ambiano (Aldi) Pasta Machine

Ambiano (Aldi) Pasta Machine

2.8 from 5 reviews

Excellent automatic pasta maker, and great value for money

I bought one of these pasta makers in May 2018.
So far, it has given excellent service.
Prior to writing this review, I read the other negative reviews.
I wonder if they are writing about the same machine, as my experience has been so good.
Besides this machine, I have a KitchenAid pasta extruder, and in my opinion, the Ambiano machine is more convenient to use, as well as making excellent pasta.
As regards recipes, I strictly follow the instructions which are on the lid of the machine. These are easy to follow, and the results are exceptional and consistent.
As a matter of interest, the same machine is sold in Italy as the Sirge Pastamagic, which also appears to be a reputable product.

Update - 30 September 2018: this machine still works well! I must emphasise the importance of strictly following the instructions to achieve the best results.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Don't rely on instructions and you will love it

My initial rating would have been 'terrible' because I had so much trouble to get a single batch of pasta to come out of it. The machine constantly stalled and clogged up. Then I watched a few YouTube videos and realised I was not adding enough liquid - even though I followed the instructions to the T.

So it is cheap - yes … and the instructions are almost useless. So now it is clear that you really have to go by your own instincts as to what the right consistency is. The machine would try to extrude the mix before it was ready … so for me it is a matter of turning it off before it moves to extrude and resetting the mixing until I see those clumps start to form. Then I know it's ready … and I will always feel the mix to make sure it is moist enough … but not too moist, otherwise the pasta just sticks together.

It is a lot quicker than making it with my kenwood and then flattening out the pasta etc etc so for the price, I think it's great I can make fresh pasta at the drop of a hat.

Clean up is a pain ... a huge pain - but it's all going in the dishwasher now on a cooler cycle. No way am I handwashing all that.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Worst product ever.

Does not work. Instructions written by a 2 year old. Measurements make dough concrete. DO NOT BUY. Don't waste your money on this crap. Buy the old fashioned manual one and you'll make perfect pasta. Worst product ever. Don't waste your money. Its not an easy alternative to make pasta

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Worst thing ive come across in my whole life

Never again!! I measure the ingredients exactly but no, it always jams. I notice if you use the disks with the larger openings like lasagna or the large fettucine its occasionally ok but its been more trouble than its was worth!! When it does decide to work the pasta is lovely, but mostly it wont expell the mix its gets clogged up. I can say my mix is 100% correct! When i brought it the cashier told me to hang on to the receipt as they had had quiet a few reterns!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Does the job

Purchased this machine recently, so have only used it a few times. Although it is fairly simple to use, you must work out for yourself how your ingredients go together to get the right mix for it to work, which takes a few tries. If the mix is not right, it will not work. When you have it right, it is quite good for quick fresh pasta.

Questions & Answers

Can you provide an instruction manual for the Ambiano Pasta maker Model M5S? Thanks Ivor [email removed]
No answers

How much is this machine?
2 answers
Mine cost $129 at ALDI - a bargain!Don't bother buying this machine. It doesnt work. There are no instructions. I got it as a gift and its useless. I ended up buying an Avanti pasta maker from House and its fantastic takes up less room and actually does the job

How hard is it to clean?
1 answer
Ball breaker. Let everything dry then brush flour way. Avoid getting anything wet

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