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AMP Flexible Lifetime Protection

AMP Flexible Lifetime Protection

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Can't afford the high premiums

Too easy to set up and didn't quite realize that the older you got the more prohibited the fees were. AMP would love you dead at a very early age

Insurance claim madeNo

Trouble cancelling policy

AMP has the worst customer service and communication. Have been with AMP our whole lives. Wanted to cancel a very expensive policy, went to website. No specific info there on instructions to cancel or any cancellation forms. Needed to do it quickly as couldn't afford the premiums. Wrote a letter which was both emailed and posted with all relevant details, policy number, signature, asking to stop premium payments effective immediately. Asked AMP to contact me promptly if anything else was required. Got an automated message acknowledging the email. Heard nothing for over a week. I phoned. I asked why hadn't you contacted us to let us know what is happening.

She said you were sent a form by post. I hadn't got anything. Why didn't you just email it or put it on the website for downloading. She said the policy is cancelled. Is it, so can you actually send us confirmation of that. She eventually agreed. I confirmed, so you are going to email us now to confirm that then. Yes she says. Got nothing. When form arrived by post, AMP had cancellation date a week after we gave notice. Forcing us to write a week later on the form, which I did, but put a note saying we dispute this date. Broker said that once you give written notification, then that is the date of cancellation. So scanned and emailed back the AMP cancellation form. Got no automated acknowledgement, and my request for a READ receipt was ignored. Waited for days again. Nothing. Phone once again. Wont' talk to me because policy under husbands name. Said he was currently under a house putting concrete stumps in. They said, he will have to phone us.

I said WHAT... you should be contacting him. You have not communicated with us at all about any of this. Crazy. He asked for hubby's mobile phone number (which the already had 3 times over...email, letter, and email). I asked AMP to phone him then as soon as this call ended to sort this out so it does not waste any more of our time. He said someone will follow it up. I said, NO, you phone him now if you won't talk to me. They did, but kept putting him on hold. While he had a concrete delivery. My husband had to tell them to call him back when they think they will have their crap sorted out and stop putting him on hold while he is at work. So, still not resolved. You think cancelling a policy would be easy. AMP you will sink yourself with type of service.

Insurance claim madeNo

Cancelled policy three months in!

They*** got my name wrong and there's no way to change it (you can only do a name change by proving you've actually changed your name)! So essentially I've been paying for 3 months of absolutely worthless premium!

Lucky I found out early. What a scam!

*** They == the AMP representative who put the application in for me. I did not even get a chance to review what he filled out, he only asked me to sign two pages and said he will fill in the rest.

Insurance claim madeNo

Also trying to make a claim...

I'm also having great difficulty getting AMP to send me the claim forms to lodge an application. They tell me they will be emailed, and when I inquire as to why they haven't been sent nobody knows who I am or why I'm calling, this has been going on for weeks....there seems to be a lot of stalling in order not to provide me with the insurance I pay for!

Think twice

After having income protection for my occupation for 20 years and paying approximately $100k in premiums, I have been knocked back on my claim on the grounds that my hobby is a registered business, even though it has never made a profit (and it has nothing to so with my occupation).
It has been over 12 months since I've made my claim and had no income. I've had to sell my house and buy a smaller dwelling just to get by. Originally AMP said they would pay but it would take time and they were just working out how much,but then a year later they said they had decided not to pay and that I am not able to claim if I am "able to work whether paid or unpaid" occupation (even if it has nothing to do with the occupation I got the cover for). The definition of an occupation is something you get paid for but AMP claim if you even do unpaid "work" (have a small hobby or volunteer) they will not pay. The entire time I have been waiting for a reply I am being forced to pay the $900 per month premium or they will cancel the policy (which I am paying with my savings). This is where I am at currently and am I writing in the desperate hope that no other Australians are fooled into taking out a policy or having anything to to with AMP.

trying to make a claim on TPD

After not working for 6 months after an illnes decided to look into claiming on my TPD policy which I've had for over 20 years. After numerous phone calls still can't find out what the requirements are or how to apply. Keep getting referrred to the website which says to call and discuss.

very expensive, unhelpful when wanting to claim, wouldn't post PDS when requested

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I find it especially annoying that the TDP insurance attached to superannuation funds it compulsory - so you pay the premium whether you want to or not! I have tried to get out of mine with no success. By contrast the Life policies attached to superannuation funds are good value but you can't have one without the other. Not good enough from my point of view.

AMP are thieves

I have a claim with AMP for what is now 41 months while still paying the fees to keep the policy alive and as much as the claim is ligitament and has been done through a lawyer and all the policy conditions have been met, AMP still refuse to admite the claim.
The matter is now before FOS for determination.
It took AMP 27 months and the threat to take the matter to FOS before AMP finally provided a reason not to admit the claim after providing so much information requested that was unrelated to their reason for not admitting the claim.
I blame our government for not providing adequate consumer protection in this area, in fact there is none at all.
I look forward providing the FOS determination.

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