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Apple iMac 27 inch 2012 Late

Apple iMac 27 inch 2012 Late

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Would have been 5 star

Purchased November 2017. Would have been 5 star but for the wireless mouse. It is most annoying and has a mind of its own and for some reason has to be recharged upside down thus disabling its use. I will have to purchase a mouse with a cord to stop the frequent frustrations I have with this thing.

June 6th 2018 Update: MORE APPLE JUNK

Purchased this from Officeworks in November 2017. I previously complained about the "Wireless Mouse", gave 4 stars and now it's down to 3 stars.
Now its the keyboard which is called the "Magic Keyboard". Most annoyingly disconnects and has a complete mind of its own as to when it will re-connect. Yes it's fully charged up. Looks like I will have to purchase a keyboard with a cord to stop the frequent frustrations I have with this thing.

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I PUT THIS ON THE APPLE SUPPORT BLOG AND APPLE REMOVED IT !! As said above, I chucked the Bluetooth Mouse shortly after purchase, as it was horrible to use so I bought a wired one. Then a few weeks later the Bluetooth kept disconnecting the so called "Magic" keyboard by turning itself off. After 3 or 4 weeks of frustrating Bluetooth disconnections, online chat and telephone to Apple support, they said I will need to backup my Mac and reinstall the system software. NO WAY I said, is Apple going to pay me $100 per hour to do this I asked?... anyhow is this going to be a permanent fix when there are so many people on the internet complaining of this Bluetooth problem? After some heated discussion I said that Apple should supply me with a wired keyboard as I have had it with Bluetooth and don't want to use it anymore. I said I would purchase a wired keyboard and send Apple Australia the invoice. That idea was not received well and said they cannot fix a software problem with a hardware fix. So I started hunting around on the internet for a keyboard and then discovered that the Lightning to USB Cable (for charging the keyboard), actually works as a wired keyboard when connected, a feature that Apple support did not tell me about and silly me did not have that idea cross my mind. So problem for me now solved, turned Bluetooth off, Apple can shove its Bluetooth "Magic" where the sun don't shine!!!

Can't live without my Mac

This is by far the best computer I have ever owned. For years now it hasn't missed a beat. While you pay a premium to buy an iMac you won't be disappointed. Easy to use and a beautiful big screen. Integrates nicely with my iPad and iPhone. The only upgrade I wish I had would be an SSD instead of normal hard drive to make it that little faster now it's s bit older. Great product and I will buy another for sure.

A fantastic product

Hard drive was slow from day one, has no option for a faster hard drive
processor is a slower one- once again no option to upgrade the processor

Product is very expensive, but like all apple stuff fantastic quality and company is very helpful.

Display. processor, hard drive, could all be better- build quality is amazing, looks fantastic, and is a very versatile computer.

Definitely recommend buying

Will probably never purchase an iMac again!

After using a microsoft for so many years I was getting a bit bored and decided to get an iMac 27in all in one. Was it was great at the time as the screen is so big and with the wireless keyboard and mouse I thought it was a great concept. But after a few days I had to call Apple customer service as I was already having problems with it. Firstly they were not even going to help me as apparently if you go over 90 days they don't help you with any technical advice unless you pay them for a subscription. I only had the computer for a week but according to them it was when the store bought them. How wrong is that!! Next thing when they decided to help me they looked at my serial number and told me that there was a fault on my computer and that I would have to take a 27 INCH computer into a apple store ( In WA there is only 1 in the city) and get them to do an upgrade to the software. It has been a few months and since then my wireless internet has played up and intermittently comes on and off!! I have checked my internet connection, router, modem, wireless connection with every other device etc... and this is the only thing that does not work!! Very frustrating!! Apparently everyone is having problems with the iMac 27 inch computer. It has problems with the airport, IP address trying to connect to the internet wirelessly!! And apple can't even do a thing about it!! Some advice, Apple products are good, but don't get the macs!! Especially the 27inch!!! Stick with good ol Bill gates and get a mircrosoft!!
All in one without the tower. Nice big screen. some added benefits
Doesn't work wirelessly!! - confusing at times. Apple customer service are hopeless

I bought the iMac 21.5 and apart from trying to get my head around the Mac OS I havent had any problems. Have been running completely on wireless and printing to a wireless printer in another room. Love how quickly it starts up and shuts down. Love the free space I now have on my desk. Its does take a bit to get used to the wireless mouse as its very touchy I agree to Nob. I got the greatest Apple product there is. You just need to explore though to get familiar with your iMAc.

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