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Aquamax 200

Aquamax 200

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best thing since sliced bread

bought a new 1 around mid ninety,s in a new home in frankston vic cos the existing 1 karked it & the plumber installer recommended it long an short never missed a beat 4 the 15 -16 years then I got kicked out anyhow bought an ole dump in another bit of vic & blo me down its equipped with a aquamax as well wich wearnt workin when I bought the house but pulled her 2 bits an give it a bit of a cleanup long an short that was 5 years ago & it aint missed a beat since so long an short as far as I know they r the only 1,s equipped with a stainless tank ( iculd b wrong ) bit long an short basicly stainless tank should outlast u but we shall see aye

Date PurchasedMay 2002

Aquamaz 200

Been running with absolutely no problem Our out door Aquamax 200 was recommended when we did our renovation on the house.. Family of 4 with people staying over, never runs out of hot water. Never spent an extra cent on it. Set and forget. 16 years now and going strong. Great product.

Date PurchasedNov 2002

Aquamax 200 gas water heater still going strong

Our Aquamax 200 gas water heater has been running without a problem for 19 years. It is located outside in a salt laden coastal environment. It is reliable and seems to be rustproof. This is a very well built Australian product with a stainless steel tank and burner. Highly recommended.

September 5th 2018 Update: Still going strong after 25 years

In 2013 I reviewed our Aquamax water heater ( see my review dated April 2013 ). It was excellent then and another five and a half years later it is still working perfectly. That's around 25 years outside in a coastal area. Fantastic! I think that model has been superseded but hopefully the company has maintained the quality. To relight the heater after a gas interruption just follow the instructions inside the front lid EXACTLY.
To post this review I have to state when I purchased the heater but the dates only go back to 1998. We got ours in about 1993/1994 so ignore the 1998 date
reliable and energy efficient heater still going at 19 years.

They're a good water heater but you need a skilful technician to repair them.My Aquamax is 20 years old now. Insulation has broken down and it is hot to the touch on one side. Time to replace my water heater!

Questions & Answers

my aqua max 200 has always been a great appliance but lately it has been making a banging noise . when I took the front panel off I noticed the gas had been igniting at the top of the burner just below the gas control valve. could this be a faulty valve or is it the burner?
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Sorry, I don’t know. I’m overseas at the moment and can’t look at my heater to understand where the flame you mention is happening. Could it just be the pilot light (a small flame always burning used to ignite the main burner) you are looking at. Most banging noises in plumbing come from “water hammer” pressure in pipes and are caused when the taps are turned on and off quickly. Washing machines turning on and off during the cycle are a common cause. It can be annoying but hard to track down.

I have a aqua max not sure model but is only used when I visit the house every holiday but I haven’t been here for six months I turn the main gas supply off before I leave six months ago I had an issue but it was the regulator in my main gas unit. Now I have arrived home the gas people have checked my main unit and there is no issues but I never saw the distributor as I was unfortunately not home at the time. I have tried lighting it but it’s seems not to do anything or make any noise I have had my mate look at it he can’t light it either help
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I’m no expert but I do know from experience that if the gas supply tap is not switched off and the tap going into the heater is not switched off then if you follow the lighting instructions printed inside the detachable cover on the heater precisely then it should light. You have to hold down the button for as long as it says and flick the other piezoelectric ignition thing several times. Once you hear the whoosh of it lighting continue to hold that button down as long as it says.Have done it many time it’s a205 I think I tried it again this morning but I’m visiting family so can’t work with it i brought up a YouTube about it and told me to wait five mins for gas to go out then turn to ignition then hold down and press the ignition for 40 secs then hold that button down for 30 seconds then turn the job to the flame symbolnot a problem I have ever had the only thing about them is generally leave well & good alone the only other thing I have never tuned it off at all other than once a year or so even on holidays etc cos I could only ever go away for more than a cupple a weeks long an short never had any probs but I have got it in me brain turn off an give it a good clean out internally at least once year an it says righto daddy ile go a ok ???

Our Aquamax 205 was gushing from the pressure relief valve. Replaced that now there's hot water in the tank but the pilot light won't stay lit and we get a max 20 seconds of hot water inside before it runs cold. Any help out there please?
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get hold of a vacuem cleaner that can be used outside unfit the cover down the bottem & if u got a torch that can see in there with see if u can give it a plurry good spring clean internaly then try lighting her up again u may be lucky long an short that burning box dous seem 2 collect a lotta dust and other bis of junk long an short its sumthin I have got me head arund 4 20 years or more

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