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Arnott's Creams

Arnott's Creams

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Orange Cream needs a Green Light!

Arnott's creams have been around for so long that each flavour needs protection status.. like a heritage listing perhaps.. the Orange Cream may not be (dunked in) everyone's cup of tea but I am a firm believer it deserves its spot in the pack of assorted creams! I love the difference amongst the assortment. How nice it is to choose three different creams to go with a coffee for morning or afternoon tea. For example by having a Monte Carlo with its toffee like jam that coats the cream, followed by a chocolately Delta cream and finishing with a zesty Orange cream makes for an incredibly delightful yet inexpensive treat. In my opinion an assortment of three different arnotts creams is better than a slice of cake for the flavour variation ... It's like having a mini dessert buffet. However without Orange around the variety factor would definitely fade so I really hope that Arnott's see Orange Cream through to its 100th birthday in 2022 and beyond! Maybe the queen can write the Orange Cream a birthday letter even, I'm guessing she would have had even tried one or many before!

Again tough as nuggets!

I am old enough to know and remember what Arnotts Cream biscuits used to taste like and these aren't them. Ever since the Americans bought Arnotts there has been a very fast deterioration in size, flavour, and ingredients anything to save money. The result is such and inferior product that I have stopped buying any Arnotts biscuits. I wrote to the company several times over the years and never had a response so much for customer service.

Haters gonna hate

But I love the orange slice! Always had them at my grandma's so they bring back beautiful childhood memories. Don't ever take them away Arnott's!

Always the last in the biscuit barrel

For as long as I've had assorted creams, orange slice has been like the older, fatter and less attractive sibling of the creamy family. It doesn't really have a place these days outside a morning bingo session or Christian camp. There are definitely more worthy cream biscuits that could take it's place.

The Abominable Orange Slice

I must admit to being somewhat intrigued by the provenance of this culinary abomination.
My research has revealed that the first Orange Slice was inflicted upon an unsuspecting and, obviously, somewhat culinary ignorant Oz population in 1922. This loathsome product was cunningly featured in a number of Assorted Cream selections during the 1920s and early 1930s and sold to decent Oz citizens (aka in Oz folklore as “the first victims”).

The assertion by the purveyors of this vile confection that the Orange Slice is made of two vanilla biscuits and a layer of orange cream, which has a sherbet tang is not, in the least, reassuring for any human with fully functioning taste buds. It is nothing other than a cheap ploy to mesmerise the general public into thinking that they are ingesting a culinary delight which, in fact, has more in common with what is produced from the backside of a dog than that which comes from a chef’s oven.

Rather disappointingly I note that on the 3rd July, 1922, Queensland abolished capital punishment, the first state in Australia to do so. I am unable to think of any more fitting punishment for the creator of this Devil’s food than that which was to be found at the end of a suitable length of rope.

Substitute the orange slice

Now this may be a bit outside the box and a bit left field I know but what about if we get rid of the orange slice and replace with the mint slice ?!??!!... Risky !!! But it might just work and I really think we can turn this around !!!

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Finally. Somebody has stood up and said what we all really think. Orange slice just sits there and does nothing. You are only as strong as your weakest link. I am really torn over this, a replacement is urgently needed. although i can't agree with mint slice either, but there must be a change. A referendum if necessary. The bottom line is Orange needs to go. Just get him out, don't feel bad just send him away. Only then can i give 5 stars for this product.

Kingstons. Enough Said.

Yum! I seriously do not understand how it's possible to make a biscuit that tastes so bloody good. My brain just can't comprehend any of it. The biscuit size is superb, the texture is superb (although I wouldn't complain if they were slightly softer!) and the chocolate-flavoured filling is divine! The next time I have these, I think I'm going to try sprinkling them lightly with some sea salt to see if I can kick it up a notch and create more of a "salted caramel" flavour (although these are definitely fine as they are!).

Also, has anyone noticed that Arnott's biscuits actually look just as good inside the pack than they do on the packaging? Take other products from muesli bars to chips to most chain take-away restaurants, for example. I'll allow for a bit of leniency and agree that yes, the products do need to get transported from A to B which isn't always a gentle process, but most of their products look like they've been used as hockey pucks at some point during transportation from the back of the kitchen/factory to the time the customer gets their hands on the squashed and mutant result. Arnott's biscuits are literally the opposite of products like that because the packaging doesn't lie. They look as delicious inside the pack as they do on the outside!
Affordable, delicious, wide variety, Australian-made and owned (supporting Australian workers).


Arnott's Cream biscuits have been a favourite for many years and for good reason. There are many tasty varieties available such as the delicate Shortbread Cream or the chunkier Monte Carlo, although my favourite would be the chocolate Delta creams. The flavours are generally quite nice, although the cream does taste a bit too processed at times. This doesn't stop them for being a tasty snack though and they go perfectly with a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of milk. If you have not tried any of Arnott's Creams before, why not buy a packet of Assorted Creams and give all of them a try.
Many tasty flavours. Good value for money.


A great product and it is always nice to have this for afternoon tea. A nice Australia brand, I always try to buy it when I am in the supermarket.
This is a great Australian family biscuit. It is made in Australia. I like the lemon flavoured biscuit the best because it is very different to the others, not so sugary in my opinion. The Monte Carlo's are great and are always a hit. It is nice to dip into a coffee or hot chocolate.
Some people do not like this because it contains a lot of sugar because it is a cream biscuit. It is not the healthiest choice of biscuit out there.


These are good cream cracker biscuits with various flavours of cream including lemon, orange, chocolate, and custard flavours. They are an ocassional treat and would be nice to serve for unexpected guests also. My favourite is the lemon because I love all things lemony and the outer biscuits are salty and different.
These come in a variety of flavoured creams and are tasty if you want something a bit naughty to go with your cuppa. They come about 10 -12 in a pack and can be taken to work for morning tea too.
They are expensive if they are not on sale, but sometimes the supermarkets have specials, where you save if you buy 2 for a certain price.

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Have the Arnotts biscuits round multigrain been discontinued? As I am a diabetic I would always buy them. I have bought Vita Wheat but they are very hard to eat and will break your teeth.
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