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Arnott's Vegemite & Cheese Shapes

Latest review: Why Mr Arnott is there only 165g in the Vegemite shapes box when I get 190g in my old fave Pizza shape?? Love the product but hate the covert attempted ripoff

Arnott's Tim Tam

Latest review: ok, so. you want to try tim tams. listen to me. ik the go to is the orginal. dont have them. have the white flavour, its better. better then the other flavours. trust me. have the white

Arnott's Creams

Latest review: the thing i am not impressed about it they reduced the amount from 6 to 4 pieces in a packet for the same price you use to buy the original 6 pack disgusting what dont they make enough money not

Arnott's Plains

Latest review: Arnotts biscuits used to be special - as a child I remember after school milk and arrowroot biscuits or milk coffee. Loved butternut snaps and ginger nuts. Later I used to make chocolate ripple log

Arnott's Shapes

Latest review: The box says original flavor but pizza shapes now taste nothing like what they used to. They used to be crunchy now they are soft. The taste is all

Kellogg's Pop Tarts

Latest review: Pop Tarts used to be one of most my favorite things growing up. The strawberry and cinnamon were always the best. I was slightly disappointed last time I purchased some because there was not as much

Arnott's TeeVee

Latest review: I buy the shapes monthly sometimes fortnightly, a favourite of mine, however sizes and box quantity change often, so i check for the taste and value. Woolworths know i purchase as it always on my

LU Petit Ecolier

Latest review: I buy the milk chocolate cookies at my local giant grocery store in Baltimore MD and it's 2 for $5 with your giant card which is a great price, you get 24 cookies , 12 in each box. It's one of the

Unibic Anzac

Latest review: I used to buy this product as it was the only commercially made biscuit that didn't use tasteless and possibly unhealthy GMO products, such as vegetable shortening/margarine made with canola(tractor

Sakata Snakata

Latest review: The cheese supreme & the nachos cheese flavour taste almost exactly like cc's. But they're low fat & have less calories...I used to make low fat nachos with them. I think they stopped making them as

Belmont Biscuit Co. Butternut Snaps

Latest review: When I open the wafers hazelnut flavouor there was just 4 wafers...the box was empty...i will never buy it

Paradise Plain Sweet

Latest review: These would have to be the most disgusting things you could buy, looks like they rubbed them through a black grease pot and they don't return calls to

Arnott's Shapes Sensation

Latest review: Remember as a kid putting a burnt match head in your mouth? well that is the flavour of these shapes! seriously, like licking an ashtray! the biscuits are okay but how did this flavour get passed is

Arnott's Tiny Teddy

Latest review: Packaging has changed to a box. Each pack is now 21g, originally 25g. Price has also increased, so value for money has

Fantastic Delites

Latest review: Bought the Salt n vinegar flavour, for myself it's better tasting than potatoes chips and I can go through the whole packet accompanied by a few ales and still leave room for some hot dog franks,

Well & Good Gluten Free Instant Custard Powder

Latest review: Very tasty and can be made thin or thick by changing the amount of water and vegetable oil added. Whips up instantly with no need for refrigeration or heating. No gluten, egg, dairy, nuts, or indeed

Kraft Oreo Wafers

Latest review: Definitely doesn't compare to the fantastic original oreo. My first experience with the wafer stick was also my last. When I bit into the wafer stick I expected a light crisp texture followed by a

Kraft In A Biskit

Latest review: I have tried a couple of the flavours, I think there is a potato one, which is pretty nice. I have only bought these when they were on sale to eat when I was hungry. Unfornately, I have to eat about

Unibic Sponge Fingers

Latest review: I've been using these for deserts for many years, they used to be soft enough to cut in half without breaking up but no longer as they are now too crunchy. I will have to find another

Arnott's Monte Carlo

Latest review: There has been a huge sudden difference in the texture and taste of Monte Carlo biscuits; the crumbs seem like they have been beaten excessively with a rolling pin, over and over, so that the texture