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Arnott's Tim Tam

Arnott's Tim Tam

3.1 from 37 reviews



Disgusted! Piece of string found in Tim Tam


Gross, I was eating a Tim Tam and found a piece of string inside it. I tried to do the right thing and let them know and I was given lots of bad attitude and a measly solution. Will never eat a Tim Tam again.

Purchased in February 2020 for $4.00.



  • 3 reviews

Best. Biscuits. Ever


Love the different flavours. The only problem is you run out so fast and eat too many at a time! The double coat is the best, and even better cold!

Purchased in January 2018 at Coles for $2.50.


urlocaldylanGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

white tim tams


ok, so. you want to try tim tams. listen to me. ik the go to is the orginal. dont have them. have the white flavour, its better. better then the other flavours. trust me. have the white ones.

Purchased in April 2019 for $2.50.


AshleeSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 9 reviews



These are delicious and got them on sale for two dollars fifty which is a bonus. Dip them in coffee and suck. It's great love the caramel centered ones too.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths for $2.50.



  • 2 reviews

Hard plastic in Tim Tam


I must say I'm like everyone else that loves Tim Tams but I think I've been put off them for for a while due to bite into a Tim Tam and it's instead biting into plastic was not a good experience.


BrentVictoria, 3752

  • 11 reviews

Mmmm Tim Tams!!!


I’m really glad Tim tams increased the pack from 9 back to 11. Bad thing is once you open the pack, you’re done. The pack is gone before you know it. So worth it though!



  • 7 reviews

So yummy and thick choc


Really tasty, thick chocolate and haven't changed taste in the last few years that I have been buying them. Thank you



Timtams are the best things in the world!!!


Timtams are the best things in the world!!!! I couldn't live without them!!!! On an afternoon I have a timtam and a hot chocolate and the combination is awesome!!!



We just had the new Turkish delight Tim Tam. One bite is all we could manage. This is the worst biscuit ever and the after taste is revolting. What a waste of money, the rest of the packet is now in the bin. Ps when did Arnott reduce the number of Tim Tams in a packet? Only 9 biscuits now, hubby is sure there use to be 13 to a packet.


C. ANDERSENSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 72 reviews

New Chill Me Packs


Tried the new Chill Me Choc Berry Coconut and Turkish Delight. Certainly the products doesn't bear much resemblance to the pictures on the packs. Turkish Delight is mostly biscuit with a very thin strip of pink turkish delight flavour in the middle and the Choc Berry Coconut is not as tasty as you would expect. I bought them on special 2 packs for $5. Certainly wouldn't pay full price for the biscuits; they're not worth it.

Timtam's cover is a BIG LIE


It has a good taste. It's real. But, it's cover too easy for ants to break it up. I bought many timtams home for my nextweek holiday but after a day I bought it, ants keep coming into my room. I saw my timtams still safe. But when I opened it today, ants appear from inside timtam. What the hell timtam is!! The cover is a big lie! :(



  • 8 reviews

Sick of being cheated!


They don't taste as good and the chocolate coating is so thin I had to put my glasses on to see it.
I buy Cadbury bicuits now as they do have chocolate in them much nicer.



  • 3 reviews

Coating too thin


We love tim tams, always have but recently we have bought a few double coating packets from coles & they had a large portion of them not completely covered in chocolate. This makes it impossible to use them as a straw which is the only way to eat them. We emailed them & the response we got was "thank you for letting us know and we will try and improve". What a crock! How about you just stop skimping on your customers. I'm sure the millions in profit could be slightly dropped so you can properly coat your product!! Not happy with the quality.



  • 2 reviews

Whoever invented Tim Tams deserves a hug


Tim Tam Toffee Apple


For all you haters out there of the Toffee Apple Tim Tam all I can say is you didn't know how to eat them. I "had" been using them to make the most amazing "Cake Pops" the only flavour the kids kept coming back for now apart from the few I saved in the freezer that taste sensation will be no more....... Bring them back Arnotts and let me be the official taste tester & marketer of your products.... You don't need Zumbo the average aussie is your target audience we have different taste buds that theatrics cannot satisfy.....

New Messina Flavors - Arnotts cutting cost


We loved the new Messina Salted Caramel and Vanilla flavour. So we've been purchasing them when they're on special (1/2 price) over the last 6-10 months. We have noticed over the months the thickness of the chocolate coating on the outside has progressively gotten thinner. Slowly making the biscuit see through and the flavour change. It now tastes like a regular biscuit and not like a tim tam. Gut feel is by reducing the chocolate, costs can be saved and therefore the product appears discounted... I think this is a Marketing scam and its pretty sad given how much we used to love it.

Why tamper with the original salted caramel?


Not being a huge sweet-tooth but loving the occasional indulgence, I was in my element when I discovered Tim Tam Salted Caramel.
Soooo delicious, got my friends onto them and even the relies from the U.K., loved them and took home a supply!
Then it was all downhill when I discovered they had been "improved" or "modified".
My husband and I, along with many others I'm sure, are very disappointed to say the least, that they now appear to be deleted.
Salted Caramel and Vanilla completely different. Please, please bring back Salted Caramel

Toffee Apple Tim Tams - bring back the 3 bean ones


After getting addicted to the 3 bean ones (coffee, vanilla and chocolate) they stopped making them - without even asking me!!! I'd give those 6 stars, but the toffee apple - hardly worth one.



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Toffee Apple Tim Tams - GROSS EWWW DON'T DO IT


Worst Tim Tams flavour ever. I went for a second just because I am craving something sweet and it's all I've got in the house, but I wish I hadn't. The after taste is so revolting. I'll be chucking out the rest of the packet.


G.LoSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 24 reviews

Toffee Apple Tim Tams blah .. bring back Chilli Choc Tim Tams!


I was so excited to see Toffee Apple Tim Tams, mostly due to the novelty value. The aroma is more like over-processed (no surprise), fake (no surprise), strawberry/banana (big surprise). Unpleasant, too sweet and completely unlike 'toffee apple', I couldn't even get my adult sons or their friends to try them. We put them straight in the bin. Big fail, Arnotts! Now could you PLEASE bring back the awesome Chilli Choc Tim Tams you made circa 2002?

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