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Asus TF101

Asus TF101

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Dont bother getting the device repaired - Asus repair centre are incompetent

Device works fine - or it did until it was dropped and screen was cracked. Unfortunately the only place approved to repair these units is the Asus Repair centre who are incompetent. Unit was sent off for repair of screen, and audio port, after approximately 1 month and numerous phone calls unit was returned with screen fixed. However the metal strip surrounding the screen was not stuck down or replaced exposing the inside of the computer and associated wires etc and the audio port was not fixed. Emailed repair centre approximately 4 times over the space of a month and tried calling repair representative approximately 4 times. No response from either phone or email.

When I finally got a hold of the repair representative he apologised and said he might have missed the emails and phone messages - and the repair of the audio port will cost another $500 on top of the $500 already payed. My issue isn't with the product which works fine but with the incompetent repair centre who return items is an unsatisfactory condition, and expect the customer to keep forking out money when the additional costs should have been included on the original invoice. Luckily for me the insurance company was covering the bill, and decided to write the machine off after forking out the original $500.

TFT101 After 12 months

I bought instead of Ipad so i could avoid constant restrictions i have had with other apple products.
I found the epad flexible in all areas i was interested in music/ebooks/general browsing. Do not use for photography that much. Thanks to flexible storage options (sd card) i carry some 7000 books, around 3000 songs. I play mp3 directly to my existing equipment via bluetooth with good results, only occassional dropout due to software shortcomings. with ebooks i use about 5 free apps as reading software, primarily that mobi and sometime prc handle better on some apps. I do have difficulty connecting to printer and my LAN and I am still trying to resolve but wifi is good. I sometimes have dropout or freezing, I am not certain what causes this, but from time to time I reduce the number of apps I hold as i think it is possible that too many apps can lead to too many programs using up space to dowload updates etc. Have some problems saving or printing to ONENOTE although I think i may be able to resolve this. On the whole I believe the unit is sound both in quality. i have dropped it off the bed 3 times, and innovation, particularly I like the keyboard option. However I still think Ipad has a performance edge but the price is too high with restricted flexibility. The added featrure of sd card slots and usb ports are invaluable
keyboard, flexible apps in music, ebooks, photos, browsing. usb ports and sd card options are great.
would benefit greatly with larger ram and faster cpu

Excellant product - use it all the time.

I bought mine when it first came out early 2011, I can't remember exactly the date but I have had it now nearly 2 years. I use it mostly for work as a laptop replacement.

I travel between buildings most days and battery life is particularly important. The extra life from the second battery is invaluable to me. The other thing I use almost every time I use it are the USB ports. I charge my phones (work blackberry and personal Galaxy S3), my Optus 3G wireless router and anything else that is USB. Not many tablets have that ability.

I do use it as a tablet by taking the screen from the keyboard as part of the reason I commute is to attend various meetings which is where I use it as a note taker (use any of the apps available) so just take the tablet itself. I've become pretty good at finger note taking.

As a work tool the fact it comes bundled with a full version of Polaris is also invaluable. From day 1 I was able to open read and edit documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Again not found on many tablets. when needed I can transfer easily from the Asus to my work PC either via Bluetooth or via the
SD card.

I use this device almost every single day. I am constantly finding new ways to make it useful.
Battery life, SD Card, USB ports, bundled software, Google syncing, Google store
lack of inbuilt 3G


When going OS, I take a netbook. Days before going to France earlier this year, the keyboard of my ASUS died (since learnt is not unusual). I didn't have time to get a replacement keyboard from China so went looking for a tablet.

The ASUS Transformer keyboard part won me. The combined weight is greater than other (non keyboard) tablets, but marginally less than a netbook. That said, I do like the metal case of the ASUS over the plastic alternatives. The USB port was also a selling point I liked.

Getting started and using Android apps was a breeze.

Once in France, I learnt that the French mobile phone companies don't have a dongle applicable to Android (as do the Brits).

I found the wifi range acceptable, but the ASUS wifi signal reception strength was always less than my netbook.

After about a week, I went to use and the screen would not come alive. I could feel the unit powering on (a slight vibration - which is comforting), but no screen. I went to FNAC (similar to Harvey Norman) and they got their techie to look. He concluded the screen driver appeared to have failed. I was in the invidious position of having to buy another netbook (this time with Windows in French).

A week or so later, the screen worked. I have no idea why. And, being an intermittent 'fault' no-one at ASUS would offer suggestions.

We're still using the tablet, and have not incurred screen failure since.

My wife uses the tablet and loves it because of the simplicity of operation. Friends who have used it also like the sturdier feel over alternatives. We find battery life is quite long - but that does depend on what one is doing.

Perhaps the only downside (other than the screen) is the fiddliness of the on/off button.

If I had to buy another tablet...

I'd look at others with docking keyboards - I love that. I'd also ensure any alternative embraced the sturdiness of the ASUS. Given this, I suppose I'd be drawn to a Transformer again.

Sturdy, keyboard, long battery life.
single screen failure

The last Asus Product I Buy

Purchased this item after having an Ipad 1. Was originally going for the Ipad 2 but was talked into this product, and with the keyboard and specs thought that it would be a good idea. I couldn't have been more wrong.
The TF101 has not worked properly from day one. Turning off all the time. Often won't restart and have to plug it into the power point to start up even though it has full battery. Was told by company that this would be fixed with the software upgrade so held off taking it back. Completely wrong, the software upgrade fixed nothing. Took it back to Harvey Norman Carindale and was told that it had to be sent away for repair as it was now 5 weeks old. I was told that it would be away for 7-10 days at most. Well it is now day 8 and I have just been told that it is going to be at least another 7 days. I really appreciate great customer service......
Battery Time Keyboard
Has not worked from day one. Turns off all the time, Locks up, Just a dud.

Teething Problems

As a wanna-be techno geek I got one of these Asus tablets to compare it with my Ipad and see how they stacked up. In the beginning I was pretty happy with the tablet, it gave me what the Ipad couldn't which was Android functionality and not being locked into only what is available in the itunes store.

With the detachable keyboard it made writing emails a breeze, just make sure to switch off auto-correction as the built in smart dictionary is not very smart. A great companion on my leisure travels, small, sleek and ease to type those short emails back home.

Last couple of months (4 and counting) it has been a nightmare, with my guess - the firmware updates, since the updates it would hang, reboot continuously and a not so stable platform. It currently sits on my coffee table as a backup tablet, I'm sure Asus will one day deploy that stable OS firmware to resolve its volatility.

Teething problems, but tolerable.
Android OS
Intermittent Hanging, reboot

Asus TF101 Transformer Experience

I purchased a Asus TF101 transformer. Officeworks and Harvey Norman are selling the same price. It is slightly bulky than Apple and Samsung but much cheaper in price.
The tablet is great and the support from Asus VIP membership is great.
The Polaris Office is a gem which read Msoffice without a hiccough. The Navigation, Map, Latitude, Position application are excellent.

One thing to remind future buyers: There might be sort of bug or conflict between Navigation application and Map updated. The Navigation might not work if the Map has been download and need a factory reset.

A Message to Asus: The above bug need to be addressed and it seems quite a lot have been fallen into this trap.

Final say: Good buy
Reliable, inexpensive
Watch out the Navigation application when you download the Map update

Perfect tablet

Great to use as a tablet or laptop battery life is great never seems to go flat

Docking tablet to keyboard is easy if you have the hing upright line up then push in firmly, nice strong hing and lock.

Asus uses a program called Polaris office that has Document,spreadsheet and presentation easy to use and compatible with Microsoft office.
Also has My cloud splashtop that streams your windows desktop strait to your tablet so it is like using your windows computer when using this they are linked so the actions on your tablet show up on the windows computer and vice versa both computers are usable when in this mode but must be on same wifi .Great for seeing how your young child his using the computer you can help or teach without looking over there shoulder.

The tablet and keyboard are very solid, plenty of shortcut keys on the keyboard nice widescreen display makes the ipad look square.
You can also put a micro sd in the tablet and a sd in the keyboard.
The keybord also has a battery in it that charges and runs the tablet and 2 usb ports.
I am going to buy another Transformer for my daughter at Uni as it is so portable and usable not just a gaming and ebay toy. She has killed numerous phones and laptops i reckon this will take a bit to kill only time will.

Overall the performance of this item is flawless even during steaming with windows very surprised as they do not have massive cpu's or ram but i think the SSD makes up for it.

If you are thinking of buying a tablet you must get one with a keyboard.
Not just a toy

great buy used it for work personal didnt leave my house with it

great buy bought it from harvey norman for 600 and something came with atachable key board
very handy also makes it easier i your using it to surff he web great with usb compatability and for the extra space with a mini micro memory card and a big one easy to watch movies on and batery life is fantastic
fast easy to use
only comes with one charger and 2 charging points

Cant live without it.

Bought it for my fiance, so I can use my laptop when i need too.
Now I want one. They are awesome. Once you get used to android, its fantastic. Great expandable memory is a blessing for sure.
Inexpensive, and better than the apple ipad
Cant fault it.

Best Tablet Ever

Full support for everything. Easy to use, great performance and full of features. Excellent, useful and entertaining. Does everything an iPad does and more. Great for Skype, flash media and more. Performance with Photoshop Express and other heavy apps. Great ebook reader. Simply great.
Only giving 4 stars as this is next to impossible to dock, cannot lock into docking station on 2 different units. As a tablet only, 5 stars. As a transformer only 4 stars, sits in and works with keyboard dock but extreamly hard to lock in.
An al round solution, business, pleasure and presentations
Docking station issues

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Contacted ASUS and have resolved Docking Issue, not working great both as a laptop and as a tablet. Very happy with this system.

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Asus TF101
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