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Apple iPad (5th Generation)

Latest review: I bought the basic 32 gig iPad, as a backup. In my opinion it’s great value for money. Does exactly what it claims. It’s my 5th iPad. This like the others has never had a technical problem, I no lon

Apple iPad Pro (2nd Generation)

Latest review: Great artistic functionalities for professional or amateur artists. I love the crystal clear visual on photos I now use on my Pro in painting portraits. The results are surprising as the details are

Apple iPad mini 4

Latest review: The ipad mini 4 is a device that is small enough to fit in my bag and large enough so that my old eyes aren't having to squint all the time when reading my emails. It has plenty of storage space for

Apple iPad (6th Generation)

Latest review: Great iPad at a fantastic price. This is one of the cheapest iPads available. Got 128GB to allow for plenty of storage. Simple to use. Battery has been lasting well. Would be great if the cellular

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Latest review: Bought this for my partner instead of a laptop. Easy set up as she had a Samsung Account and a Google account. Looks and Runs just like her Samsung A8

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 10

Latest review: Touch screen work well, it is quite fast and compact. Connects wifi well and easy to use. Has been purchased to write a biography but can be used for anything you use a larger laptop for. Battery

Apple iPad Pro (3rd Generation)

Latest review: With the latest ios update it is such a neat little tablet that can organise files, you can download heaps of apps that allow you to write, draw, edit photos, watch movies, good for emails, google

Microsoft Surface Book

Latest review: Bought this for my wife, seriously expensive and looked really good at first. For the first month it was good but then started to play up, freezing every couple of hours. It was annoying but since

Lenovo Tab 7

Latest review: We use this tablet for web browser, game apps, and Netflix use. Simple tablet, decent size to watch shows or movies on and good size to hold in the hand. Processor seems to manage all tasks with

Lenovo Tab 4 8

Latest review: Bought it for my 10yr old to do his homework. I was suprised at it's robustness and speed. Bright display and ease of use. Camera isn't anything talking home

Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

Latest review: Used for personal contact with relatives. Sharing photos and information. Used for playing free games and card games. Photographs taken of family and relatives stored and sent to others for

Protab 10.1"

Latest review: Bought for my niece 6 months ago. Terrible performance. Very slow. Interface is complicated if you are choosing for the young ones. Camera is just fine. The tab itself is very sensitive. Not

Pendo Neos Flek 7

Latest review: I brought a Pendo tablet, it is not worth the dollars spent on it regardless how cheap it is. It works occasionally, does not turn off straight away, drops off the net at the drop of a hat and is

Teclast TPad T10

Latest review: My iPad died and then I found this tpad. I tested it and it works great! Just take off the Chinese programs and replace them with google play and chrome Compatible with most apps Netflix Stan

Cube Talk 8X

Latest review: I have had this product for about 2 years now. This is an awesome TABLET / PHABLET. Yep, its a tablet. Yep its a phone. It has a good processor, fast enough and efficient. It only has 1gb/8gb, but

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus

Latest review: Surfing the website is really convenient and both the resolution and the Dobly sound are excellent for watching movie. No issue with all the apps and all apps work

Apple iPad mini 5
  • Screen Size: 7.9"
  • Colour / Finish : Silver, Space Grey, Gold
  • Body Material: Aluminium

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus

Latest review: Instant connection, works with all my android applications and I can sync it with my phone for calendars and contacts. Love it and I couldn't function without it . The transition from lap top to

Apple iPad Air 2019
  • Screen Size: 10.5"
  • Colour / Finish : Silver, Space Grey, Gold
  • Body Material: Aluminium

Cube iWork10

Latest review: I bought this item because my laptop stops working and I would like to use some software on windows. This is suitable if you have a keyboard and mouse. It can serve as a light weight laptop and a

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