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Atomik Krusher 500cc 4x4

Atomik Krusher 500cc 4x4

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5 Years I have had it

It ran fine for 4 years but has not been reliable since then. Stops after about 15 minutes for no apparent reason. No service person wants to look at it. Chinese, they say. No.We can't get info to fix it. Sorry, but great when it ran, crap when it fails.

Date PurchasedAug 2002

priced right

had this 3yrs aprox only trouble i had dirt in carby./Should have used strainer when filling tank.Newer models have fuel injection would now perform better.I am very happy with this machine and would recommend this machine to anyone.Stan.Verra

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How reliable are these quads??
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I have been very happy with the ATV. It has done over 4,000 km in 6 years, now with the following problems. 1. I got it very wet and as a result got water in the starter motor about 2 years ago. New starter motor fixed by Atomik, cost $230. 2. Dirty/muddy fuel from a wasp nest in the funnel I used clogged the filters inside the tank. Removal of the tank, etc., is a bit of a job. 3. The CV joint boots (4 of them) have cracked and been replaced with non Atomik parts. Take the old one to AutoBarn who can get in suitable replacements. Otherwise it starts first go, is a delight to use as there is no gear changing/clutch and it tows light trailer loads just fine. Best machine I've ever bought.


Krusher 500cc 4x4
Price (RRP)5990
Release dateApr 2012

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