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Info not correct

Website said open til 12 Easter Saturday. Drove all the way there to collect an urgent parcel . Nope closed for Easter. Had gone there earlier on receipt of text message advising of parcels arrival. Told not there!
Get your act together peeps

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Hey Pedro, We are aware that our website didn't update correctly to reflect the hours for some stores over Easter, we apologise for the inconvenience this caused you. It's concerning to hear that you did attend the outlet earlier and were told the item wasn't there. I've sent you a message for some more details about this if you still don't have this one so I can look into that further. ~Sami

Changed opening times

The Hilton Post Office 6163 has changed hands, most businesses in this area collect their mail on the way to work. The new owner has taken it upon herself to open at 9am now rather than the 8.30 that the previous owners did. It is frustrating, you collect your mail come to work and then get an e-mail after 9am to say that there is mail. Why can't they open at 8.30 for businesses. They are also very disorganised, counter is always messy.

Hey Kelcee, It's not good to hear that the level of service provided by this outlet has declined recently and that the opening hours have made things tricky for the local stores. Was this the store on South St? I would like to pass on feedback about these issues for you. ~SamiYes South StreetThanks. I've passed this on for you anonymously. If you have any further issues please let us know. The reference number for this is 24449490. ~Sami

So rude

The staff in the post office near my home is sooooo rude. They never smile, so rough on me and did not have any patience to explain. It seems like I made a huge mistake to them but I just want to come there for sending a parcel! What’s wrong with them?!It ruined my morning! At least please use someone younger, I dont want to say that, but most of the younger staff in your office are much nicer !

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Hey Ivy, I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our post office staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. If you haven't done so already please let us know the details about what has happened via the link below so we can pass on feedback about your experience. https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support ~Sami

Service with a Smile

Local Post Office is always friendly, helpful and staff greet you by a warm and inviting smile. In today’s busy world, the little things like a friendly smile, warm greeting can make a huge difference. Great to see customer-focused and friendly service still exists.

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Hey Beckstar, Thank you for sharing this feedback with us, it's great to hear. I'd love to pass this one for you and let them know how much you appreciate what they are doing. I've sent you a message to grab a few extra details that'll help me do this. ~Sami

Passport application seems to be luck of the draw with staff

We thought we would do the online application for our sons passport to save time and be environmentally friendly. Well this is not the case. (form needs printing out anyway).
At Hillarys Post Office different staff members had different views as to what is acceptable. Seems to me that staff need more training. One staff member at Hillarys would not accept our application because she could not see the outline of the signature boxes from our printed out forms. Another staff member said she would accept it. Another member said just to trace the boxes. The staff member conducting our 'interview' wanted us to do a whole new application except for one page. Despite my husband finishing work early and my son rushing home from school so we could get to the post office on time we now have to do all the forms again

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Hey Lynette, I'm sorry that you were given a bit of a runaround with this application. With passport applications and renewals, we need to follow the strict guidelines given to us by the Australian Passport Office. If we over look something or assume something will be okay and it isn't, the passport office won't accept it and ask you start again. That said though, this could have been handled better by staff. I would like to pass on feedback about this so this service can be improved. I've just sent you a message for some more details that'll help me do this. ~Sami

Great service

The Caboolture park shopping centre post off is great, the staff are friendly and very helpful.
There are a lot of aged people that access this post office and they could not be more helpful

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Hey Jacqui, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us about the Caboolture Post Shop, it's great to hear. ~Sami


Australia Post telephone staff must be trained in being unhelpful.
Extended wait times on satellite phone are not appreciated ladies.
Nor are your non existent geography knowledge and inability to spell.
Manager at Katherine Post Office- have you ever heard the term customer service? Do you know what it means?
Even the call centre cannot get you to answer your phone.

Hey Riptoff, I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our post office and customer service staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. I've just sent you a message for some more information so I can look into this further for you. ~SamiSami My name is Anthea Henwood [details removed] This is satellite phone. Multiple calls to Katherine PO unanswered last 2 weeks. Rang call centre- they could not get through either. Finally [name removed] drove 380 kms into town to pay the $7.30 charge. She had signed by me cards authorizing payment and collection. Letters and form had been sent to PO previously authorizing [name removed] to collect mail. All three of these documents I can email as proof if you give me an email address. [name removed] at Katherine PO refused to allow [name removed] to pay the $7.30 or collect parcel. So [name removed] drove 380 kms home without parcel. I will submit a compliant to TIO and letter to Minister as I am very unhappy. I expect charge to be waived and parcel delivered on this week’s mail run. Thanks in anticipation of your compliance. I wish to point out that this is the fourth time this has happened. Katherine Post Office staff are very badly behaved. This bad behaviour must not be tolerated. Regards, Dr Anthea Henwood.

Thai guy (philippino????) age around 30 working here is so rude n terrible

This Thai guy serving at yr 440 collins st shop apparently has never been through good training!!!!!

I went to collect my parcel and presented him my Asic card ( that is as good as any driver license or passport that comes with my photo and name) and I was about to ask him to ask his manager if there is any issues but he not letting me finished talking ! and he refused to give me my parcel and been so rude!!!! Insisted that I must bring a letter that show my residential address!!!!

When another Chinese lady serving me, no questions asked she quickly located my parcel and gave it to me.

To the management please make sure you properly train your staff!!!!! Cheap and nasty, rude customer officer that supposed to help customers!! This is the worst post office shop I hv visited in Australia!!!!!!!

If I ever hv a choice not because I need to collect my parcel here ! I Will never ever visit this particular store!!!!

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Hey Mllllllll, I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our post office staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. If you would like to pass on feedback about your experience so it can be addressed you can do so here: https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support

Quick service but lack of customer service skills

The staff are always very stale, would be nice to have a smile occasionally. The lines at Lutwyche are normally not to big and service is quick. The delivery collection did make some errors with my parcels however. There is no passport service at this office.

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Hey AlyceFranklin, Thank you for your feedback, it's disappointing to hear that you aren't receiving the best level of customer service when you are there. So that we can address your feedback please feel free to let us know via the link below. https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support ~Sami

Not bad. Not Great either

The local store I use seems to have slowed down a lot over the years. Communication is also a problem because of the language barrier. The service is acceptable but only if I have the time to wait around for the more relaxed style of service.

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Hey Vinnie, Thank you for your feedback, we're always glad to hear this so we can work on improving the customer service experience for you. First, I'd like to apologise that you haven't been having the best experience at your local outlet. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. If you have had a recent visit to the outlet and would like to pass on your feedback so it can be addressed you can do so here: https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support ~Sami

customer complaint

I went to Epping post office at1.10 pm in 10 December 2018 to do an Identity Verification required by the Perth Mint, I would like to buy some silver coins on the Perth mint's website. I waited for about ten minutes when your staff called Medea became available. When I gave her all the documents the Perth mint required to do an ID check, she just took a glance at them and said she cannot help me, go to another counter and wait again.

I waited for another more 20 minutes. During the time, one customer from behind asking me if I am waiting for service, but Medea told him that I am a special customer, I need to wait.

After a long waiting, another lady in the middle serviced me, no name tag on her uniform, she looked at the documents for a long time, then what happened is, she asked Medea for help, however, the first sentence Medea told her was that my passport is a foreign passport, the lady with no name tag needed to do it again. The no name tag lady refused to do that, and gave my documents back to Medea again, then Medea asked me to go back to her computer once more.

At her computer, the first sentence Medea tole me is that, this is not their problem.

After this exhausted time, I was very hungry, I saw Mentos candy bars at the counter, the price tag shows 50 cents each, I brought 3 bars to Medea and said I am hungry and I would like to buy some candy to eat. What she told me is, the candy bar is $1 each. I mentioned that the price tag shows 50 cents each, however, what her response is, “we just changed the price”.

I was so disappointed with Epping post services, and asked Medea if there is a post office near Eastwood station, she said yes, asked me to go to Eastwood post office to do the ID check, gave back all my documents and said hello to the next customer.

I have 6 questions to ask Australia Post:

1. Why Medea made me wait twice, wasted me about half an hour and told me she cannot help me.

2. Why Medea did not tell me she cannot help me when she first serviced me?

3. If, as Medea said, this is not her problem, so who should be responsible for this issue? The Perth Mint? Myself as a foreign passport holder?

4. Why I am a special customer? What's the criteria of a special customer and normal customer in Australia Post? Is a customer holding a foreign passport a special customer and must waiting for half an hour and after that receiving no help from Australia Post?

5. Why Medea think the staff in Eastwood post office can help me whereas I live in Cliff Rd, Epping which is ten minutes’ walk to Epping post and shown on my photo ID? Do Australia Post shops in different suburbs have different capability to help customers? Which is the best one that I can do the ID verification?

6. Which price should the Mentos candy cost, the price on the price tag or the price Medea told me? Why Medea can ask me for more money than the price tag when I would like to buy the Mentos candy?

When I finish this complain letter, I found that on Google reviews, Epping post office only got 1.6/5 points with 81 reviews. I suppose that, with the poor customer service performance like Medea, the reviews could be worse in the future, because they just got another 1 point review from an angry customer, me. I would like to give 0, however, 1 is the lowest point.

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Hey Rich Rich, It's concerning to hear about this happening. I'd like to apologise for the experience that you had with our post office staff. We are always trying to provide a best in class customer experience and I'm sorry to hear that this was not the case. Unfortunately I can only answer question 5 which is yes, each post office can handle different types of transactions depending. You can check the services an outlet offers by looking at their store on our website. You can also search for services provided by outlets near you using the filter. https://auspost.com.au/locate/ Your other questions we can pass onto to be investigated further however due to the time that has passed we might not be able to get some answers. I've sent you a message for some more details so I can do this for you. ~Sami

Rude staff

I would stay well clear of this place because I lost my card on Sunday 7th January 2018 but somebody used my card on Monday 8th January 2018 at the Ringwood Store to withdraw $170. The staff were very rude to me and the service was appalling.

Amazing service. Helpful&Friendly Staff.

Love visiting the post office. Always well stocked with great items. Amazing staff, so friendly & personable. Also impressive they remember their customers. I go out of my way to shop at this post office..

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Hey Honestreview2108, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it's great to hear. ~Sami

Service Service Service

For many years Australia Post has been an afterthought. After moving to the country and doing most of my shopping online, I have become dependent on Australia Post Wonthaggi for post and parcel services. Great counter staff. Quick, friendly and knowledgeable. I actually enjoy going there

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Hey Jim, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us, it's great to hear that your enjoying the service at your local outlet! ~Sami

Gumdale Qld post office, the best!

The best Customer service, very helpful and they are always friendly and nice. I try to go to that post office every time even it is not the one of our area.

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Hey Laura, Thank you for sharing your feedback, it's great to hear. ~Sami

Great service.

The Yea Post Office is staffed by friendly, very efficient Locals. They are very good at multi-tasking and remembering everyone. Every customer is made to feel special. We, in Yea are very lucky to have them.

Good services, good staff and poor trading hours

Good services, good staff and poor trading hours. I was hoping it could be opening earlier. The Armadale office opens only 9 am which doesn't help much. Eventually it is not all other offices.

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Hey Gabriel, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us about this outlet, it's great to hear. To share your suggestion for earlier opening hours feel free to complete an online form to have this passed on ^_^ https://auspost.com.au/help-and-support ~Sami

passport service

David from the Australia Fair Post Office gave 100% care and excellent customer service when handling my passport application for my children. Could not speak highly enough of him. Thank you to him and his staff for being so helpful.

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Thanks for sharing this feedback with us Ryan, it's great to hear. We hope you have a great weekend. ~Sami

3 years later and address database still not updated

there is over 800 apartments in 81-86 Courallie ave homebush west. building with various letters like A L E etc. auspost has failed to enter these addresses into their database and as RMS and electrical companies reply on their database they never can be found. My family and i have had so much trouble getting these addresses entered into systems by other organizations.

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Hey CJ, 3 years is definitely a long time to wait. If construction for your building has officially been completed and the council has advised us of this it should have been updated to the system but as this hasn't happened I'd like to follow up on this further for you. I've sent you a message for some more details so we can start taking a closer look. ~Sami

Absolute Rubbish part 2 ,

I wrote a review a while back in regards to my parcels going to another address. I have in the last 6 months had more than 7 items go to another address. I have put in complain after complaint after bloody complaint to Australia Post . On many occasions i get the same useless feedback from AUst Post. The last complaint just before xmas where i had to go to the address and pick up my parcels or wait for the useless driver that cannot read the gps to redeliver in a few days. I put in another comp,aint where Aust Post said they contacted the delivery centre and was told it was just a mistake. I was told that my address and the other address would be flagged as this has been ongoing for 3 years, i cannot even recall the amount o parcels that never got delivered, got redelivered or me having to go collect . I was told it was brought to the drivers attention and that they would notice the Place /Street difference on the gps.. what ABSOLUTE RUBBISH as im on the phone as i write this review waiting for Aust Post to get another explanation from the centre. Why bother having GPS if you just assume your at the right address. Wake the f up and stop penalising customers , we pay for delivery , drivers should get thier pay docked for reocurring mistakes. FED Up , maybe i should confront this useless driver so complaints can really be make ..depressed, disgusted and done.

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Hi Zane, It's understanding to be depressed, disgusted and done. It's not fair on you, as a consumer and being proactive; we've definitely let you down. I've sent you a PM, and while I know you're over it, I want to make sure we're being proactive for you. ~ Mikey

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