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AVON Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream

AVON Skin So Soft Hair Removal Cream

5.0 from 6 reviews

Soft hands at a good price

This product is affordable and actually works . Great size to put in your handbag or have at work in your drawer. Easy to use . Nice product that keeps my hands soft

Avon Skin So Soft Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin HAIR REMOVAL CREAM

I love this product, but it has been removed from the Australian catalogue, Why?? Why can't we get this product in Australia any more? It's the only product I have found that I am not allergic too. I need this. Help me get more please! I need this badly for myself and my daughter.


Another great product from Avon. The price isn't too bad and often Avon have great speials. I found that it removed majority of my hair. I will continue to use this product and I have no problem in highly recommending this product to others looking for a quick hair removal cream.
It works. The smell isn't too bad compared to other hair removal creams.
Nothing I could think of. Only thing would be that you have to order from an Avop Rep and then wait for it to get delivered. Would be great if you could just get it from chemists or supermarkets.

I'm so in love with this cheap little gem!

I recently bought this for the first time to make up the amount I needed to spend to get the brouchure special on something else. I'm very impressed. As with all Avon products it is often available on a special itself and it is covered by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

It works so well that I have ordered other products in the same range to try.

Avon works on a 21 day cycle, so I order it when my rep says she is doing her order on a Wednesday and she delivers and I pay her the following Tuesday. I think that is a great service, with fabulous product. I'm an Avon convert!!
Inexpensive, reliable, works even on stubborn hairs, smells good


i buy Avon stuff regularly and its great mainly there make because its cheap. Avon is one of the ones that is guaranteed to be cruelty free which is one of the things i love about it. i have tryed alot of hair removal things and this ones my favorite its so quick and easy most other hair removal creams take about ten minuets this only takes about 5 i would suggest this to anyone that wants a cheap and effective hair removal cream
i buy alot of Avon stuff and this is one of my favorites so far it a cheap, easy, fast and effective way to remove hair and not to forget its painless
nothing i love everything about it

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Avon is no longer guaranteed cruelty free. They were, but apparently began testing again. Pity.


I have tried pretty much all the hair removal creams there are and this one beats the lot. For a start it is very competitively priced, not the cheapest there is but does have good specials regularly in the Avon brochures and is a decent sized tube. It works a lot quicker when most take 10 minutes or more this really does take four. Gets rid of more hair in one application so you don't have to use heaps. Doesn't have a foul smell. Doesn't cause a burning sensation on the skin. Leaves skin feeling soft and not abused like some other creams do. Regrowth is reduced and much lighter from the first time that I used it. Is not tested on animals, like all Avon products it is gauranteed to be cruelty free. You get a money back gaurantee also if you don't like their stuff.
Absolutely Fantastic. The best hair removal cream that I have ever used and the only one that I would buy or recommend.
None at all.

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Questions & Answers

How and where do I buy this cream?
1 answer
There is a form on your local Avon site (which will vary depending on your country - google will be your friend) through which you will be able to request that a representative contact you. They should then call you within a few days.

is it suitable for sensitive areas for say pubic area's ? and does it have any adverse reactions ? tried others but have had rashes and burning sensations there !
1 answer
There is a specific bikini line formulation which you can try. If you do order Avon has a no fuss refund and return policy which means you can buy, try and then if it doesn't work for you return no questions asked. It might be worth a shot because you really have nothing to loose.

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