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Babymov Bebedelice

Babymov Bebedelice

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Horrible, broke in a month!

Very bad quality machine. Very bad waranty also!!! It just stopped working for no reason. I am very dissapointed. Plus the company wont do anything about it. it looks fun at first because it does so much but the quality just isnt there. It also takes a long time to steam the veggies. You save alot of time by doing them on the oven!

the rubber seal is not good!!

The steamer is good, but burnt myself a few times trying to tip the contents into the blending part. THE WORST BIT is the rubber on the lid is not good enough and whenever i tip it over to blend, the liquid leaks out! It leaks into the machine or burns your fingers. I am quite disappointed, should have invested in a machine that does steaming and blending together.


I was worried when I purchased this machine because of some of the bad reviews but so happy I did buy it. The Babedelice is so easy to use and so convenient. It only steams a small portion of food but I like it as your baby isn't stuck eating the same thing. It's easy to clean and I just put it in the dishwasher when I am done. Definitely worth the money. Not sure what I would of done without it.

Don't waste your money

I'm so disappointed with this machine. The seal broke & went all through my baby's food ( which I could of easily fed him if I hadn't noticed it missing). Not much point in home cooked food if you feed your baby rubber seal!!!! Secondly the motor burnt out after only using it a few times & filled my house with putrid electric smoke which I could not seem to get rid of and thirdly it made all fruit & veg super smooth which is not good after the first month of feeding as babies need some texture & it turned the meat into stringy mush that looked like cat food! Company customer service was also terrible. Don't waste your money on this machine. Not only is it useless its dangerous!


Should be no stars!

The company who I brought from are awful!!! Customer service really bad don't buy from them!!!!
The product did not last and broke really easily, portions are too small for a growing baby, which means you have to spend longer making food, rendering the machine useless as it breaks. I wanted to do the best for my daughter but ended up buying organic pre-made food. If you want to make food for your baby buy an ordinary blender and boil the food in a saucepan. It will save you time and money and you can make bigger portions to freeze,s o your not constantly making food.

Expensive, Portions are too small for a growing baby, bad warranty


It makes bottles too hot and it caught on fire the first time I used it for making baby food (completely stuffed now). I think you might be OK if your only making one batch of baby food at a time but anymore than that and you maybe at risk of burning out the motor. I also found it a little confusing to use at first with all the attachments and working out the correct amount of water to add. Overall I wouldn't recommend it to anyone
It's all in one, the steamer works
IT CAUGHT ON FIRE!, it makes bottle too hot, it's not as easy to use as it could be

Great. Made life so much easier.

I used this product to make all of my little ones purees. Steams vege, fruit, meat so easily. Bonus is that being a busy parent of 2, and a full time working mum - I could still make homemade food because it required little supervision. Just throw in the raw food, set it to steam, and then blend: EASY!! I was sad when I dropped the blender container and it broke - so perhaps the plastic could be less brittle/more drop proof & other than that I found that the steamer bucket was difficult to clean well - especially after steaming meat in it.
Time saver. Could not have done without it

Great for a short time

I found the bebedelice very convenient when I was at the stage of pureeing baby foods, but that stage doesn't last very long, so I'm glad I only bought the unit second hand and didn't pay full RRP. I like that you can clean many of the parts in the top rack of the dishwasher and wipe down the rest. I only used the unit for preparing baby meals (I still defrost them in the microwave and I use a microwave steriliser bag for sterilising bottle and pump parts) and making the occasional smoothie for us. I found it a bit tricky to work out how to use at first but I found an online video helpful and now it's easy. The company offered to sell me a replacement seal for $20 which I thought was good since I didn't buy it new.
Convenient, easy to clean
Seal broke, blender doesn't seem very powerful


Make my cooking for little babies easier and safe much time!!! Love it when it come to clean it out after use, very easy to do so.
Easy to use and easy to clean!


Is very handy as it does everything in 1 and small portions too, no more boiling all the nutrients away !
It's easy to use and will do lots of different things
the rubber seal come off during blending and got chewed by the machine and the instructions weren't that easy to follow


Is this a 'must-have' product - probably not. Is it convenient having one and the answer is yes! Prior to buying the bebedelice, I was inadvertently boiling all fruit and vegies to death and have been uncomfortable using the same blender used for grinding nuts and chillies. Now entire meals can be cooked (eg chicken+pumpkin+carrot) all at once. Although the steamer size is small, it is quick to cook in batches which will then allow freezing. Fortunately I have not to date encountered any problems with the rubber seal (I have had this for 2 months now) or problems with machine catching on fire (although I have not used bebedelice to warm bottles). Thanks to the previous reviewers (2009)of this product!
Appliance has steamer and blender, easy to use, ability to cook baby's meal in under 15mins (11 for steaming, 2-3 to cool and then 1 min to blend), easy to clean, compact in size


You can contact this number for sydney and have your replacement sent to you express post. 1300 119 837. I paid $20.00 for the blender lid & rubber seal to be replaced.
I love it.
Suzie, I dropped my blender lid to the machine & my rubber seal, you can contact the number below for replacements.


I love it! I got it on sale so it was under $100 and we use it all day every day. We make fresh babyfood every couple of days and freeze it then reheat it from frozen (takes about ten mins if frozen). No need for icecube trays just buy little food pots that fit into the Bebedelice and freeze each meal in its entirity. My blender seal also broke but they now have a new lid with a much better valve. The Australian distributer sent it to me for no cost and no proof of purchase even - very helpful! I put all the parts except the actual warming unit and the lid of the blender in the dishwasher on the top tray and have done for four months with no issues. A great product!
Easy to use, protects baby from the minefield of concerns around microwaved food!
Cant think of anything major, except maybe the capacity of the steamer could be bigger


I found the bebedelice very useful, only problem is cleaning up once the the steaming and blending is done. Cant be put into the dishwasher as that's where I ended up with a damaged rubber seal in the blending attachment. Any idea where I can find a replacement for the rubber seal?
Ease of use
The rubber seal in the blending attachment


I love mine, despite the cons listed above. I know that the puree function will be used less in a few months (but I'm sure bubs will always enjoy a fruit puree for dessert - I know I do!) but I can see me using the steamer for a long time to come to steam all DD's food.
Very convenient - chop your food (fruit, veges or meat), throw it in the cooking basket, press the button, walk away and 11min later the food is steamed to perfection! It's even small enough to take on holidays (IMO).
I wish the steamer basket was a bit bigger (currently can take a very small sweet potato or 2 medium apples which then makes approx 8 tbsp of puree). Expensive.

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Babymov Bebedelice
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