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Bellini MTSM905

Bellini MTSM905

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The best gadget ever!!!

This would have to be the best electronic kitchen appliance we have ever purchased.
We have our fair share of kitchen appliances but our Bellini Soup Maker is the best.
So easy to operate and clean - it sure beats using a stove, saucepan and blender to make a soup. You don't even need a soup ladle just pour straight into soup bowls!
Only one item to wash and so quick to make soups. Absolutely fantastic!!!

Questions & Answers

Where can I get an instruction manual for the Bellini soup maker type:MTSM 905 and technical information?
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Sorry rmr2010 but unfortunately the machine I bought was the last one and on display and Target had actually thrown the box away. My friend had purchased The same soup maker and she has shown me how to use it. Sorry I can't be more helpful.


Price (RRP)$59

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