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Black Wolf Globerunner II

Black Wolf Globerunner II

3.0 from 5 reviews

They make bags that don't work as a bag

I got recommend to get this bag, so went out of my way to get one and since purchase I have flown twice and found the zip in the corner has become unstitched. Black wolfs response about a bag that won't zip was "I guess that's your problem". I will never buy another item from black wolf not only are they made to break but the company don't care.

Globerunner 120

Would not purchase again. I purchased two Globerunner 120s and my husbands is faulty. Handle broken and wheel and frame out of whack. Same treatment as mine.. Husband had to go and purchase a new case in Paris to see us through the rest of our trip. Very very disappointed!

I love my Globerunner

Unfortunately for me my original globerunner zipper fell apart when I was on holidays and I had to buy a suitcase to get home. Mind you the bag had travelled miles over a number of years so I wasn't too disappointed as it had outlasted many previous suitcases. I rang BW when I got back to Australia and said that the problem with the zipper seemed to be a design fault and the person there said they would send me a new one. I was really surprised as I had fully intended to buy a replacement, but who can say no to a free one? I absolutely love my second one and the problem I encountered had been rectified. This second bag has also done heaps of work and I would not give it up for anything. I love the many compartments and have had no trouble packing and unlike a suitcase I do not need to rifle though everything to get a single item out. I know exactly where I pack everything and would certainly recommend it to everyone. The first one went all over Europe, Africa and was in the US when it died at the end of a three month trip.

Why aren't more bags made like this?

I love the different compartments in this bag. It means I can separate my clothing. It is particular useful when people need to share it. You can put each other's clothes in their own compartment and they do not get mixed up. Great for kids and there are no fights, they know what clothes are theirs. Awesome.
We have used this bag for the past eight years. It goes down train isles, up subway stairs, over cobble stones, anywhere we go. Love it.

Not great for the price

Considering the premium price and reputation, I am a little disappointed with the Globerunner.
There are lots of separate compartments, if you like that sort of thing, but it makes it hard to make use of all the space.
The internal structure is such that you need to pack your gear equally in both halves, otherwise when you close it the top edge is pulled in and can’t be zipped.

Considering their purpose, the catches for the compression are flimsy and simply fail under load.

The handle is too flexible, so the duffle is prone to tipping on its side on rough ground.

Overall this is well made duffle, much better than the cheap alternatives, but for the high price it was a disappointment.
Overall quality of manaufacture is good
Expensive, doesn't use spce efficiently, difficult to close & zip.

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