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Samsonite S'Cure Spinner

Samsonite S'Cure Spinner

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Amazing Luggages!!

It beautifully designed and one of the best luggages i had. It has been really difficult to find a luggage that has great wheels that last so long. the casing is also strong despite it being very light.

I have 4 S’Cure bags, two 81cm and two 55cm

My wife and I travel 4 to 6 months of the year generally covering 50 to 60 countries and at least a dozen to 20 airports, with out doubt the S Cure are the first to survive the beating between carriers, plane, ship, barge, bus, taxi , camel. They are virtually water proof, no zips to bust, great wheels (hauled for miles across numerous cobbled streets, bropped over the side of ships) , the wheels just keep going. The contents always come out as I had put them in.

S'Cure Spinner - high quality and good design

This is our second suitcase from Samsonite (the first one has been damaged during our abroad vacation last year). This one is light and strong, and in a combination with my favorite color (we took the Raspberry Sorbet color) makes it the right choice for me and my family. Definitely recommend it! I had no problems with it.

Expected more for the price

Have done 4 overseas trips with 2 Spinner suitcases. Although secure and rugged their durability is questionable. One of them the side latch has broken off. The pivot is made from plastic and not very strong. Both have worn out from bag handlers on the base where there are 5mm holes on a high point from rubbing and being put into the plane.

Contacted service centre and told the any third party damage was not covered by warranty on faulty manufacture. Considering the price of these cases I would consider other options first.

Works okey

I had purchased a samsonite s'cure samsonite luggage in black coulour for my partner. My partner likes this luggage. I find it unusual that this luggage had no zipper and this luggage swivels around 360° without the hassle of pushing his samsonite s'cure spinner.


I had written a very negative review of Samsonite in regards to their customer service. Now I have retracted the negative review, by deleting it. Because finally Samsonite replaced my suitcase. So now i am very satisfied that I received a brand new suitcase. So once again i can have faith and trust in the Brand name of Samsonite. I have owned 3 other Samsonite bags in the past and have had no problems with them. In fact they were fantastic suitcases....

Excellent light weight suitcase

Purchased the largest one in red due to my old suitcase being broken by the airline. It works wonderfully , is super strong and lightweight. Would highly recommended purchasing this suitcase.

Don't bother.

I bought this bag a couple of weeks ago and have done 3 overseas trips with it so far. I hate it. It doesn't steer well at all. It only works well of you pull it like an in-cabin bag. But try and manoeuvre it on all 4 wheels and you have to wrestle it around corers. Look elsewhere, I'm so disappointed.

Safe & Secure

We purchased this S'Cure Spinner Samonsite suitcase in blue, size 79 L / 69 cms, and it's certainly been one of our best buy's. It is very lightweight, easy to manoeuvre and the quality is great, but we bought it based on it's security features. It has one main TSA lock (use your own code) and an additional two side latches - now whilst these two side latches are not "locked" with a code or a key, they are extremely secure once latched down and can not flick up & open.
This case is not lined (does not need to be) but the top half of the case has a fabric zip "insert" - this is really useful when packing and keeps all those items packed in that top half in place so they do not fall out on opening the suitcase. There are also straps to secure the items packed in the bottom half.
You can see the manufacturing moulding lines inside this suitcase, at first I thought it was cracked, but it's not - it is just the moulding process that you can see.
Very impressed so far, it's been on four international flights - and still looks like new.

Questions & Answers

I bought an s'cure spinning 75 cm and when i put 23kg stuff inside ,then if i lift it the both sides of the lock opens slightly...is that normal?
2 answers
That doesn't happen with mine... Take it back to get it checked while it's still under warranty.Yap ill try ...thank you....coz i bought it far from my place and i have to take train ......huhuhuhu...

How is it in terms of durability in comparison to samsonite octalite (freeform )?
4 answers
It's durable as it hasn't broken yet. The only thing is sometimes I collect it off the luggage carousel after a flight and it's all squashed in, I have to open it and pop it back into shape. But that steering....HORRIBLE!!!! Do not buy, you'll pull a muscle trying to get it to turn corners when it has 20kg of stuff in it.Thank you for the answer. Would you recommend samsonite octalite (freeform ).I've used my S'Cure for several long haul International flights, packed to about 30kgs and had no issues at all with the steering or handles. It's extremely durable and I love the security features of this case. I travel by myself and can't lift anything too heavy, this case, once off the carousel, is so easy to manoeuvre with the handle - I love it.

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