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Black Wolf Mountain Ash

Black Wolf Mountain Ash

3.8 from 5 reviews

Poorly manufactured

My girlfriend and I used these bags for doing the Overland Trail in Tasmania (Great trek, by the way)
Unfortunately, we were unable to enjoy it much, as as every 3-5 minutes, our waist buckle would pop open.
This was happening on both bags, which indicates to me that Black Wolf use shoddy parts.
For the price, I would expect some decent quality.
Besides the buckle, the rest seemed ok, with plenty of pockets.
Though one other issue was with one of the straps. It got caught on something and completely unraveled, making that strap useless.

Black Wolf Budget Hike Pack

Great hike pack for camping & Hiking, if your Trekking Nepal with an option to climb Everest, maybe spend some more bucks. But I haven't seen anything offered by anyone else with this value for money. Don't let the School groups and Scouts pitch from Black Wolf throw you off either ( I remember the rubbish I used to Hike in the bush for days with in scouts ) because they must be some plush scouts and schools. I compared it to the more expensive packs, Mckinnley etc and couldn't justify the expense especially if you set it up right for your back. That said if you can get away with a smaller one, the B-lite 55 is in my opinion is a better looking, lighter more functional pack and the Tempo 50 is the best pack I have owned, seen or touched.

OK for a basic hiking pack

Reasonably will balanced if you get it properly fitted. The fabric is moderate quality. The rainproof packcover is a nice extra, hidden in a pouch at the base. Main problem we had on the first time out (Hinchenbrook Island) was the waist strap clip kept popping open which was disappointing. OK value for the price.
TheReasonable weight distribution. Usually available for less than the RRP.
Problem with the clip on the waist strap. Unlikely to take a lot of wear and tear in the long run.


Very happy with this bag. Weight distribution across shoulders, hips, chest and back is easy to adjust with the micro-adjust harness. A friend and I both use them for trekking and so long as its not pouring rain they're fantastic.
The micro-adjust harness on this bag is one of the best I've seen. You can adjust the shoulder straps in two different places for length as well as the spot on the bag the shoulder straps are connected allowing you to get the perfect fit. Plenty of things to hang gear from, internal hydration bladder pocket with hose port and clip works a treat as well as having two side pockets to fit drink bottles or whatever you like in. Multiple places to attach your sleeping mat and trekking poles to the outside. There is NO emergency whistle on this bag as the other reviewer has said; may have been there on an older version of the bag, I don't know. There's also two pockets within the hood of the bag, one of them I didn't notice until I'd used it a few days as the zips are hidden beneath the straps, great for storing valuables.
Rain cover does not stop 100% of the water getting through in really heavy rain which makes the bag soggy; best to line the inside of your bag with a waterproof bag of some sort (garbage bag works as a cheap option).


one of the best bags i've seen. nice sleek stylish but best it does he job and it's cheap.
like all the features and ajustable sizes. And all the gizmo's eg.The energency whistle located at the top harnesing buckle
bit hard to clean

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