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Body by Jake Tower 200

Body by Jake Tower 200

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Can't adjust the height

Mainly due to instructions or lack thereof. During setup it says release tab and slide into position then replace tab. There's no description of these tabs or where they are or how to release them and I can't find them. Now one side has slipped down while the other remains high so I can't use the pulleys together making it's use very limited. Unless I can find a way to adjust it it's almost useless.

Core Controller

Been using mine for 3 years & it develops muscle extension & joint support to old JuJutsu injuries from its ranges of passive resistance.
Its given me useful pliable extension that bar bell or weight machine contractions confine.
Its stretches muscle as it builds it.
Tower 200 promotes muscle to joint elongation, improving natural musculoskeletal posture & all round stabilized core movement.
Its resistance also increases cardio, developing endurance.
Makes sense why MMA are elite fighters as this is probably a warm up toy to them.
Its a decent Physio tool for stabilizing injury recovery & for core kinetic balance strength used in retirement homes.
Develops natural movement from core pliability. Its not harsh on joints but develops connective tissues around them.
Cable ReInforced connectors can easily be cracked & damaged. Elastic bands stretch over time, leading to unhooking itself from under the door.

Be aware

I have the tower 2000. It looks simple in its design and is very easy to use. As an ex body builder I had to get used to the fact that you are working in front of a door all the time. However, having said that, the functionality of this equipment is good. It gives you a great work out and it caters for the novice to the professional. I found the exercise chart examples to advanced for my age and so I developed my own exercises. It definately works. I feel harder and stronger and have definately lost weight. I work out every day for approx 20 minutes. However, it will not work if you continue to eat fast food and diets high in colories and fats. It is a great machine if you have injuries as you can manage the resistance and also develop a very large range of movements to suit. The downside is that I feel the pulleys are too light for the heavier workout. I have broken one already and am trying to obtain a replacement.
Flexibility, the small amount of space you need to use it
The pulleys are too light for heavy workouts

tower 200

tryed the gym half dozen times and wasted heaps of money due to time restraints and lack of motivation. Do a fair bit of exercise and am relitively fit,
found myelf wrecked by the end of the 11 min challenge with the powercords on the medium level.
great full body workout and $150 at Rebel sport.
too many

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How are the height adjusted for the Tower 200?
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Body by Jake Tower 200
Release dateSep 2010

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