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Bosch Solution 880 Ultima

Bosch Solution 880 Ultima

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Bosch Ultima 880 - Excellent

The Bosch Ultima 880 is an excellent 8 zone panel. I have installed heaps of them with no issues. 3 year warranty & really good Bosch technical support if required. Best panel for wireless devices. Never had a problem with any of them. Thank you...

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Please anyone help me for buying a digital door lock?
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I am looking for an outdoor wired CCTV 4 camera system that can be viewed remotely over adsl, to tablet / iPad over WiFi and smart phone. IR and Motion activated. HD. 1TB hard drive or USB port to add 1TB storage. battery back up for power cuts. Any suggestions please?
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The Uniden Guardian GNVR8540 is an excellent CCTV Surveillance System. It comes with 2TB HDD, 30 metres night vision bullet weatherproof cameras (white), Cat 5 cabling only to each IP camera, remote view on Uniden App, motion/schedule/full time recording programmable. Really good system. Complete kit comes with 4 cameras & a Network Video Recorder (NVR) with that can support 8 cameras. I install these for clients & have had no complaints - just compliments. Rod C & R SecurityThank you Rod. Is this a simple to system to install or would you require a tech to install it?

So which Bosch alarm would work with NBN?
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The Bosch Solution 2000 , Bosch Solution 3000 and Bosch Solution 6000 are all NBN ready.

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