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Breville BPM500 Emporia Fresh

Breville BPM500 Emporia Fresh

2.8 from 15 reviews

Fabulous Pasta Machine

I just really love this machine as you add the ingredients and then pull the tab and out comes the pasta shape you have chosen. The pasta shape I use is fettucine and it is so fresh, tasty and delicious with a simple sauce. I also make biscotti and they are so easy in this machine.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Not too bad

I purchased this pasta maker second hand because they are no longer available. I though I would leave a review for people who are considering picking one up.

Really this machine isn't too bad and deserves better reviews than some of the ones I have read.

As long as you follow instructions closely and measure out the ingredients accurately the pasta turns out perfect.

The one problem I found was about half way through extrusion the dough became gluggy and lost its crumbly appearance, it was easily fixed by just stopping the machine, sifting in a little flour in and then turning it back.

Easy enough to clean and once you learn how to put it all back together it gets quicker.

The basic pasta dough recipe in the book is delicious.

The one thing that lets this machine down is the noise, holy hell it's loud, your really do need to wear ear plugs, I felt like I'd been to a concert.

I paid $50 on Ebay for this pasta maker and it was in "as new condition", if you can get hold of one do, it's worth it.

I do really love this machine !

I do make my own bread and have made fresh pasta with the bread machine and a hand crank past machine before . I guess if I had never done those things before I might have had less success with the Emporia , Quantities are really important . It does take some time to put together and then to wash after using BUT I love it . I love knowing what is in things and love making things from scratch. I think once I have used the machine a few more times the putting together part , and washing u , will take less time . If you love fresh pasta this is worth having . The only thing that went wrong was the lid popped open during mixing , don't leave the machine unattended or you could end up with dough all over the place .

Follow the Instructions

As I read the many bad and angry reviews there was one ray of hope, and I thought, that's good enough for me. I am looking to express some creativity not just making pasta, but making pasta with flavourings. Squid ink, rosemary, herb and garlic and pumpkin for starters, but we're getting ahead of ourselves.
So I'm reading these reviews born out of the frustration of high expectations brought crashing down by failure. So you all did me a favour, I started by expecting failure but was rewarded by success. I've had some experience with dough having successfully made my own bread and pizza bases. So I am in some small way familiar with the vagaries of working with dough. I now believe every negative review is based, to some degree, in not following the instructions to the letter.
Starting with the flour - 'strong flour' is not your regular white 'plain flour'. Not enough gluten to give the pasta the elasticity it needs form, stretch and hold its shape. I used 'machine bread flour' readily available at supermarkets. The other critical component is the water, a couple of DROPS either way will make or break the dough. The other thing you need on hand is extra flour for dusting, don't even start without it.
My first batch was just to see how big a disaster I could make. I'm usually terrible with instructions but made sure I had read and re-read the methodology. 2 mins for the dry mix, 2 mins for the wet mix and voila, I see pea size clumps of dough. Pull out the slide and in around 3 minutes, the pasta starts emerging picking up speed as it goes. I dusted the emerging pasta with soft white flour so it would separate easily. At this point I just had to boil some up to do taste test - I wouldn't have believed fresh pasta tastes so good. Even without any sauce.
The mixer disassembles down to a component level which is great news for cleaning. And here's another tip, clean in cold water first otherwise the dough will set and be a real bugger to get off.

Sure this doesn't beat the convenience of cutting open a pack of store bought pasta but then the price of flavoursome food is effort, time and passion. This was a 'seconds' item from the factory outlet and represents good value. Don't know if I'd be as happy paying full price from a retail store.
Very easy to use - disassembles beautiluly for cleaning
Take care to separate the pasta as it extrudes or it clumps

Easy and effortless

Used the machine for he first time last night. Very easy to use, did what it was supposed to do. I can see how things could go wrong if you don get your consistency right but that's not the machines fault! Can't wait to use it again today and try different setting

A great machine!

It works exactly as it says it should. I can't believe the negative comments. Those people are obviously not following the directions. It usually takes around 3-4 minutes to get the consistency right then it extrudes whatever type you are after from maiden hair to pappardelle. The result is consistent if you get the mix right. It seems to be better slightly drier than the instructions suggest.

Of course, the clean up takes time - a good 8-10 minutes - and there will always be opportunities to improve the design especially by cutting out the fancy corners where dough can easily get stuck. The more I use it the better the result. It's definitley a lot easier than the hand rolling machine I've consigned to the cupboard to onlt ever be used for lasagna and ravioli. And it makes better pasta!
Speed of making pasta from start to clean up and put away. Consistency of quality of pasta.
Dough can get caught in too many nooks and crannies making cleaning a little more onerous than it should be.


I was a bit worried when I read some negative reviews, but the result was much better than expected.
It all comes down to the consistency of the dough I think. The three photos that show how the dough should look like were very helpful. I had to turn the machine on and off a few times to scrape some flour off the upper edge though. When I've noticed the dough was too wet, I just turn the machine off, got the dough out to break it apart to smaller pieces and added some flour, then put it back, following the trouble shooting guide. It worked fine after that and we enjoyed the freshly made pasta with meatball sauce for lunch. I halved the Basic Pasta recipe in case it turned into a disaster, instead we had a delicious pasta.
Next time, I'll be more careful and patient when I add the last bit of water so the dough does not get so wet. After use, I left it for an hour to let the dough bits dry out then just wiped/scraped clean.
Pasta maker with dough making function. Relatively easy to use.
The mixing chamber lid was hard to open with one hand. The dough consistency has to be JUST RIGHT for it to work well.


My opinion of this product is as low as it can be. It is a waste of time and money. I must say that I have had similar experiences with 2 Breville coffee machines and a sandwich maker. Breville certainly needs to get its act together because this machine is terrible.
The promise of fresh pasta.
The disappointment. It does not work at all. The kids bought it for me for Xmas. We tried it on Boxing day. We followed the recipe exactly. The machine just clogged up and the motor just got incredibly noisy, almost screaming. A little pasta came out of the large die...but it had a very dry texture and was obvioulsy wrong. So I pulled all the dough out, cleaned out the machine and die and started again. This time I used a little more water, Same result! I tried again and this time added a little olive oil to smooth the way. It worked...sort of and extruded about half a cup. The screw semed to be compressing the dough and making it hot and drying it. I tried again this time adding a lot more water and kneading it more thoroughly. It extruded a little but then clogged. I changed the die and no improvement. I cleaned it out again and tried a different flour...Atta flour, with egg, olive oil, salt and a little water. It seemed to knead better but....after about 10 minutes of constipated straining the motor burnt out. Knead I say more!


We got it for our dad for fathers day and so one week later we decided to try it, we got all excited and couldn't wait for the night. We followed the instructions really carefully because we were hoping to make the best pasta ever, and so when it started clogging and clumping and thumping around, we got a bit worried. It sounded like a poor horse trudging up a hill with a 200kg person on their back! Our pasta didn't look like what they said it would look like and then it just stopped. And that was it. No more pasta maker. We tried adding water and disassembling then reassembling the machine but nothing worked. Way to ruin a night, especially one which we were so excited for! We even bought tim tams so we could have the most delicious dessert after our most delicious dinner. :(
the excitement brought up right before we started using it.
the motor is bad. :(

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Tim tams? Most delicious desert? Are you like from Somalia or sum thin? Tim tams are 2 bucks!.. Your cryin over that? I'm glad the machine didn't work for you. It's a lesson for being yourself a cheap a##!.


I was a bit unsure about this item after I read all five negative reviews. However, having already bought it, I decided to form my own opinion. The machine worked exactly as described. The instructions tell you that the mixing process takes around 5 minutes, ours took a little longer, and that the extrusion process would take around 20 minutes, ours took 10. My daughter, who is 9, and I started the pasta process at around 1.15 and by 2.00 we were sitting down to bowls of pasta salad. We had no problem with mixing the dough, the basic recipe worked just fine and the extruding process was astonishingly easy. I would definitely recommend it and can only assume the negative reviews are due to user error. Sorry.
Fresh pasta, easy to use, compact
Noisy, fiddly to clean


So it looks good - meant to be good - NO OUTCOME!!! Breville has really lowered their standards. When I saw this machine I thought I would just place theingredients & the machine will do the rest. EVERY minute i had toeither add water or flour! And we are Italian!!!! During the extrusion process (which took years) teh front snapped as the pressure of the pasta was to hard for it to be extruded out. Just proves the motor is useless!!! Since this issue with Breville I have never used Breville again!!!!!! Nor have I bought it!!!!!
The Slim design & compact futuristic look! Other than that...Was there something to like about it?????
VERY VERY Poor mixing method - Slow extrusion process - The pasta brooke while cooking - hopeless concept!


This machine is shockingly poor in terms of design, function, noise and use. You could make ten times more decent pasta by hand than if you used this machine.
What was there to like?
Paying money for a machine this bad for one thing. I am going to return it to the store because basically it is the noisiest and most useless kitchen appliance I have ever used. It did not make pasta at all! It does not make pasta in minutes with "no fuss"...it takes hours and then you have to spend a long time cleaning it. It does not make dough properly and it does not make pasta at all.


I bought this machine for my husband for Christmas - what a mistake! We just love homemade pasta, and I hoped this machine would make things easier. The machine was slow & struggled. The pasta came out fluffy and weird, even though we tried various amounts of fluid in it. The pasta tasted awful. After finishing the meal 30mins later the leftover cooked pasta had just turned to mush like mashed potato, just by sitting there. I think part of the problem is the pasta needs to be kneaded, rolled and re-kneaded to cause a change in the flour particles - this doesn't happen with the machine, it just kneads it a bit and pushes it through (which takes hours!), and struggles greatly to do this. We took ours back for a refund.
Nice concept - shame it doesn't work!
High price tag. Poor motor - struggled and kept stopping because it couldn't handle the dough even though exact instructions were used. After 3 hours of processing it still had only pushed through a handful of spaghetti, which was fluffy and weird, not to mention a nightmare to clean the machine!


This was bought to make fresh pasta for a dinner for friends, something different. It was a complete disaster. I am surprised that Breville could make something this bad. It took ages to clean up the machine because little pieces of dough and flour got into very small spaces. I would not give this machine any rating because it just fails to deliver on any claim.
Nothing at all.
Everything. It simply did not do anything it was supposed to do. It took ages to make "pasta". It was noisy and extremely slow. All of the "pasta" looked distorted. It took ages to extrude even a small amount.


We took ours back to the store and got a refund. I would not accept this machine as a gift because it simply does not work. I imagine that Breville will discontinue this machine very quickly. Every one just has to be returned.
My old hand pasta machine had worn out and the idea of an electric one sounded good. The Breville box was a pretty blue and it did say that it was fast and easy. But nothing was true.
The instructions were just ok, and in all truth we made about 5 different mixes trying to get them just right. Each one failed miserably. The machine was so noisy and so agonisingly slow. The dough would not go into the lower chamber to be pushed out. We had to push it in with a spoon handle. The machine struggled to produce even the larger pasta. But with the smaller pasta it just clogged up, no matter what mix was used. We did get some pasta but it was horrible. We tried all of the dies consequently we had to clean all of them afterwards. That took over an hour to get all the bits out.

Questions & Answers

Hi, The dark gray front cap on my machine is broken.Does anyone know where I can find a replacement?Thanks.
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I found this site by googling Breville BPM500 Emporia replacement parts https://www.needapart.co.nz/buy-online/parts-for/breville-bpm500 good luck .


BPM500 Emporia Fresh
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Release dateDec 2009

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