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Broo Premium Lager

Broo Premium Lager

4.1 from 16 reviews

Good taste 375 ml x 24 Rick there $30.00 a box tick there ,would buy it over xxxx at $43.00 a box

Great Beer at a great price $30..00 against Xxxx at $43.00
Yes would buy again any time
Taste no issues not a craft beer very drinkable
Thanks Broo beer for a product at a fair price

Purchased in March 2019 at Star richlands for $30.00.


Broo premium lager is a great tasting larger, very similar to other traditional Australian larger's but Australian owned which caught my interest.

Very drinkable beer

I bought it to try something new, and because it was on special. It was just a good beer, from the first mouthful to the bottom of the bottle, unlike many craft beers that can be very good to start with, but terrible as they lose their chill. This one is too good to waste in beer batter, and doesn't deserve the rubbishing that it gets by some that might be employed by opposition breweries

Non pretentious Aussie beer

No gimmicky craftiness. Just a real good beer. No added nasties. Love this beer. Proud to have an Aussie that is so good.

This is the worst beer I've ever tasted

Close to water !, its boring , bland , lacking any body or really flavour , wouldn't make beer batter with it !

Simply the Best Beer in the World

Broo Premium Lager is full flavoured yet smooth, such a refreshing easy drinking beer, with no preservatives to boot, broo is now easily my first choice in beers provided I am able to buy it.

Typical industrial Lager

If you like very mainstream, bland industrial beer, this I'll probably be right up your alley.... not a lot going on here. Not a completely offensive tasting beer, just very boring commercial malt swill... My suggesting pay an extra dollar per stubb, and get a decant tasting pilsner from a genuine craft brewer....

The best because it's Aussie owned

Love the fact it's Aussie owed and all natural. The taste is great! Can't wait for it to be available in Queensland.

Amazing Drop !!!

If you are not a beer drinker don't comment it means you just don't have a taste for any beer, this beer is amazing and easy to drink Well done to this Aussie Legend that makes this great AUSSIE BEER !!!!!

Aussie brew but hard to get hold of.

One of the last true Aussie owned beers left and not a bad one at that . A touch of bitterness and easy on the palate although not a standout but try buying it at your local. Not a chance as it is rare outside of Victoria but if you see it grab a case and give it a go.

Great Broo

Very enjoyable and tasty beer. No bitter after taste. This is my new favourite beer, goes down really nicely. THANKS

Very surprised

Had my first can on Friday night and was very pleased by the taste and was very easy to down a couple of cans without the beer after taste.
The can is not bad looking also.
Tastes a lot better than some of the other big Aussie name beer like Crown by a long shot.
Well done guys.
7.5. / 10
Taste was great
Not served on Australian flights

the BEST

top quality, great taste. One of the few Australian owned products left in the industry run by overseas giants. Am more than proud to support such a brand and will forever be a loyal customer. Would encourage everyone to grab a slab and at the very least give it a go!
taste, australian owned, price, character.. everything

It's Australian and it's junk!

What a waste of money! I thought Broo would at least try and make an Aussie Lager that was as good if not better than the mega swill currently available in Australia. Unfortunately this beer is branded to entice but don't be fooled and buy a carton like I did. Yuck!

Only drank one from the carton, enough said ....

i found it allright considering the $10 a 6pack i paidWhat's the mega swill? I also thought it was also good value for money when comparing to VB and Carlton Draught.Couldn't agree with you more Bevan21.

Broo, the best beer on the planet!

And it's Australian.
What more can you ask for?
For me it is the perfect tasting beer. Similar to Crown Lager but not as gassy. Pilsener drinking friends of mine have suggested a similarity. You can drink it all day and not have to switch to spirits and the best bit, it has no hangover causing preservatives!
Check out their franchise opportunities by doing a web search for broodirect..
It's the first beer franchise in the world. Broo beer, owned by Australians.
I had a few suggestions that I emailed to Broo and the owner, Kent Grogan telephoned me a week later to talk about the ideas. I was amazed, it's not every day you get to speak to the owner of a brewery. Great bloke, great beer and great Australian.
No preservatives, Australian owned and made, great taste and I feel better the following morning. It's like an anti hangover.
Not available at all retailers, yet.

Best Aussie beer around

Great taste and very easy to drink. This company promotes itself as 100% Aussie so all profits stay in Aus (unlike popular brands such as Carlton Draught and VB which are now 100% foreign owned). Price is comparable to Carlton Draught and VB but tastes so much better. If you want to support Aussie products, this is the beer to drink!
No preservatives or additives (so no hangover) and 100% Aussie

ill second that , i worked at Liquorland when it was introduced so i got a "new product sample" , and for me and alot of people I know its top of our list now, aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi Its easy drinking makes it a good buy if you can find it outside Victoria.

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