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Bumbo Baby Seat

Bumbo Baby Seat

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Good, but its safety is arguable

I researched the Bumbo’s safety first in terms of the baby’s development, and it seems to be a highly contentious piece of equipment. Despite winning many awards, most OTs and physiotherapists advise parents to stay clear of it as it encourages babies to sit upright before they are structurally ready. I did, however, decide to use the Bumbo for short periods of time (about 10mins), namely during feeding solids, before popping Baby back into her regular play area. The seat is rounded out more than a regular baby seat to assist in straightening posture, and I’ve found that Baby’s legs “lock into” the leg channels, which means that when I lift Baby out, the Bumbo comes with her!


Baby enjoys sitting up and being able to see me over the kitchen counter

Much easier to feed Baby in a Bumbo than sitting her on my knee

Constructed of one piece of high density foam, which means it is easy to wipe clean

Sturdy base; no fear of Baby falling over with her legs locked in.

Table is sturdy and easy to clean


It is arguable as to whether the Bumbo is as safe for babies as the manufacturers claim. Like baby walkers and jumpers, it could impede development rather than support it. I would encourage you to do your own research.

I started sitting Baby in the Bumbo at 4 months to assist feeding. The table was extremely difficult to clip on, and Baby could not fit in the Bumbo with the table attached (she is in the 50th percentile of weight). Baby is almost 8 months now; she can still fit into it, but I don’t think she will be able to use it come 9 months. This means that this baby seat has a relatively short life span. (In fairness, Bumbo has a multi seat for babies who can already sit unassisted, which Baby can.)

I always prefer to support businesses with an environmental ethos, particularly as babies can have such a large ecological footprint. Despite my efforts, I couldn’t find anything about Bumbo’s environmental policy.

Purchased in January 2019 for $59.00.

Great product

My Grandson loved this Bumbo seat. We would use it to give him his meals while visiting us. He was able to be where ever we were and was able to be sitting up rather then laying down all the time. We are going to be keeping the Bumbo for future Grandchildren.

The most useful baby purchase

Bumbo is fantastic for bubs, safe, sturdy and so handy. My son loved being able to sit up and and experience a new angle rather then just floor time. When he began eating solids it replaced my need for a high chair You can purchased the tray table (around $17). It's light weight and easy to go out and about with, and most importantly easy to clean. Got so much use out of it.
Love love love this product.

Give it a miss

After seeing other people use this product for the first year of their child's life we spent $60 on the bumbo and attachable tray. At 4 months he was just a bit too small for it. At 5 months his legs were too big and although he fits in it, you need 2 people to get him out of it. (FYI he is within the average weight range). It would probably be ok if it didn't have the unnecessary straps that get in the way, are uncomfortable for baby and are impossible to manoeuvre without 4 hands. By this stage baby is crying to get out. Anyway we only used it a few times. We ended up sticking with the bouncer until he could use the highchair at about 7 months.

Not for bigger babies

We borrowed the bumbo from a friend and I was so excited to use it as it came highly recommended by all of my friends with children.
My baby is a chunky little fellow (7.5kg) and was far too big for this seat at 12 weeks when he could support his head well enough to sit in it. It required two of us to get him out one to hold the seat and manipulate the part that sits between the legs, and the other to lift him out at the same time.
The seat itself is good; he enjoyed being in it (the one occasion we squeezed him into it). However, I'd recommend measuring your baby's thighs against one in a store or testing it out before buying.

Compact & Adaptable

Great chair for my 1yr old. The insert comes out easily for when they get a bit bigger, easy to clean, easy to attach to the chair, cute fold away insert for the attachable table at the back of the chair. Compact so can take anywhere or position anywhere in the house.

Great little seat

The bumbo seat is great for when u want to feed the little kid, i feed my baby out the back on it every day. Her legs are starting to get a little too big for it but it still sit steady on the floor and the detachable table is great for when she wants to feed her self

Recommended you measure babies legs

Bought this for my grandchild only to be very disappointed that she doesn’t fit. Her legs are just typical baby chubby, not fat. They need to have a recommended leg width size on the box. Have now bought a better brand where she fits the seat beautifully:) would not recommend unless baby has skinny legs. Store did the right thing and exchanged the seat which was great :)

Good but wouldn't buy again.

I purchased mine second hand and it was fine until baby was a few months old, he has not been able to fit in his bumbo since he was 4 months old. He is not a large boy, and is in the 50th percentile for weight and 97th for height yet his legs are still too chubby to fit, and when he does manage to squeeze in I've now found that the material has cracked

Very dangerous

I was very excited to use the Bumbo and I loved putting my baby on the counter while I did various household chores while she watched. She seemed to be very happy and content while in it. And then 1 day i was folding laundry at my dining room table and my baby sat right next to me on the table and she flipped right off, bumbo and all. The thoughts about what COULD have happened are absolutely terrifying. We were so fortunate that she flipped off the table and landed right into 1 of my dining room chairs. She hit her head on the back of the chair as she fell and ended up with a bunp and bruises but thankfully that's all. She had just turned 3 months old st the time and weighed all of 12 pounds. If by leaning over she was able to flip the bumbo, I'd say most any baby could. I thought it was safe and with me literally standing right next to her I wasn't at all worried that something like this could happen. But it happened so fast! Please...do NOT bother buying a Bumbo for your baby. One single accident could be life changing. Not a risk worth taking.

Waste of money

I bought a bumbo thinking it would be great for my son and it arrived in the mail and he doesn't even fit in it!! Waste of $60 that I can't get back and now I have a product I can't use!! Beyond annoyed and upset. They should be more descriptive about how small the leg holes are

Buyer beware!!! Dangers

USA-Denver, Co- My son is 11 months old and I've had no problem with the Bumbo until now I suggest you do not put a baby at this age in one on the counter. Or at least a baby that is moving a lot. He was restrained with a tray and the restraint belt in the middle of our kitchen counter to eat as normal. My back was turned for one minute so was his dad's in the kitchen and he flipped him and the chair off the counter onto our tile floor. We are very lucky he didn't have any major injuries but did suffer a pretty big bruise (concussion) and bump on his head. All I can recommend is use at your own risk. I have read many horror stories. My box said nothing about keeping them on the floor. They are no longer sold in the store I purchased it at.


The death of a baby boy who suffered brain damage after being left unattended in a Bumbo seat in the shower.The six-month-old boy was left unattended in the shower.The boy had fallen out of the seat and blocked the drain, was found face down in water by his mother.CPR was performed but he died a few days later after suffering an "unsurvivable" injury

Happy baby, happy mom

We loved our Bumbo seat, my baby girl was so happy sitting in it while I made dinner and fed her older brother, I never ventured far from where I had sat her as I have Heard of accidents however we luckily never experienced one our selfs. Even staying super close to her helped so much as it gave me two hands and when she started solids she was so much happier in the Bumbo than in the high chair.

Nice seat

I got the Bumbo seat and tray second hand, it was a good deal. We used it from 4 to 9 months. It is not easy to put the tray on and the belt as well, and we had a few scary moments when baby would push on legs and move around in the seat but never fell or tip over. It is a good seat that we would use from time to time while preparing something in the kitchen, you can keep an eye on baby knowing it is safe and won't go anywhere.

Love it!

My 5 month old happily sits in hers with tray attached whilst I prepare her meals. I place her on our island bench where I can then feed her with ease..I love it, I don't use straps as she understands not to try get out if she wants to be fed! Obviously this isn't something that you would just leave your child to sit in unattended or for long periods of time and they definitely need to be atrong enough to hold their neck upright. I bought mine did feeding and it works a treat, is easy to clean and sits out of the way on a stool when not in use

Straps are a hinderance, not a help

Was given a bumbo as a gift, and was really excited to have one as I had a cousin used hers regularly at family lunches etc. Unfortunately the design has changed to include straps - these made using the seat more dangerous for my daughter - harder to get her in the seat and the belt did not seem to make it any safer for her to use.

However - I think most of our problems with using the seat can be attributed to having a child who is much larger than average. Would recommend waiting until your child would use a bumbo before you buy - not so great for very long kids or for kids that are on the chubbier side!

Thought this would be excellent, but it wasn't

Brought the Bumbo with tray and harness based on a rave recommendations from a friend of mine. What a waste of money (luckily picked it up 2nd hand but still paid $40). My son sat in about 5 times and I think longest he sat in it would have been 5 minutes. He hated it, as soon as I sat him in it he would arch his back and slip out.

I can see that if you have a small, placid baby that is happy to sit and doesn't care about moving or doing anything, it would be great. My energetic son felt trapped, and I found it very tedious getting him in and out (harness and tray is fiddly). He was a 4.3kg baby so this may have something to do with why he didn't like it, as he was too big to get any real back support and had the strength to arch his back out of it from about 4 months.

I recommend testing one out at a friends place or looking into borrowing or hiring one before you buy one.

Beware of Bumbo

Please talk to a Physiotherapist or an OT who specialises in babies before you buy a Bumbo. We had a Physio come to our Mother's Group to warn against using a Bumbo. Babies have been known to develop problems with their hips and backs after being seated in the Bumbo on a fairly regular basis. Some babies have required extensive Physio work to correct the problems associated with Bumbo use. The Bumbo website claims all sorts of ergonomic features but the Physio told us that these claims have not proven to be correct.

Check with your Physiotherapist/ Chiropractor/ Occupational Therapist before use! Babies should not be encouraged to sit up before their whole bodies are ready for the position.

Good for short period of time

The bumbo is great as it is easy to clean and use. You can also buy covers for it which are handy for washing purposes. Baby is secure in it and seems to enjoy being upright in it. Negative aspect is that the bumbo is only useful for a short period of time for average baby. This is because baby will either outgrow the bumbo due to size, or will be very active and want to reach and lean out and over the bumbo, making bub at risk of toppling over whilst being stuck in the bumbo. I think the bumbo is great for a limited period so maybe but this item second hand, rather than new.
Ease of use
Limited period of use

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Does the bumbo come in more than one size?? I put my 4 month old daughter in it and I had to squeeze her into it. She is almost 6 kgs.
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I'm having the same problem especially with colder weather and more clothing on. How are they meant to fit when they are bigger?


Bumbo Baby Seat
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