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Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

Mamas & Papas Baby Snug

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Great - Until our baby flipped himself out of it and off the kitchen bench!

We loved using this seat, unfortunately we became naive and let our baby sit on the bench without holding onto the seat. It only took a second of being unwatched, but in that second he managed to flip himself out of the seat and off the kitchen bench onto the floor. Luckily he is ok but in hindsight it seems ridiculous that this product does not have suction cups on the base.

Even if the seat was on the floor he could have seriously knocked his head.

Be careful using this product, it has a serious safety floor.


My son, who is almost 2 years old now, has been using it since he was 3 months old. We love everything about this seat. :) Easy to clean, durable, easy to carry anywhere and does not leave a mark in his playmat. Wish I also bought the baby bud version of it to save space in the dining room. Surely, he might love it as well.

One of our best baby buys!

We're traveling around Australia in a caravan and this is without doubt our most used baby item in the caravan. I bought it because bub was too chubby in the thighs for a bumbo and at four months was getting stuck. Now at 14mths she has been using this seat for a year and still fits without a problem and even when shes bigger you can take the insert out for more room. Only down is she figured out how to take the tray off. Loveee this product so good for feeding and easy to clean and looks great!

Cute and Trendy

I bought this Baby Snug instead of the bumbo purely due to its modern and trendy egg like design. Works well as a seat and tray table very handy. We used it as a feeding chair as well but found that it didn't give bub much back support when he wasn't sitting very well yet. Now bub is crawling he can twist, turn and wriggle himself out if the tray isn't locked in. Cute seat to take pics of bub in and is easy to clean and wipe down. Really happy with the purchase.

My baby hits her back of her head when she is frustrated..

I thought that the snug was the best purchase ever untill i noticed a rediness on the back of my baby's head.. after serious investigation, it appeared that my baby tilt back her head and hit the back of her head whenever she is frustrated, she does that couple of times then start scratching her head.. I've stopped using this chair immediately because a strong hit on that area of the brain can be deadly.. btw my baby is 8 months old..

Has this happened with anyone else??

Love This!!

I bought this when my daughter was three months old to sit up in while I did a few chores. She loved the clip on toy tray. I chose this over the bumbo because the base is much wider and I felt it was much more secure. We later used this as a feeding chair at four months when she was too small for most high chairs. It's so versatile, I've even sat my daughter in it in the shower.

Perfect beginning seat

Our little one started using this at 4 months when she started on solids and a couple of times during the day to play upright with toys by herself, so just 5-10 minutes a few times a day. She was much more solidly held in this than a highchair and I think it was more comfortable for her at ground level in the thick of things. The tray is pretty standard size, and I think toys will go flying off any tray! We just attached them via a chain or let her throw away. This looks great and is light and easy to lug. Not super easy to lift with just one hand - probably a little handle back of the base would be useful but really a small thing.
Love the colours, look, and versatility with the insert you can remove as they grow. Although once our bub could crawl, she refused to sit still anywhere for long except strapped in to a high chair!
Rather than holding back her sitting solo, our bub was also sitting by herself easily at 5 months. Impossible to know if the chair helped or not but certainly didn't hinder. Great seat!

Great and Tray included

Great purchase, have used it a lot and at different stages for my daughter. It was comfortable, and we also used it at my mum's house on an ordinary chair (with arms) instead of buying another high chair.
Also could removed the insert when she got bigger and used it on the floor for tv time.
Like the fact that it comes with the tray, and also that you can use it through varies stages as the baby grows.
a bit akward to handle


I bought this as it is a great alternative to an activity centre in the fact that it wouldn't take up so much room in my small unit.
Baby if 4 months enjoyed it really concentrated on the ball toy but couldn't reach other toys at this age just yet but still entertained her.
I returned it as my baby loves to kick her legs and she pushes her legs against the seat almost pushing herself out backward! Eek!
I am sure if your baby doesn't like to stand on their legs so much it wouldn't be so much of an issue but I loved everything else about it!
stylish, entertaining, compact
Baby almost kicked herself out of seat

Love this seat

This seat is great, it has wide leg holes so it's easy to get bub in and out - we had to jam bubs legs in the bumbo and didn't have that problem with the snug.
Grows with baby. And is easily transported - we've taken it camping a few times and to the grandparents house. Our baby loves it.
Great for meals and play time!

Best of its kind

These snug seats are awesome. Our baby is 9 months and has been using this since about 4 months of age. There is a lot more room than the bumbo which is great for babies with chubbier legs. This is also a much better use of money as the insert can be removed as baby grows, to enable them to sit in it as they get older. The base is nice and wide as well, which gives greater stability.

My babies Chubby legs fit in this seat, much better that the bumbo

For my eldest son a bought the bumbo seat which was 2 years ago so when number two came along I got it out for him to use. Number two has very chubby legs so he can not fit in the bumbo, I was so upset cause I love the concept of this seat. Went to Baby kingdom looking for a bath seat for my little one and walked passed the mamas & Papas Baby snug and had to stop and look at it. I fell in love with it, here is a product like the bumbo that I had for number one but number two's chubby legs can fit in this one.
I have to say after taking it home and putting my little one in this it is 100% better then the bumbo seat. I can sit him it to feed him and have him in it while I hang out the washing.
My little ones chubby legs fit in this seat. Colors. The tray is easy to take on and off even while baby is in the seat unlike the bumbo seat where the tray is hard to put on a take off.
Got it a yesterday and so far have not got any Cons


As a new mum it's hard to get the day to day chores done whilst looking after a baby. My 4 month old can now sit and watch me make dinner while she plays with her toys. I no longer have to lay her down on her playpen and have her cry cos she can't see me and i can take her everywhere including outside while I hang out the washing. It has changed the way I structure my day and I no longer run from room to room checking on the baby while I have pots on the stove. We looked at the Bumbo, which with the tray was the same price, but liked how the mamas & papas seat could accommodate a growing toddler. A really worth while purchase.
Can accommodate growing child, worth the cost because of how long we can use it. Easy to clean.

The best thing that I ever got!!!

Mamas & papas baby snug this a must have! Love love love!!!
I was recommend to get the bumbo.. But I'm sooo glad that the girl at my baby wear house told us to get mamas & papas.
I can have him in the seat while I'm hanging my cloths on the line, while in cooking... The best part would have to be it has a tray so he can play and have his toys right there!
It wasn't expensive at all

Very handy little seat

Great quality and worth the extra $$! Looked at the Bumbo but looked too small and I couldn't work out why someone would want to put a young baby in there WITHOUT a tray to help keep them in. Comes with the tray and the inner is removable for longer use =]
Easy to clean, affordable, great looking, nice and sturdy

Sleek looking, but my baby doesn't like it.

I spent quite a bit of time debating whether to get this or the Bumbo. I ended up getting this one due to the safety concerns over the Bumbo and the size of the Bumbo as I wanted to get more use out of the seat. However in hindsight, I should have got the Bumbo. My little 5.5 month old guy is in the small side so when he sits in the Snug, he slumps a little as there is quite a bit of space even with the foam insert. He would have fit in the Bumbo better as it would have given him more support. By the time he can fit better in the Snug, he can probably sit up on his own anyway. The tray table is a little small but I think the Bumbo tray is probably the same size. I can fit toys o. It easily as he always pushes it off so I have to pick them up and place them I the tray again. I found suction cup toys work well as they stick and can't be knocked off so it entertains him for a short while. The tray is also a little annoying to put on as you have to clip it on three places, I find it a bit fiddly. The base is hollow which is okay for weight, except I like to place it on the foam mat I have spread across my living room and it leaves a circle imprint on the foam mat, but I overcame this by placing a cloth tummy time play mat under it. It's a little awkward to pick up but it's a sleek looming design. My bubba likes to plank (making himself straight) and also arches his back, it looks like he would topple backwards in the seat so I don't put him in it much anymore. That said, I've seen YouTube clips of kids planking in the Bumbo and toppling over. I really though my little one would like sitting in a seat like this/Bumbo, but alas, it wasn't meant to be - which is disappointing given the price tag for the Snug. I bought for $89 at Babies R Us.
Sleek looking seat. Can grow with baby.
Tray table very small and fiddly to put on. My 5.5 mo still doesn't fit snugly despite using the foam insert. Expensive. Hard to pick up.

An Investment

I was going to buy my daughter the bumbo seat from baby bunting but was advised by a friend that the mamas and papas seat has more room and growth for the child.. I bought it and it is a brilliant buy and worth every cent. I wash my dishers with my daughter in the kitchen, I do my house cleaning and bring her seat and her with me, and i can take it to my inlaws.. worth it!


We purchased this over the Bumbo due to my baby's chubby legs....plenty of room to sit in it and insert comes out when your baby is too big for it, so will last a very long time! It is very supportive of baby's back and he seems very comfortable it. Easier to use than a high chair for starting feeding solids as the tray sits close to baby's tummy therefore less room to spill and it is very easy to clean. Very attractive product as well. I would recommend the baby snug and I would definitely recommend it over the Bumbo.
Good for chubby legs, grows with baby, great as a high chair
Hard to pick up one handed

Modern looking design but my baby doesn't like it

We were originally going to purchase a Bumbo for my 6-month-old son but as he is the size of a 1-year-old, he wouldn't have used the Bumbo for very long. I saw raving reviews online on the Mamas & Papas Baby Snug from the U.S., on how the seats are larger and grow with the baby so I decided to invest in a teal coloured one.

It was actually very hard to track one down, not a lot of places in Melbourne have heard of it let alone it stock it yet. I was able to purchase it from Toys R Us at Westfield Doncaster for $90, and it comes with a detachable tray. It seems expensive, but if I was to purchase the Bumbo seat and the tray separately it works out to be the same. The tray requires assembling, but the seat does not.

I love the look of the chair - it is so modern and sleek looking and seems good quality. The coloured part is a cushiony, foamy plastic that is easy to wipe down. It is easily removed for when baby outgrows it, so they can just sit on the white plastic part. In my honest opinion, the teal is just a little too dark for a baby product, but on a positive note at least it won't discolour over time. It has a wider base than a bumbo, so this really helps to prevent it from tipping over.

However the tray is not very large so it doesn't hold much - my baby's toys always end up on the floor. Due to the sleek design, it is quite hard to pick up when its on the floor (without baby in it of course), unless the tray is on so you could grab that. Its not one of those things that you can grab while holding baby, as it slips out of your hand.

Another con on the design is the white part that goes in between the baby's legs to offer support and stop baby from falling forward is made of hard plastic and isn't very well rounded. When my little guy moves forward I am always worried that he is hurting his tummy by leaning directly on it, so I always put the tray on to stop this, but that annoys him as for some reason he loves to grab his feet whilst sitting?! He eventually gets frustrated at not being able to get to his feet and he starts to cry. I'm sure this is just one of those whacky personality traits of my little guy. But if your baby is quite happy to chill out and sit, I think they would love this chair. Also, if I put him in the chair without the tray, he stiffens his body into a 'plank' to try to get out of the seat. For this reason I don't really put him in it anymore.

My little guy hasn't taken to the seat as well as what we thought he would have so sadly it doesn't get used. In hindsight maybe I didn't buy this soon enough for him? Some parents start to put babies in these types of chairs when babies are only 2 months old, and are more likely to sit rather than want to explore like my 6 month old. If we started using it sooner, maybe he would have grown to love it. We have put it into storage and will pull it out again for our next bub, hopefully he/she will like it better.
Modern looking design and grows with baby
Hard to pick up and part in between legs is not cushioned

Questions & Answers

I am looking for a positioning seat for my 4 month old. He was born premature so he is a little small for his age. He is 12.5 lbs. his head control is almost ready to be in one of these seats. I was leaning towards this one, but now am worried that because of his size he will just tilt forward the whole time. Ant advice?
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Hi Katherine, if your bub is a little on the small side, I def wouldn't recommend this as its quite roomy. I had to stuff towels around it to hold my bub in place. The Bumbo is much smaller and likely to hold your little one better in my opinion and cheaper too. I wish I got the Bumbo instead of the Snug. Good luck! : )


Baby Snug
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