Loving the fridge, running well on solar. Only thing it arrived with a dint in the door. Found after unwrapping plastic. Saving on gas now. Temperature is good on low settings.

Purchased in December 2018 for $2,000.00.

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Best fridge around

Only uses 2 amps on 24 volts. Well less than 50% cycle.That is in winter/spring. I will measure power use over summer and post here. I still can’t believe a fridge of this size only needs this amount of power to run. Used in shack for weekends and holidays. Replaced a full size gas fridge that used 4 x 45 kg gas battles a year.
Shelving design excellent and having a big freezer section is a bonus. The staff at Bushmans were a pleasure to deal with, they know they have the best products so they don’t have to hard sell.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Perfect off grid fridge

Perfect for our off grid 12 volt set up. Can't believe how big the freezer is and freezes perfectly and so quiet when running,and users so little power for its size. It's as good as any 240 volt fridge I've owned. To operate as efficiently as it does on 12v Dc still blows me away

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Questions & Answers

What is the max power consumption in Amps at 12 volt of the 190 L. I am aware that consumption varies with amb temp and other factors
4 answers
Sorry we dont measure individual appliances. We only have a small solar system 4 panels.Aidan, I have a 285L and the maximum reading I have was 2.4 amps at 24 volts which equates to 4.8 amps at 12 VoltsI have a 285L which draws 4 to 4.5 amps at 12 volts

Hello. We are considering a 285 l in a new van. We will be going north in the tropics. How do you consider your fridge vs vitrofrigio? Do you recommend fitting internal fan? Regards Danny
7 answers
We are currently experiencing 35 degrees for five days and the fridge is as good as when it is 25 degrees. Why fit an internal fan.?I find that an internal fan wired up to the to turn on with the compressor keeps an even temp throughout the fridgeHi Danny, I don’t think you’ll need an internal fan, but you could install one if you wanted to. The fridge will perform perfectly well up north. It’s exactly what we build them for.

how does the 190L perform in the outback off the grid on a 44 deg day? does it stay at 4 deg or below in the fridge section?
4 answers
Depending on how many times it is opened. I had a thermometer in it and the temp did comedown to 3, but everything in the fridge was as cold to touch as they were on a colder day. Now I just go by feel and it is good. The hotter days affect the freezer temp reading more but everything stays solid.Hi, Tom from Bushman here. We’ve tested the fridge in 42 degrees ambient and it performed fine. Freezer will stay around -10 degrees and fridge around -4. We use a massive cooling system on this fridge, external heat exchanger and heavy insulation. It’s the same fridge cabinet we use for our LPG off grid fridges and they go everywhere around the country where there’s no mains power. Any queries feel free to call us. Cheers.thanks for the above answer. What is the weight difference please on the 190L to 285L?


DC190L-W (190L, White)DC190L-SS (190L,Stainless Steel)DC285L-W (285L, White)DC285L-SS (285L, Stainless Steel)
Fridge Capacity145L145L225L225L
Freezer Capacity45L45L60L60L
Door OpeningRightRightRightRight
Price (RRP) $1895$1975$2395$2475

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