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Cammy Security Camera

Cammy Security Camera

4.1 from 32 reviews

Excellent value and great product and support

Recently had failure of live view due to required IOS update.Support came back to me very quickly.Sometimes have issues connecting from outside but that is due to networks/wifi. Overall great

Purchased in March 2017 at Cammy direct.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Night Vision
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation
Motion Detection

Security cameras and help that I received ....

Just having someone there that can help and trouble shoot is great I Thankyou so very much I appreciate it. My cameras work great at night as well as the day. Always armed when I leave the house and arm it when I sleep so I can rest stress free.

Purchased in April 2013.

Great support & polite friendly service

Our camera had issues with Live View and we messaged for help after trying to solve the issues ourselves first. Prompt reply within 24hrs with helpful suggestions to try with the the offer of further assistance if still not happy. The solution worked the first time. Super happy it was a minor glitch & quickly resolved. And always pleased with the Support Team as we get really polite friendly replies every time :)

Purchased in March 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Connectivity / Reliability
Ease of Installation

Fantastic Support

Quick and very helpful support. Problem fixed no issue and no fuss. Thanks Ruby. Makes buying the camera even more worthwhile

Great service

Love this product. Have had it in my home for four years and gives me peace of mind when I am away.

Easy to use and very reliable

The system is on 24/7 and functions very well indeed. Occasionally there are issues with my router but these are not connected to the Cammy server which has always been fine. Staff are very quick and helpful if there are any issues

Love these cameras, work well and support if needed is great

The cameras are on all the time, i have not had to change any batteries as it is connected to power. Not sure of my purchase date but have had them for a few years now

They are there for you ......

My system is on 24/7 (mains system) and monitors the front and rear of my 2 bed property. The Cameras have worked very well and the only issues I've had are of a tech issue - setting up etc. Probably because I'm a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to I.T !!!! I've had the cameras for a number of years now - can't actually remember how long ago I got them but I've never had any 'faults' to report on - just my operator error !!!!!

Easy setup & great customer support!

I have used Cammy & their cameras for almost 3 years now. My mother, who is 81 years old, also has them installed front & back of her home.

I have found them to be very reliable and do the job they are meant to do!

When I have needed any assistance, the Cammy Support Team have been very quick to respond & have always been helpful & friendly.

I would not hesitate to recommend them, and they have been invaluable for keeping an eye on my mum.

Cammy team always go over and above the call of duty

My cameras are mains operated so batteries never run out.
The services and all cammy team members are excellently good at their job.
The team are a pleasure to deal with.

Assistance to buy Cammy Hub

Camera's on 9am - 5pm and no battery required. Just contacted support to purchase the Cammy Hub and Ruby was very professional and helpful and sent detailed instruction on how to set it up once it arrives. Thank You.

The cameras are perfect and cakeer for my needs thanks cammy

the Cameras are on 24/7 days a week never had any problems with these find the feed back after a some problem like reconnecting them to a new server other than that I give 10 out of 10

It means my safety & well being its everything to me being living on my own & having gone through wh

It’s on 24hrs 7Days a week thank God for that PS : I need for it to be known that these people are so helpful & wonderful & i’m one very grateful lady thank you team of Cammy Carol Graydon .

Your not only purchasing a camera, support, security and overall satisfaction

I did not use the battery. I used AC. I Sleekly hid the wire inside the wall. Being Very discreet. These cameras are worth every dollar. I highly recommend this. The icing on the cake is the customer support they offer via email as well as over the phone. Very professional, efficient and extremely courteous. You don’t find that now a days with many companies. What most do is hide behind a email support. Not my friends at Cammy. You can write or call. Thank You Cammy for your great SUPPORT!!!

Good camera just a few issues every so often

This camera app is a really good idea and was relatively easy to set up. The app doesn’t upload every now and then but not much so all in all a good little camera.

Superb Customer Assistance

I have had Cammy home cameras for just over two years now and have three in total. The cameras themself are awesome. They give great quality both during the day and at night. Having the two-way audio is great too. I have found this useful simply contacting my children downstairs when I am upstairs. Lazy yes, but very helpful given that I am disabled.
I would also like to thank the Cammy team for their excellent customer service, by far amongst the best I have ever received. The few concerns/issues I have had over the years have always been resolved very quickly and with absolute excellence.
Keep up the great work!

Great product

My system is on 24/7 and I have never had to recharge it. I find that it is easy as chips to set up. Once set then I just forget about it. It does all of the hard work.

The platform is the best

Supplied my own camera - the Cammy platform is the best as it provides snap shots of activity in a summary form so you don't have to view every event. So far very reliable and good customer service from Ruby and William.

Really good, really simple

Bought 3 Penguins to keep an eye on my elderly mother who lives alone. Really easy to set up once you resolve the 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz issue and the technical support is first class and really friendly. Picture is crystal clear and the monitoring aspect on any device works a treat. Only minor criticism is the power lead is a bit short particularly if you want to mount the camera high on a wall but otherwise wouldn't hesitate to recommend.

Gives me peace of mind.

I love this camera. It gives peace of mind when I'm out and my dogs are left at home, I can check in on them to see if they're ok.

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Questions & Answers

Where do you buy these cameras from???
1 answer
www.cammy.com try this Jac T. Should point you in the right direction

Is this suitable for a rental home? Also where do you buy this from? I can’t find prices or how to purchase anywhere
1 answer
Hi Tegan. We have a rental property & mounted 1 camera onto the garage facing the driveway & side entrance. We screwed the camera onto a piece of galvanized iron then slid that over the guttering, using only 1 screw to bolt the iron onto the gutter. We didn't want to do any damage that we'd be made to pay for. I have the camera to protect my twin rescue Shepherds from being stolen. They were badly abused for the first 12 months of their life, used as bait" dogs, so I am adamant no-one will steal them or subject them to torture again. Cammy has been such great peace-of-mind! And the low monthly payment is totally worth it. Last year Cammy alerted me to a prowler who came down our drive after I had left very early for work...I called the police immediately and my dogs & house were untouched. Hope this helps :)

How clear is the vision?
1 answer
It is clear enough, that when the postman arrives, I can zoom in (using the app on my iPhone) and see what is being delivered. :)

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