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Canon Pixma MG2560

Canon Pixma MG2560

2.3 from 118 reviews

Cheap and easy to use.

Purchased this off Joyce Mayne for over $20. Was informed it did not come with a USB cable which was no problem as I had quite a few at home.
Very easy to set up and the print quality was excellent. As previously stated here, the replacement cartridges are very expensive, so when my cartridges ran out I simply went back to Joyce Mayne and paid $20 for another Canon MG2560 which, again, came with cartridges.

Purchased in December 2018 at Joyce Mayne for $22.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Ink Cartridge Longevity
Printing Speed

love it

very good printer it prints fast very good the best you should buy and it does cost must money if you thinking off buying one its good does jam every one get one I love it I buy it for my kids and they like it its good good good

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Doesn't come with USB B to A cable

I am yet to use the printer as it doesn't come with everything needed to get started. The side of the box does state in small print that the USB cable is not included. However, it does not say that there is absolutely no way to connect the printer without it. Extremely poor form. Hopefully, once I have found someone with the correct cable and get set up I have a quality budget printer.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Canon Pixma MG2560

I bought this to replace an old printer. Works perfectly fine. Not expensive but prints good quality documents and easy to use as well. Came with the ink cartridge as well and good thing is it only has two cartridges. Software suite is a good versatile collection of user friendly options. Overall a very good device for the price we pay for.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Good for the price

It was cheap at the post office. On the top of the box it said 'USB cable not included', on the side of the box it said ;USB cable not included', the list of contents on the outside of the box did not show a USB cable. I was not surprised to not find one. Set up was easy, print quality is good and it is good value. Bit of a pain to be liited to one copy at a time when not connected to the computer.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Excellent Budget Printer

I bought this model from Harvey Norman for $17- as well as a HP printer costing more. I didn't use the Cannon as I bought it as a spare($17). After using the HP for some time and becoming fed up with the quality of printing and the drivers always being faulty or missing (software), I decided to try the MG2560. The quality of color printing is exceptional, and I would suggest if you would like to find the most intricate color page you can find and print that page. Mine was missing a cable for which I had a spare so for me it wasn't an issue. Try printing a color page and you will be totally astonished at the quality. If you don't have a cable, trust me and go buy one, you have a little miracle waiting to come to life in your MG2560

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

No cable, waste of time!

I bought this printer at Big W, just needed something to start organising my paper work. Get home to set it up and go through all the install prompts and downloads etc to find that after about 20 mins of it doing its thing it is asking me for a usb cable. I looked inside the box to find no usb cable, I looked all on the box to find in tiny writing “no usb included”. I was shocked! no usb for something that requires it for laptop to printer connection. I wasted my time messing with it and frustrated that a simple USB cord was not included. I would of paid another 10 dollars or even more for the cable if I knew, rather waste my time and sit I'm frustration. Never buying canon again. It is like buying a PS4 and not being able to play without the controller usb charger.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

No USB cable!!!!!

Absolutely mortified that the USB cable does not come with the printer!! Not only do I have to buy it separately but I have to make another trip to the shops! Wouldn't have a clue where to buy one either. Waste of time. Definetly wont be buying another one. I pray the actual printer works or i will be writing another terrible review.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Never connect straight

It was a bit hard to set up but it was still alright. Then I printed my documents several times, all the time I needed to look for the wifi and connect again and again. Sometimes it didint work and there was no solution. I decided to throw away this crap and bought new one. I suggest everyone when they buy a printer, it's better to check the price of inks as well.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Why sell a printer that has no USB it’s cheap and nasty the canon website is even worse so designed

No it’s trash why bother even putting it in shops
Withdraw it or be honest and write on box buyer beware
Can’t make any sense of the website
Go through all the installing on multiple devices still doesn’t work
Why can you explain why
And contact with canon is impossible seriously you can do better
I had a canon yrs back and it was great what a shame your company deliver such poor quality products in 2018

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Hot Mess

When I click on "PRINT" I get a choice of where to save the document. It only allows me to print something saved on a document. I hate it! Tried to print my insurance ID card. Finally called and told them to just mail it after it printed a jumbled mess several times. Waste of money.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

No usb cable

So bought my printer today and no cable why would you sell a printer with no cable, they assume you have one but this is the first printer i bought so im not buying any canon products again.
Its like buying a laptop with no charger, it doesn't make sense!

Date PurchasedJun 2018


I bought it early this year (2018) and it has never worked, contacted Canon support many times they suggested things to do, but nothing fixed the problem. I purchase it because of price, due to being unemployed I couldn't afford a more expensive one. I simply needed to print resumes.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Beyond Terrible

Firstly, I paid $50 for this printer from my Post Office. Upon looking at reviews most have paid less than $30 for this pile of junk. Secondly, the USB cable necessary to have a working printer is not included. Why Canon would not include the most crucial piece of equipment is beyond me. Pathetic. Will not be purchasing a Canon printer ever again.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Works as good as a brick

Brought the printer to get some important documents printed, was setting it up and found out that there is no USB included. Why would they want to sell a product with crucial element missing is beyond me. Spent 2 hours in frustration and finally gave up. Gonna return this piece of junk to the store first thing in the morning and stop using canon products in general.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

nning documents.

I bought simply for scanning purposes, so a cheap buy really. I finally found a usb cord to connect to my laptop (one is not supplied) however that was not the last of the issues. By reading the comments here I was able to shorten the exasperating set-up time and survive, hair intact. I copied the disc from an old laptop to a USB to install the driver. Had to uninstall and reinstall for it to finally work. I took note that they expect you to align the print heads and disregarded this step once I knew the printer was connected and working. I finally found a file that enabled me to scan then set arranged my settings for scan and voila! Scanning happily to PC.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Poor quality

Immediately after paying for this the retailer told me I had to buy ink as it comes with very little ink, so the indicated price means nothing as you immediately have to pay more - with the price of ink costing the same as the printer. Rip off!

All previous printers I've ever bought were plug in and use, this one required a call to Canon to get it going as the driver website they listed (given it wasn't plug in and go) didn't even exist when I tried to access it, and getting the drivers was a pain and huge waste of my time.

Most importantly when it prints on every 5th page or so IT SMUDGES THE PRINT!!! USELESS!!!

Buy elsewhere.

(And I have proof of purchase but can't be bothered submitting it as I'd have to go to the garage and get the receipt out of the box, take a photo then download it when my nbn internet can barely let me access the internet, this purchase has wasted enough of my time and I'm writing this review to warn others - if you don't believe how crappy this printer is by all means go ahead and buy it then write your own negative review.)

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Useful additional information to help setting this printer up...

I gave it 3 stars, taking into account that the printer with colour and black cartridge costs only $33, i.e. about half of the 2 cartridges alone.
After a nightmarish amount of hours to set it up, I found it prints quite well - I did print a photo to start with.

Now, I am certainly not complaining about the not included printer cable (I am sure I have more than 10 of those lying around, while I really use only my 5m long printer cable, which allows me to position the printer somewhere out of the way). What is really really bad is the unimaginable lack of information of how to make this printer work to start with. The printer does not contain a manual, the quick-install leaflet does not contain sufficient information and is not clear enough. There is no clear information of WHERE on the net to find the manual. I found it with google search.
After a few clicks I finally arrived at the following link, where you can download the manual:

Problem is that this manual is most chaotic and does not tell you what you need to know and is wrong at times.
I would assume that many people, buying this printer, would not have a computer with a CD-ROM drive. A disc is provided with the printer, but was of no use for me. I figured that I might be apples after just downloading the printer-driver from Canon...: Wrong Wrong Wrong! This has cost me many many hours! After installing the driver, all I achieved after setting off a print from the computer to the printer is that the orange Alarm LED blinked 4 times. The useless manual will tell you that this means: The cartridges are not installed properly. What it really meant was that it will never ever work before you do not conduct the ridiculous ritual of print-head alignment. And the information that this is what is asked of you at the very beginning is not mentioned anywhere. And also - since using the printer as copy-machine is possible before this is done - makes clear, that this printer alignment is just a pointless exercise to torture you. The tools for the alignment are out of reach without the data from the disc.

Thus, what you need to do:
1. If you cannot insert a CD-ROM into your computer you have to find someone, who can - ...and copy it onto a stick. Problem: It is probably not possible to insert the disc into any computer, without auto-copying the whole program onto that computer - if you like it of not (takes 15 minutes)
2. Conduct the ritual of printer-head alignment, which involves producing a printout, which takes close to 5 minutes, and once you have it, the ritual asks of you to copy it via the scanner. Best about it: The 5 min. printout is designed to appear faulty - there is no yellow colour used, and where you would expect the yellow bars, there are printed bars missing, PLUS the useless onscreen information will tell you something, which suggests that if something is missing, you have to conduct a printer-head-cleaning ritual and print this AGAIN... - unbelievable! One could easily play that game until the cartridges are completely empty! Anyway: That incomplete printout without yellow is indeed complete, scan & copy it by pressing START (which is BLACK or COLOUR).
3. After having achieved that by wasting half the night, that computer, where the CD-ROM was installed to start with, could indeed print on that printer - But, to make sure that the other half of the night will be wasted as well: After installing that same software via the memory-stick (with the CD-ROM data) and selecting the *.exe file, the computer without the CD-ROM drive could still not print. Obviously the manual is utterly useless there. I checked in the device-manager and spotted that I had meanwhile 3 drivers for that printer installed on my computer - all allegedly perfectly installed and up and running and ready to go. Thus, I deleted what I installed from my stick and installed it again. Still no printing. Then I had enough of it: I deleted all 3 "successfully installed and perfectly running" drivers in the device manager - deleted the whole thing again and installed it again from the stick. Finally: I could print, yeah! (Imagine that "Yeah! as if Penny (BBT) would say it! ;)
Only explanation: The printer-drivers for that printer on the CANON-internet-site are absolute rubbish and prevent the printer from ever working. Only after deleting those and installing the one from the CD-ROM, I could print.

OK, so it works now... - after what I read here in other reviews the cartridges are not really properly filled with ink.
I will have to see how long it will last.
Obviously, buying replacement cartridges is completely out of the question at that price.
If times comes I will experiment, if I can inject new ink into the cartridges, maybe even with the kit from ebay - but also interesting will be, if the Canon people were criminal enough to program something into the chip that prevents me from doing so...
"Criminal", because it is clearly a crime on the human race to force customers to send a perfectly good printer to Silicon Heaven (ref.: Red Dwarf) - as if there would not be enough electronic waste in this world. - Again: Pricing is clearly designed to make purchasing replacement cartridges prohibitive.

Clearly, this printer can only be a short term solution. I bought it, because Canon will bring the ultimative printer onto the market in about 6 month. No use buying anything else fancy before that...

Date PurchasedApr 2018

You Can't on a Canon!

Why sell a printer without the USB cable required to connect it to your computer? Every other electronic device I've ever bought has included the necessary accessories! I thought it must be wireless, but nope, just inexplicably under-equipped... I checked if it contained ink cartridges before I bought it, but never thought it might not have a USB! At least Canon was generous enough to include a power cable...

Date PurchasedMar 2018


The print quality of this printer is good for its price.
One downside of this printer is that is has been priced many times as being cheaper to purchase than the ink itself so I have had 5 of these printers sitting to go in the council throw out, all because they were cheaper than the price of the ink, and If the Ink is not replaced within a certain amount of time of it running out, the print head dries up.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

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Questions & Answers

how do I scan a document from my cannon mg 2650 printer to my computer
1 answer
Just bring up the printer desktop menu which should load when powering up your PC and you will see scanning options. I just use the 'auto scan' option and it loads it up to your PC

my canon MG2560 printer wont print but will copy how do i fix this please? /
No answers

I bought the printer only for scanning purposes. It does not have ink cartridges at all. When I'm starting scanning, I'm having an error..Please give me an advice..many thanks!
No answers


Pixma MG2560
Price (RRP)$59
Printer TypeInkjet
Multifunction FeaturesCopier and Scanner
Wi-Fi CompatibleNo
Cloud PrintingNo
Print from PhoneNo
Replaced byCanon Pixma MG3560

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