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Cape Cyan Natural Blonde

Cape Cyan Natural Blonde

4.3 from 9 reviews

Easy going and no hangover

I have tried this beer for last 3 4 times. Very easy going without bloating and no or very less hangover. This is my new favorite beer. Cheers!

Disappointed in product

I have been drinking Aldi beer for the past 12 months and been quite happy ,
but last night I purchased a carton of natural blonde , when I opened the carton this afternoon I have found 4 stubbies half full I am not game to drink any of the other in case of a leak in the rest of the bottles and don't want to pick up a disease , is there anything you can do to fix this problem
Ian may 2018

Good value, strength and taste

Tastes much like super dry ones. I don't care if it sounds silly but I add a lot of ice before bottoming it up. I love it.

Not low carb be warned !!!

The beer is not low carb. It's lower carb 33% is based on its high carb storm beer . If you compare the natural blond and pure blond brands. The natural blond has 3x more carbs. Don't be fooled !

Great Value

Very easy going session beer, not too gassy. A good low carb, cold filtered beer. Sells for around $30 carton.

Poor Packaging

Beautiful beer but the packaging of the 6 pack is very flimsy and bottles fall out of the side of the package / a more enclosed package would be better / I have smashed a few of the bottles due to the flimsy carton / cheers Gary

Bloody good value beer

This is my new go to brew. Perfect for a lazy summer arvo. Can't be beaten for value. Clean crisp flavour that never goes over the top.

Excellent product.

it is a easy drink to consume a great price I would recommend this product to any one,go and buy a case today.you will not be disappointed.

Pleasantly surprised

This is a beer you can drink all day without it bloating you. It pours nicely, has a good head. It tastes like most cold filtered beers, and over Christmas I was finding that I was passing over other beers to drink this inoffensive beer. The one down side is that it tastes a little like it's been watered down. It's also cheap at $29.99 for x24 330ml bottles.
Easy to drink, and very cheap
Tastes a bit watered down.

Questions & Answers

How many calories in 1 beer?
No answers

Is it preservative-free?
2 answers
Who cares, its beer! You worry about preservatives yet put alcohol into your system??Yes it is writen on the bottle. Its the best beer i have ever drank. And no hangover.

where is it made?
3 answers
I dont know, look on the bottle i guess?New Zealandthanks guys


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