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Novartis Capstar Tablets

Novartis Capstar Tablets

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Horrible Experience

My 4 year old healthy cat had a severe reaction to Capstar (which was administered by the vet) before we left the vet's parking lot. He first starting yowling very very loud and frantically scratching at the carrier floor, couldn't breathe, was having a seizure, had a increase in temperature, urinated on himself, was drooling, couldn't stand up and then collapsed and lost consciousness. Luckily we had not left the parking lot. They administered oxygen and gave him a Benadryl shot and a Steroid shot. He came back around and improved and stayed for an hour for monitoring. He also had xrays of his lungs to make sure there was not fluid on his lungs because he also sounded wheezy and sneezed some but the xrays did not show fluid.

Purchased in March 2019.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Pet TypeCat

Capstar + spot on flea control.

(snowflake 7weeks) I just recently brought her and gave her a bath I noticed she was flea infested looked up treatments and came across this one I I read on the information that is was just a knockdown for 24 hours kills all adult fleas and (WILL NOT PROTECT HER FROM FLEAS ) so I also brought spot on treatment serum to protect her for six months (pack of 6) and I took her away from home for atlease 2 hours so they wouldn’t fall off inside, fleas died and fell of between 30min -2 hours , she did get the runs thou .
You will need inconjuction with treatments to bomb your house or flea house and carpet stray of where she’s been and sleeps to keep them away give tablet with food or your fur buddy will be sick.
I highly recommend this product it certainly does what it Saids on the information.

Very pleased

I was very pleased with the results, the fleas did die very quickly and now have them under control. my cat didn't get sick, some do. I put the tablet in a piece of chicken so the cat didn't notice he'd had it

Found it fantastic

I have one dog, 2 cats and soon as I give them the tablet I can see the fleas going crazy and they drop off the animals nearly dead, I have never had any issues with this product and I don't have any problems giving the tablet to my pets either

Great product

Great product, it worked quickly and effectively on my dog. She had several fleas and within a few hours they were all dead. No bad side effects at all, just relief and no more scratching and biting herself.

I highly recommend.

Doesn't work

Treated my two dogs with it ...still had fleas after. Doesn't seem to work. Will buy something else next time.

Capstar - instant flea killer - short term fix

We use this for our 7 cats, all ages and various breeds (2 Birman pure / 1 Munchkin pure / 2 moggy / 1 ragdoll / 1 Burmese X) have used it several times and even two weeks in a row every 2-3 days. Fleas die within 10 mins and continue for a few hours, kills all fleas on animal - I think what people don't understand is that it only kills the fleas on the animal for 24 hours!! Then fleas can jump back on - its not a long term fix unless you give it every two days.....we used it to kill fleas, then we give revolution to the cats as well. Its just to give the cats relief if there's an infestation or as a booster till the revolution works. Never had an issue with any cat being sick or ill in the last 2 years or so of using it. Had awful issues with acytvl, and frontline, caused massive neuro issues but capstar has never caused any issues even in my sick IBD cat who is very old and very weak.

Awesome, all my problems were gone in one day.

Bought a new kitten and when I brought her home noticed several fleas on her. Took her to the vet immediately and gave her capstar. Within hours no more scratching and no sign of fleas. She didn't seem to be the slightest bit bothered, I'm sure she felt relieved though! Best to use a second treatment that will kill the eggs before they hatch as capstar only gets rid of adult fleas.


Treated 2 of my dogs with this product as directed. They still have fleas a week later. Total waste of money.

Don't use this product.

I gave my pom one capstar and within an hour he was having seizures. We rushed him to the emergency vet. They couldn't save him. They restarted his heart 4 times.

I Swear By This Stuff.

Works within twenty minutes. Kills all the fleas dead (though not egg stage so you have to readminister later) and they end up wriggling lethargically on my pets' coats. For GSD short-hair and a small kitty. No side effects to them, but every pet is different so keep an eye out for that. It only gets four stars because it's ridiculously expensive.

Totally ineffective

Tried these tablets on my Fox Terrier after reading positive reviews, did not clear fleas at all. It was a waste of money.

Capstar plus revolution

Once the warm weather hits and my 3 cats start scratching I dose them each with revolution for long term and a Capstar tablet for immediate relief. Within hours all three cats stop scratching. It's a winner for me.

Bad stuff

After my Vet gave this med to my 2 1/2 month old puppy 8 hours later he started having seizures and later died. I paid $300 for the dog and another $97 for the vet. Beware and think twice about using this.

Terrifying reaction

My cat couldn't breathe properly, was extremely distressed, hyperventilating and I thought he was going to die. I have been advised by the vet to never give this to my cat again

Don't risk using it

After giving my cat one capstar tablet he within minutes had a severe reaction to it! Hyperventilating, going crazy couldn't keep still, pupils dilated. Rushed him to vet & was informed he was having a severe reaction to the capstar & was placed on IV fluids overnight to get it out of his system. I will never risk using again & follow up to Exelpet with this info & vet notes to prove case were dismissed by them only offering refund for product! Very expensive lesson learned & was very distressing seeing my cat go through this reaction! I have read similar reports of this since when I googled it. Product does not display any warnings!

The best

This treatment is awesome I have never seen anything else work so fast I would never use anything else except capstar :)

Works for 24 hours

Fleas were back in force 4 days later. 2 stars because he was flea-free for 2 days. Useless for long-term treatment.

Works Well

I was told by my vet to use capstar if my puppy or dog have fleas. Also I was told that frontline plus does not work anymore so I wouldn't waste my money on products that doesn't do it's job. Capstar only works for 24hrs when given to my dog or puppy. It works for me, I gave one to my dog and 30mins later I saw fleas just drop dead. But if this was an everyday treatment would be so expensive. Might look for other alternative but thumbs up for capstar.

did not not work

I have tryed this product twice now i went to 2 different pet shops and still my dog has flees
I wont be buying it again

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Questions & Answers

what is the best flea treatment for cats?
1 answer
I use Capstar for my dog and my cat. Use it if you notice fleas on them and the fleas start dying almost instantly. They end up on top of the fur, wriggling on their backs, looking next-to-dead. :D They're easy to catch and brush off then. Otherwise, they die anyway and fall off. I've tried using Frontline and Advantage but all that stuff does is put a hole in my wallet, wet my animals with disgusting smelly medicine, distresses my cat, and it doesn't even prevent fleas.

I'm the owner of an adorable mini foxie X jack Russell and I'm really worried about what to use on her for fleas. any help?
1 answer
I use Revolution without any problems on my cats & dogs now- treats fleas & worms

How long does capstar last ? Is it an everyday thing ?
1 answer
I do not know how often you can use it safely. We gave up on it as we were after a long-term treatment. The effects of this treatment last between 24-48 hours in our experience. The trouble is that fleas lay eggs all around the place and dogs fraternise with other flea-ridden animals. You are almost guaranteed that short term treatments will not address these issues as they will pick up new fleas.


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