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Carefree Barely There

Carefree Barely There

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KatySydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

This is perfect for me l don't leave home with then always in bag in a con pack


This is a awesome l don't leave with out then always in my bag and a thin and invisible to the eye what a great product they are and now

Purchased in July 2019 at Chemist Warehouse Physical Store for $1.99.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No



  • 2 reviews

Barely There - G String - Glue Problem


I have been using these for years no problem. In the last 3+ months, the liners are leaving a dreadful amount of glue on my undies which will not come off in the wash and which discolours the fabric. I have had to resort to glue remover to get this stuff off. This is not an occasional packet as they are all like this and dare I say, getting worse. Unfortunately, I will not be buying them again such a shame!



Great for hot days


They are really great for hot summer days as it keeps you fresh. Also great on really long flights or drives. Definitely recommend them. I personally prefer the uncented version.



  • 3 reviews

The best


These liners are the best on the market I admit over the years I have used other brands bought because were on special and was never satisfied. Carefree all the way and love the shower scent ones and I laugh at those who say that they are not thick enough. Ladies you are not supposed to wear these when you have your period only as backup for for when you are wearing a tampon.



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Not great


It's very thin which is great but it really doesn't do anything. Probably absorb half a ml of liquid but that's about it. It actually will bunch depending on your underwear material. If there's more liquid than 0.5ml it leaks through. The adhesive really needs improvement


MelRCastle Hill

  • 6 reviews

Okay but does not stay in place


This ad is great for those days of light periods but not advisable during the first day. What I notice though is that I can 't get them to stay in place in panties for long. I was in a long trip and notice it moving from one side to another . The rest of time it is really barely there.

Not as sticky as they used to be


I used these all the times but as of recent it's not sticky at all I still have the same old cotton undies . It's like they tried to cutt back and save some money in glue . Don't buy unless you like pant liners that don't stick to your panties.


Ineke48South East Queensland, QLD

  • 24 reviews

they keep falling out of my undies as they don't stick


I am very unhappy with the Carefree Barely There panty liners as they won't stick to my cotton undies. This is very annoying as they either fall out of my undies or travel around in them. This must have a cost cutting measure as it has not always been like this. I will now change over to another brand.



  • 2 reviews

Great for Daily Freshness


This product is great for daily freshness (as intended), not 'heavy' use. I particularly like the individual wrapping which is great for travelling and keeping in one's purse or bag. Liner stays in place with good adhesive and remains intact! I have tried a few other brands including other types by Carefree and this one gets my vote.
Does intended job well!


lizzy309VIC, 3030

  • 30 reviews

Fresh as a daisy!


I've found these are the best liners I've tried. These are the "shower fresh scent" ones and the scent is quite nice, not overpowering, but fresh. They are soft, ultra thin and so flexible, you don't feel like you have anything on at all. They stay in place all day which is what I've found some others have lacked.
Reasonably priced, thin, soft, fresh scent, stays in place all day



  • 2 reviews



poor quality in liner that the "breathable" does just that, it brethes the blood through the liner onto your underwear.

Bleeding goes straight through the liner onto your underwear.

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Don't use it for your period! Discharge only



  • 374 reviews



Very good liners for warm weather, i was after something i could wear while playing sport and not get too sweaty and uncomfortable. They are in good invidual packs to put in your handbag and they are very comfortable i forget i am wearing them
lovely and light, easy to unwrap and comes in a good size pack. You forget you are wearing them, thats the best plus. Not too hot in warm weather, lets your skin breath.
expensive. $6 for a small pack is quite steep , the pack was hard plastic to open. The purse packs unwrap themselves after a while



  • 17 reviews

Closest to not-there feeling, best I've tried


Super comfy, by far the closest 'cotton'-like liners. Flexible in your underwear, moves as your body/underwear moves. Stickiness lasts, doesn't reposition itself or anything. Breathable, biggest plus for me is the fact it doesn't feel like you have a liner like a hot uncomfortable piece of plastic sheet 'down there'. Individually wrapped - what I like most is they are compact/slim in the purse, and small detail which I love - individual wrapper acts as external wrapper and the part that you remove for the sticky part - so less rubbish/packaging waste!
Comfortable, breathable, flexible, doesn't feel like its being worn, good sticky-ness, individually wrapped, reasonably priced, compact in purse


SadaGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

  • 675 reviews



These are really great to use. They are super thin and my the end of the day, they havent become flaky and fibrey like other brands. They come individually wrapped, so super easy to carry a couple in your bag for freshness. They are very compact and easy to open. They come in a couple of fragrances, so thats nice for extra choice and freshness. These arent my first choice because I have found the Aldi ones to be effective (although not as good as these, but still good enough) and Aldi is cheaper.
These are really good mini sized, but super great working panty liners. They are my number one choice and I love using them.
They are expensive, so although I really like these, the ones I buy the most are the Aldi ones because they are cheaper.


janeyjSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 31 reviews



Individually wrapped, extremely thin so can carry in pocket or purse, I leave at work. Plain white wrapping so won't stand out. Holds its shape and stays in place. Very comfortable and soft without fluffing. Good for when wearing tampons.
Economical, comfortable protection. Very thin, individually wrapped.
Would like to be able to buy without individual wrapping.

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