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Carefree Breathable

Carefree Breathable

2.8 from 9 reviews

Better than original

This is better than carefree original. Carefree breathable used to be my preferred liner... that was many years ago. I have just discovered that Olivia pink liner from Aldi is better, same quality but better price.

No longer the same

I've been using carefree for more than a decade and it was the best product I came across until recently. It was great for more than just the spotty days and it has never leaked. It also holds its shape and doesn't bunch up like other products.

But with the latest batch I've bought, I noticed that it's no longer leak-proof and it can't even protect against those really light spotty days. It goes straight thru to the underwear. Disappointing since it used to be such a good product but is now no longer dependable.

I've asked fellow friends who've used carefree for a long time and they've complained about having the same issue with their recent purchases.

EDIT: I've just noticed that this is only an issue with Carefree Breathables. The Carefree Original (individually packed) still appears leak-proof as they have not sacrificed the plastic layer in favour of "breathability".

Terrible product

These are the worst liners I have used, leaked through even with the lightest flow
The pad itself is quite rigid on the sides and very uncomfortable to wear
Will never buy again and am throwing out my semi full box !!


Crap crap and more crap. Never again seriously really bad product. They leak on the lightest period. I don't get why it has holes for air, when it leaks through.

lets not use carefree until they get rid of their new advertisment

I have used carefree in the past, but they have gone too far to try and get media attention so now I will not buy this product again until their ad changes to something more tasteful. I am not embarrassed by normal female issues but as alot of other women will agree with me, we don't need to be discussing it at dinner time either!! Just like its normal to go to the toilet but I don't describe that experience with friends or co worker or even family members as it is not necessary!! Rate it as terrible if you agree.
The offensive ad.


I use these every day mainly because I'm too lazy to handwash my underwear before machine washing. I've tried others which can get fluffy, scrunch up or are too stiff, rough, non-breathable and are more expensive. Carefree's liners stay flat, stay in place, aren't noticeable, and don't have any strong perfume smell. They are suitable for light protection or even quite heavy leaks for light days or when wearing tampons. They keep me fresh and feeling secure at very little cost. I've been using them for over 10 years now and won't bother trying any other brands now. I like the minimal packaging used compared to other products.
Economical, comfortable protection.


I have tried all the brands of liners and I must admit that these are the best out there. They are very thin and yet amazingly absorbent. They never move as the sticky strip is always very sticky. They are all breahtable & thin, so that you don't even feel like you are wearing a liner.
These liners are great - I will never use another brand again after finding these. They are inexpensive, durable, comfortable and most importantly thin. Others that I have tried had gone fluffy and also are very perfumed. They're good for everyday use or light period use.
No complaints at all - it is a great product!


these are great liners however they are not as soft as other liners. they are very thin and comfortable and they arent noticable through your undies
nice and thin, invisable. great price and individually wrapped. cheap. Great price for a pack
itchy kinda feeling and not as soft as other liners.


I reall like these liners.I am past menopause and so I use them only for personal freshness and during summer.I tried a few brands but kept coming back to these as they are so small and comfortable, and they are what they say, "breathable".The adhesive they use really works and they stay in place brilliantly and you can hardly tell you are wearing them at all.Their absorbtion ability is amazing for such a small pad - and they don't have a nasty chemical perfume like some brands do. I woudl recommend these to women of mature age and those who need a bit of extra protection during their period.
Very comfortable
Nothing, no problems

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