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Carman's Original Fruit-Free

Carman's Original Fruit-Free

3.7 from 3 reviews

massively prosessed, sickly sweet

sweetened with glucose, additives, fake, overall just horrible. I recommend making your own and then you know what goes in them

Low sugar, high protein muesli bar, great snack and kids love too.

Having a gluten intolerance, made it difficult to find a muesli bar that wasn't dry or full of sugar. When I found Carmen's muesli bars and they had fruit free ones (too much dried fruit did not agree with me) double bonus. Then the kids liked them as well (10 and 11). I am a long distance bus driver, I use these muesli bars as part of my afternoon eating (mixed with an apple and Banana), Low GI, low sugar, high in protein and essential fats, great for filler and energy boost (without a buzz like other high sugar muesli bars). I highly recommend these muesli bars, at least try them. If they are not sweet enough for you they have some other great varieties, and mixed packs as well.


I love these muesli bars. I don't like fruit or saltanas so these are perfect for me. I always carry one in my bag for when I'm hungry on the go and they really fill you up. They have a great flavour and are nice and chewy-although I must say they can be a bit harder in the colder months.
healthy snack, easily available, reasonably priced, really fill you up
The only down side is that I can't take them to work because it is a nut free zone

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