Muesli Bars

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Mother Earth Baked Oaty Slices

Latest review: The better snack for us besides icecream and choclates when kids want a kiddie treat. And i love them too as an on the run mum. Healthy and sooo tasty! My kids dont eat snakes and lollies so great

Tasti Nut Bars

Latest review: I have been buying the Yoghurt and Fruit nut bars for several months now but today I was eating one and discovered it had small fragments of metal or stone in it. I opened another one and found this

Carman's Variety 12 Pack of Bars

Latest review: I've noticed that with the new packaging the size and taste of the Gourmet Protein Bars Greek Style Yoghurt have changed. Not nearly as nice or as filling. Would rather pay a little more and have

Uncle Tobys Yoghurt Topps

Latest review: Horrible chemical taste, raw, uncooked texture to the oats stuck together with a sticky substance, portion size is getting small to the point of stupidity, not that I want another bite of this gross

Carman's Classic Fruit & Nut Rounds

Latest review: Love all the products, people with ARTHRITIS in the hands, would be a hard to open the bars without someone to

Coles Yoghurt Topped

Latest review: Perfect to just grab a bite or have a quick breakfast. Most importantly, it's cheaper than other brands ah

Food for Health The Gluten Free Bar

Latest review: These bars are excellent!. I'm big on low sugar natural snacks and that is exactly what these bars are! Eating around 2 -3 a day. Great for breakfast if you don't have the time! Taste, Natural, Low

Goulburn Valley Fruit and Cereal

Latest review: best taste/value on the market unfortunately availability seems limited, fuels the oarsome 4some dat must be good cant find them at coles/woolies so i will try my IGA thanx for the

Kellogg's Special K Chocolatey

Latest review: Really tastey snack bars. I try to have a box in the cupboard at all times. Great as a grab and go snack, or to satisfy a sweets craving. I only wish I could find a recipe to make something

Artisse Organic Aribar

Latest review: My son loves these. We used to get Vanilla, but now he prefers the Chocolate. They are pricey (over $1 a bar), but they are easy to get from both Coles and Woolworth's and they are organic. I wish

Bobo's Oat Bars

Latest review: These gluten free oat bars come in many flavors. So far I have really liked the lemon and coconut as well as the original. They aren't overly sweet nor are the flavors strong. and so delicious

Carman's Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond

Latest review: I bought these bars in Australia during vacation. They kept me from being hungry and tasted GREAT!! What a flavor combo. Hoping my friend brings some when he

Atkins Day Break Crunchy Muesli

Latest review: Not for those that dont like coconut, but i love it! I really enjoyed this cereal, it lives up to its name, very crunchy and its low in sugar and very nutritious. You can see all the ingredients as

Carman's Original Fruit-Free

Latest review: sweetened with glucose, additives, fake, overall just horrible. I recommend making your own and then you know what goes in

Freedom Foods Nut Free Muesli Bar

Latest review: I purchased mine from Coles Supermarket, as they have a high turnover and you are guaranteed a fresh product, with a longer use by date. In 2016, they have changed the packaging slightly, with 6 bars

Nestle Milo Energy Snack

Latest review: I love milo bars very healthy they taste so good I eat them when training every day I have 100 hundred of them in my house I have them in my car too there is nothing wrong with them i am not a fat

Uncle Tobys Crunchy

Latest review: I love how crunchy these are, but at the moment my kids are I are really loving the chewy choc chip Uncle Tobys Muesli

Kellogg's LCMs Rice Bubbles

Latest review: I have bought these a couple of times before but as others have stated they are quite sweet. I do like them but really not something I would bother with again. I don't think I would buy these for my

Coles Smart Buy Chewy

Latest review: I bought these as they were so cheap. They are not as tasty as other brands - I think they should have more flavour. Overall, I would rate them as average. They have a good chewy texture and I would

Coles Smart Buy Strawberry Yoghurt Topped

Latest review: You get what you pay for with these muesli bars- not much. The yoghurt flavoured topping is much too sweet, the bar underneath is hard and chewy, but not in a good way Good for quantity, not good

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