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Love it

I love my dutch oven , start all my casseroles on the stove top, then straight in the oven for a slow cook. One pan wonder. I have never had any trouble with, washes up a treat, and if there happens to be dark stains I just use a little bleach, fill with water, let sit for 30min to an hour and all nice and white agian. Had mine for years, just bought another, different size. couldnt do with out mine.

Purchased in February 2001 at House for $259.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Hot Handles While Cooking Yes
Even Heat DistributionYes

Do not buy this grill plate ....

.... unless you are not fazed by grunge. It is impossible to clean this plate! The grime must be a health issue. It a very finicky item with very particular use and care instructions. AND it is not non-stick, so you lose your grill lines on the grill plate. I am not recommending this grill plate to anyone who likes to have clean and hygienic cookware. For such an expensive item, I expected better than this.

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Genuine Guarantee

We had our well loved Chasseur for many years. Some time ago the cooking surface 'popped' in a few places. We contacted Sheldon & Hammond who replaced it for us, amazing service.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Not a fan

I’ve had this for about 2 years and it’s not an easy one to use. And it is sooo expensive. I think there is much better pans around for the price.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Poor quality

Have purchased Chasseur 28cm Sauté pan with lid. First time it came with cracked glass lid,second time the replacement item had a chipped glass. Such disappointment and waste of money and time

Date PurchasedDec 2017

WARNING: A 'Lifetime Limited Warranty' lasts ten years.

My La Chausser ruby red casserole cooking pot, my pride and joy, was given to me by my mother in 2005. I have treated it with loving care every time it was used. Careful handwashing, no harsh cleaning products, wooden cooking utensils only. Yet, last year, a chip emerged at the bottom. I had always thought (as had my mother) that La Chausser had a lifetime warranty for the lifetime of the original owner (the website also says this). But, when I rang up today to enquire about my 'lifetime limited warranty' I was advised that lifetime actually means 10 years. The word 'Limited' in the warranty essentially makes the warranty worthless. The casserole is a considerable investment piece but the warranty does not cover this. Be warned.

Date PurchasedOct 2005

Pretty color

Bought the item for my partner and it has a really nice color rang to choose from. It is quit heavy and it has the non stick cooking surface which helps cooking a lot easier.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Good Quality French or China

I owned the french owned version and i thought id try the chinese version. Look unless you really try and pick it, it cooks the same and you get the same results. Worth a purchase for the price, hopefully it holds up over time!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Not so good!

This product is not so good as people say it is. It gets sticky occasionally, heavy to lift while cooking (which is very disappointing). Product is very hard to clean as it gets sticky and the residue won't come off.

Date PurchasedMar 2016


Only 2 years old used occasionally. Enamel chips all through the bottom of the pot. Rendered useless!!!!! Very disappointing for a product that should be long lasting not to mention very heavy to handle.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Reached end of life

I have loved my chasseur casserole pot for 12-15 years, it heats evenly and has just been an awesome all rounder. Until last night when the enamel started flying off when it got hot. Burning hot chips of enamel were flying in my face and around the kitchen. So dangerous and so disappointing. I'm thinking I may need to replace it with a cast iron casserole without the enamel lining.

Date PurchasedApr 2002

A real work horse

I bought my French oven as a poor uni student and was worried about putting so much money into a pot. I had no reason to fear! 12 years of constant use and it's still going strong. I've even used scotch pads (although rarely needed) and the dreaded dishwasher and there is still no damage to the enamel. I would recommend to anybody.

Date PurchasedJun 2004

Initially excellent but has reached the end of its life.

We have had our Chasseur (original made in France) for 10-12 years. The lid came off whilst lifting it (quite dangerous) about a year ago and a few nights ago the enamel on the bottom surface came off in chunks. So will no longer be using it. We are now looking at replacing it with a Le Creuset. Have always used it on the gas top or in the electric oven.

Dont waste your money

the biggest waste of money, cracked right through the centre within a week, 2nd one lasted maybe a year. Give me a corning ware roasting dish over this rubbish anytime.

Affordable cast iron oven that isn't made in China

I have been using my Chasseur French Oven for about a year now and very happy with it. Comparing it to my friends Le Creuset however it doesn't have the same quality finish of enamel and it is significantly heavier, however bang for buck it definitely is the most affordable French made ovens of the lot.

I purchased mine from everten.com.au . If you are unsure they have a great article on their blog that explains the 3 French brands that will help you make a decision

Initially excellent now very wary

I've owned two Chausseur Dutch ovens for over ten years and although both were brown in the middle almost from day 1, in the past two days both have exploded on the inside sending the enamel spurting into my spouse's and then my daughter's faces. I have always cooked with them on a gas stove top but recently have moved to an induction stove top. Maybe the enamel exploded because the bottom surface of the Dutch oven wasn't completely flat on the stove top, or maybe it got too hot. Either way, the Dutch ovens are now in the garden and completely useless for cooking with as the inner enamel has eroded. I've bought a Le Creuset now and hope that the superior pot will cope with the new stove top.

Most useful pan

I used my oval Dutch oven tonight as a wok because I have an induction cook top and don't want to invest in a cast iron wok. The end result (caramelized brussell sprouts) was perfect. Clean up is a snap. Would recommend the regular black unless trying to match a color to your kitchen.
L. Dick Denver

Enamel keeps chipping off

My chaser casserole is a bad problem as the enamel keeps chipping off. I have to throw out food cooked I it
Very disappionted. I have to discard it

The only pot I'll ever need!

absolutely wonderful!! so heavy and even in the cooking. definitely worth the money because i'll never have to buy another pot again. due to its usefulness - it can be used on the hob or in the oven or both and i don't need as much power because once its hot it continues to cook through. bring on winter and its lovely casserole goodness!

Such a great pot!

I have a 26cm 5.2L Chasseur pot and absolutely love it! Works fine on induction. These types of pots are always heavy, so I carry the lid and base separately and don't find it difficult. I spent a lot of time deciding between Chasseur and le Creuset. Chasseur is considerably cheaper (mine was about half price by comparison), but I am completely happy with the quality and results. It has cream coloured enamel on the inside but it cleans up easily by filling it with water and letting it soak for about 20 minutes. My pot has a steel handle/knob, so it can take higher oven temperatures, which is good if you want to cook bread in it. I don't find the steel knob gets too hot in ordinary stove top cooking, but I tend to use oven mitts anyway. It also came with a spare black bakelite handle. (Note that not all of the pots have steel knobs). For the price, I would definitely consider buying more of these pots in future.

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Questions & Answers

is it normal for the enamel to discolour
2 answers
on the outside or inside? the outside of mine have not discoloured at all, but the inside can get a little discoloured with use, So every now and then I use diluted bleach and let it soak overnite. then wash in warm soapy water, generally this will brighten it up againThe inside has turned a darker shade after just cooking soup on the stove

Can I put chassuer France pot on stove
1 answer
Of coarse, great on the cook top and in the oven. I often Brown off my meats first on the cook top, before placing in the oven for a slow cook. Don't forget, if you place water in you classier after you've finished cooking in it, it will wash up so easy no hard stuck on bits of food.

i just bought a chasseur inferno red rectangular grill, just wonder if i can use it on top of my bbq grill?The bbq I've got is called Turbo Elite RQT and cooks the food slowly with the glass dome over the flame.
1 answer
I would guess that you can but I wouldn't be using a high heat (and some bbqs do get REALLY hot). Play around with the heat setting to figure out where the sweet spot is without getting too hot. Good luck.


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